Alice And the Were Coyote
Scene Name: Alice and the Were Coyote.
Date & Time: May 15th, 2011 Night
Characters: Alice and Eian

Hilltop Market

Surrounding the Tholos-nested Gate of Lunatum is the great Hilltop Market. Circular and wide, it is a grand testament to order over nature, paved perfectly flat with flagstones arranged in a swirling, arabesque mosaic, depicting plants and entwined animals in colors of terracotta and cream, and inlaid with brass. Coupled with the blue-silver light from the gate temple, the market place seems to glow with a pleasant aura at all times of day.
This grand space is clearly the central nexus of Hilltop City, and all of Lunatum, the place from which all roads start and back in which all roads end. Four roads branch off, following the cardinal directions - Meiw Road to the West, Hafaw Avenue to the East. The comically named South Street confusedly points to the North, and North Street, likewise stretches to the South. Various shops and buildings rise up to form a low ring around the marketplace, though the most eye-catching of these is the elegant Lady Vain tavern to the northeast.

It is a late hour in Lunatum. Most of the citizens have gone to bed, and few shops remain open, such as the Lady Vain Tavern. Some denizens and slaves have taken to the street, either sweeping up the grounds under the moonlight, or simply socializing in this quiet time they're afforded before having to work in the morning. If there is one curious creature in the midst of this night-time atmosphere, it is Eian. The were-coyote is walking down the main street of town, carrying a leather satchel on one side of his body. Judging by the way he looks from side to side, almost in a skittish manner, he's either trying to be sneaky or perhaps attract no attention. The light clicking of his claws against the pavement do him no service in his covert skills, however. He advances toward the building where the portal is, shuffling close enough so that he can scoop up a book that has been carelessly left on the steps, quietly putting it into the satchel.

Sitting on the stoop to the building where the portal is having a complete conversation with herself Alice pays no attention to the denizens and slaves cleaning up the streets, her hands are waving a mile a minute. As she sees Eian approach and reach for the book she stops her conversation and stares while rocking back and forth not saying a single word. Canting her head slightly "BOO!" she yells out then breaks out in laughter

Any other person that has visual contact with the young girl on the steps might not get frightened by an outright blast of sound, especially with such a common-place scare tactic. But with Eian, he's already on edge as is. The moment she startles him, he lets out a sharp yelp with a crystal clear, "Gyah!" Down he goes, losing his footing on one step and falling back right on his rump, landing with an abrupt, "Ooof!" There's a twitch of his muzzle and whiskers before he shares a sour expression with the girl. "Wha…what was that for??"

Getting up and dancing over to where you are proceeding to dance a circle around you before offering you a hand up. "I am so sorry, I did not mean to startle you." she says flashing a bright smile, "I was just sitting over there waiting for my friend to stop by and I thought you were him." Looking at the creature before her she seems a bit puzzled at what she sees but doesn't question it.

There is a moment of hesitation when your hand is extended out to him. It isn't as though you're larger and more intimidating than him, physically speaking, but he seems like something of a shy and submissive creature. At least that's what a tucked tail and flattened ears should tell you. Eventually his hand makes contact with your own, giving you a chance to feel the fuzzy details of his fur, then rights himself up to his feet. "Oh, um, I was just fetching a book. Cause books appear near the portal and Minu is not here to get them," he explains in a child-like tone. "What… what is your name? I am Eian," he says. His tucked tail begins to slide back and forth in a gentle sway, his nostrils starting to inhale your scent curiously.

Bobbing her head back and forth like your typical ditzy blonde "Alice, yup my name is Alice. Your fur is nice and soft. Who is Minu and what does this Minu care about all these books for?" she asks with out waiting for any answers or taking a single breath, then continues "This is a nice place the people, er. creatures here all seem nice I have only startled a couple. Have you seen my friend?. and with that she begins to dance in circles again muttering to herself and smiling and waving each time she passes infront of you.

Your rapid questions and silly antics get no lofted brows from the were-coyote. He seems to follow you as though he shares the same playful state of mind. "I take a lot of baths," he explains, "But Minu likes books. She normally gathers them at gates since they're left here, but since she's… um, gone, I'm doing it for her." When the dance of circles starts up his tail wags back and forth energetically, looking as though you're starting a game he's never played before. "I haven't seen your friend, no. Who is your friend?" he asks, beginning to step after you in your little dance. It certainly beats chasing his own tail.

