From Light…

”Aleks! Aleks!” A woman’s voice carries over a field of golden grain. There is a rustle in the swaying seas of tall, sun-bleached grasses when before…

POP! A tiny, child girl with dark, nightly locks sits up so that her little noggin barely manages to peek over the grasses. The child peers around her, stray strands of wheat sticking out of her hair like golden antennas. ”Coming, Mom!” she calls back, but makes no hurry to remove herself.

A loud rumble begins to shake this vision, blurring the edges of the reverie and filling the world with a wild hiss. The little girl turns her soft features up to the heavens in time to observe a stream of gold and crimson, a comet, searing across the sky. It breaks through the wisp of clouds scattering the day and disappears. Then, blissful silence…

To Darkness…

”Can’t you see them!?” inquires a voice wrought with hysteria but still discernable as Mom’s.

"Mom, please. You’re sick. Come rest…” The little girl as grown tall and her world dark… In the backdrop there is only night, the candle on the table’s center fighting desperately to keep back the gloom of an abyss. Alekto’s hair has began to gray and strange rings of darkness cloud the whites of her eyes. Her previously sun-kissed complexion is pale and snowy. The young girl reaches out, taking her mother’s hand.

Mom looks up, revealing blood-shot eyes framed in deep, dark circles. Her dark hair, silvering in places, stands frayed and on end, compounding her frazzled and distraught appearance. ”Fight it. Survive,” Mom says in a hoarse whisper. The elder woman bends forward slowly, resting her head on the table.

”Mom? Mama?” Alekto begins to shake her mother in a growing frenzy, but to no avail. ”MOM, PLEASE! I can’t-…” The previously still form of Mom leaps up, fingers crooked in a claw-like gesture out towards her own offspring, eyes wild and lips pulled back in a snarl that reveals vicious fangs.

The candle clatters to the floor and darkness fills the vision.


When light returns, Alekto kneels over the body of her mother, the blood on her hands black in the pitiful light of nearby candle. ”I will find a way to stop this,” Alekto whispers to her mother. ”I will survive…” With that Alekto grins, revealing a set of elongated fangs behind her whitening lips. She draws her hand up to her visage, even as her dark eyes remain honed on the image of her lifeless mother, and suckles the blood from her fingertips.

Surviving The Decay

The Decay – It brought out the worst in our people. When darkness began to creep in on Noxctalis, when the river began to spill over onto our farms, to swallow up our homes, the cults cropped up like wildflowers. After what happened to Mom… I couldn’t stand their babbling. They said the voices we heard in our heads, the whispers, were from the Gods. They said that since Isis abandoned us, these new Gods would show us a better way – into ‘The Darkness’.

They were full of shit, if you ask me.

I promised her I’d survive and that’s what I did. I began to scout Noxctalis for others like me, the ones who had been turned by The Decay, but still showed signs of…something. Will. Fight. At least a hope, a spark, of sanity from time to time. The group of us became the Kindred Forsaken. We sought out those who would preach the ways of leading further into The Darkness. And, we slaughtered them. We killed them good and dead until the flooded river ran red. We drank of them as our decaying body demanded, and even bathed in their blood when sanities grip was loose and the voices condemned us to horrid acts.

We made due – turning the river into a pathway through what was left of our beautiful Noxctalis. We lived on the blood of those who would plunge us further into the night. And, we fed our demons the hearts and blood of our enemies.

Finally, the Bitch Goddess Isis returned. She took pity enough on us to stop The Decay that had grown so foul in her absence. But, what doesn’t she heal us?! Why doesn’t she take away this pain?! Perhaps she is not as almighty as she had lead us to believe…

So, we trudge on, we survive, we hunt, we feed

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