Alice’s story begins in a land far away in a different place and apparently a different time. This all begins on her eighteenth birthday. Alice was born an only child to a wealthy couple, she had everything she could have ever want, private tutors, books, toys, a large house with a even bigger yard her nanny and a handful of her high society friends. Alice had everything but her freedom. You see Alice’s troubles all began when she found out that her parents had arranged a large social party for her eighteenth birthday; however this wasn’t any ordinary birthday party this was an engagement party. Alice’s parents had arranged a marriage for her as a very young girl and the boy she was set to marry was nothing more than a rich momma’s boy slob that nobody especially Alice wanted anything to do with, she couldn’t even stand the sight of him and would do almost anything to get out of this arrangement.
The day began early with all the servants setting up while Alice was in her room arguing with mother about what she was going to wear, when finally she decided on her favorite outfit. Once the festivities began Alice mingled with the crowd before finding herself separated from the them in their massive garden, as the time for the “Highlight” of the party grew closer she found herself more and more scared and nervous; taking a seat upon a nearby bench by one of the many water features in the garden, there in the shrubs there was an opening that she hadn’t noticed before. Curious Alice had to go and see for herself just what was on the other side.
While wandering through the opening into the woods that lay behind the garden the young lady spots a little white rabbit and begins to follow it for what seems like miles. Every now and then it would stop and turn and look at her as to torment her and then would take off again as to tease the young girl’s curiosity, when finally it found a hole in the ground and down it went. Alice ran over to the hole and looked down to see if she could reach in and pet it when the ground beneath her began to give way as the hole grew bigger Alice began to fall further and further . Unknown to her she would soon “Descend in to the Underworld…” What has happened to this girl? What will become of her? Only the characters of Duat will know…

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