"My friend, my friend is C.C. have you never met him? He is the very tall Cheshire Cat" she then stops her little dance and looks right at you and lowers her voice to a whisper "He is funny" she says and holds out her hand and drops her wrist in a certain fashion before just dropping herself to the ground "Phew, I am tired now." then Alice lays back and looks up at the stars as they appear in the night sky "It is pretty out here at night, I have never seen so many big bright stars, won't you put your books down and join me?"

Eian tilts his head several degrees to the left, flopping one ear while the other stays erect. It's a classic canine inquisitive expression. "Treasure Cat?" he asks, misinterpreting your words. You may find he does this an awful lot with names, once you get to know him. "I have never met a Treasure Cat, no, but there are lots of people I haven't met! They… they sometimes stay away from me," he says. Needing no further invitation, the coyote unslings the satchel from his side then flops down right beside you, landing in a fluffy *whump* while his tail taps against the ground. "The stars are different here. But… but that one," he says, pointing up at a green looking star. "…I think that one points north. I think. It always sets near the Temple of Horus," he explains. His fuzzy hands alight on his bare chest before he turns his muzzle in your direction, "Have you visited any of the temples?"

Turning her head to look at you she smiles "Silly goose I said Cheshire Cat or C.C. for short." she giggles like a school girl "Temples, no I can't say that I have ever been to one, well not here anyway. Back home I had a friend.." as her expression changes a bit ".. I went to temple with her once but I haven't seen any around here." Then she fixes her stare on that green star you are pointing out. "I wonder what it is like up there, I wonder if everything is as pretty green as that star is.." she trails off with out finishing her thought then turns back to look at you. "Wow, I just noticed something. You are a dog, and you talk!" she exclaims, then she mutters to herself "I must be tripping again.. that damn C.C. slipped me something before he disappeared."

Eian stays quiet while he listens to you, his tail brushing back and forth on the ground. It kicks his loincloth up a little bit, but not enough to be improper. All the same, he reaches down to scratch a spot on his inner thigh before setting his hands back up to his chest. "You should go to the jungle by the Anubis temple. It is very green there. I used to live there," he says. Upon your revelation that he's a talking dog, the coyote beams you a toothy grin, shaking his head back and forth. "No, silly! I am a coyote," he informs you, "And… you can't trip. You're already laying on the ground!," he says. There is a pause as he studies you in a bit more detail, and since you're already close enough, his cold nosepad begins to work its way toward you, inhaling in a few quick snuffily breaths before easing up. "Are you from Solis?" he asks.

Looking at him with a now puzzled look "Oh a talking coyote, well that is more believable than a talking dog. Dogs can't talk they just bark and make a mess by the door if you don't let them out in time." shaking her head "No, I am not from Solis, but I was there the other day with my friend, you know he is always doing this. One minute he is here and poof! the next he is gone and I can't seem to find him for days on end." Smiling and slowly extending her arm towards your head, but stopping abruptly "May I pet you? I have never pet a coyote, where I come from coyotes don't talk to people or gather their friends books and they aren't very nice." she pauses and mimics your sniffing "Do I smell bad? Do I need a bath?" she quickly retracts her arm trying not to act all self-conscious.

"You do not smell bad, no," the coyote replies, flashing you another toothy grin. "You just smell interesting! And if you needed a bath I would give you one. I am very good at giving people baths—and not with my tongue, I mean. The temples have large bathing pools with good soap and things like that. If you need one we could visit the temple of Bast or Anubis! The people at Bast are very friendly, though…" To your extended arm, now withdrawing, Eian is quick to duck his head down and rub it against your palm, encouraging you to pet and touch his fluffy head. Those soft, almost velvety, ears of his could appeal to someone obsessed with tactile sensations. "You can pet me! I don't mind," he whuffs, wagging his tail. "Can I pet you, though?" he asks in turn.

Giddy and now giggling at the thought of being pet herself, she reaches out and begins to pat you on the head as to say good boy before she starts stroking the fur on your head and finding her way to your ears and working them at the base "You want to pet me, but I am not furry like you." then with a shrug of her shoulder "O.K. if you want to you can but I have never been pet before." then it dawns on her "What do you mean I smell interesting? You aren't going to eat me are you, like in that story my nanny use to read to me about… what was her name… Oh yeah Little Red something or other and trick me into your home with candy just to shove me into your oven and have me for dinner?"

