° Duat °


Duat is a MUSH, a text-based game that is designed to allow players a gateway to fantasies of any kind, to dreams and nightmares limited only by their imaginations.

Firstly, please remember, only players of ages 18 and older are welcome to interact on the Duat game. If any one is found to be younger, their characters will be immediately deleted and their address blocked from ever connecting to the server. Thank you.

That in mind, to become part of Duat, point your client to….

Duat.PennMUSH.org Port: 4201

Also, do not forget to become a member of the site: Join

Duat MUSH was designed specifically for YOU, the players. We have aimed to design a MUSH with a straightforward command system and quick Character Generation – in short, a way to let you get straight to what you want: RP. We also keep our ear out to all the requests of our players. That’s right. As a newer MUSH, we want your input and design to help us mold this fabulous world. From commands, to TPs (Tiny Plots), buildings, shops, and clans - Bring us your Voice and we will make your dreams a reality in text.


Duat is a world made up of four realms. Each realm is extremely different and caters towards different sorts: The Mortals, The Were-Creatures, The Vampires, and The Misfits (Angles, Demons, Anthros, etc.) But, what is to become of a world of such diversity not only in race, but in caste. Duat is home to a unique caste system of slaves, Masters, citizens, Switch-Dominants, and switch-submissives.
So, the only thing left to consider is this: Where will you fall in the mix? Will you serve, or demand servitude? Will you bring peace to the Egyptian Underworld, or further chaos? Let’s find out…

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