Eian's fuzzy arm extends to begin petting you on the shoulder, giving you all the room in the world to feel the thicker fur along his neck and even back. Considering the yote is shirtless, it gives her plenty of room to work with if she chooses. He keeps his gentle pawing to her ear and hair, combing through it with his fuzzy digits before drawing his hand back and to his tummy. "I just think you smell nice," he explains with a smile. "I do not have an oven in my room, but there is food at the temples if you are hungry! Do you have a place to sleep, or are you going to wait for your friend?" he asks. Eian reaches for his satchel, as if preparing to leave, but only drags it closer to him while he scoots himself closer, making it easier on your arm to pet him. "I bet we could get some candy, though," he says in after thought. "But… I am not that hungry," he confesses. Now his eyes focus entirely on you, a little murr of gratitude forming in his throat from the consistent petting.

Finding herself feeling a bit more relaxed when you are petting her, Alice sits up a little and starts working down the side of your head and scruff of your neck. "This is nice, and I am not that hungry but thank you. But I don't have any idea where to sleep, I haven't wandered out of Solis and I was staying in a nice hotel there." while continuing to pet her new friend she looks around "My friend.. Oh, C.C." she shrugs her shoulders "He comes and goes, I never know where I am going to find him, he just appears in the most peculiar places. Like the other day I was in the town square and he was sitting on top of the big statue there playing a pan flute." with out noticing Alice is leaning into your paw more and more before she lets out a sigh. "So would you like help collecting your friends books?"

The kneading of your shoulder and neck continues before he brushes his palm down your side, following the natural curve of your body until he's at your hip. Only then does he draw his head back and lean forward to press his wet and cold nose pad against your neck. That is, if you don't shrink back. He just wants a closer sniff, judging by the way air races through his nostrils. His ears pop to an alert state, likely twitching in your ear, then he lifts his head, "Oh, you should not sleep out in the open. My friend Minu… well, she got taken by some mean folk and we're trying to find her. So, you will be safer if you sleep in one of the temples. You will be safer there," he says. "I need to put the books back in my room anyway, so we can go there!" It may sound a little dubious but if you look into the coyotes eyes, you'll see he has no mischievous intentions. At least, not yet! The yote rises up to his feet and reaches his hands down to assist you up. "It's getting cold anyway, so we can warm up there!" He extends his hand out to your own, offering to lead you.

Shivers run down the girls back as your whiskers tickle her neck, she lets out a little laugh and takes the extended paw. "Thank you." she says with an innocent smile as she brushes the dirt from the ground off her dress. "You are too kind, let me take some of the books for you. I remember how heavy they can be from my days of school." then looking around the market seeing that everything is closed up and there are several paths visable only by the light from the moon "Which way to your place?" then she starts dancing in circles again.

Temple of Anubis - Atrium

This room is cavernous and serves as the main room for worship, as evidenced by the numerous altars arranged in a circle around a colossal statue of Anubis. Light here is reflected off the polishes, onyx surfaces of the temple's construction. Torches line the walls to ensure that there is just enough light to see by should moonlight not be enough. There is sparse furnishing, seeing that followers of Anubis are not inclined to lie about within their temple. Instead, weapon racks line the walls, filled with instruments of defense and death of every conceivable variety. At the feet of the enormous idol of Anubis is a podium raised up enough to allow the High Priest to see the whole room at any given time.
Large, open doorways reveal the sights and sounds of the Training Room to the west, and the strange and ritualistic nature of The Circle that is the chamber to the north. To the east, a gold door swings freely inward and out upon its hinges to allow passage to and from a bathing chamber filled with steam, while to the south, the open face of the temple leads back out into the jungle beyond.

You're handed one or two books by the coyote when you offer your assistance. If anything having a bit of weight in your arms should slow your dancing down. The coyote confidently leads you down the long path toward the temple. Wherever there is minimal lighting, he slows his pace and motions for you to stay at his side, keeping his ears at the alert. He isn't trying to provoke an atmosphere of danger by any means, but he's being cautious. Upon arriving at the temple of Anubis, you may see several guards standing out front, giving Eian a little nod or scoff. Regardless of their reactions, the were-coyote leads you inward, taking you to the central nexus. "Would… would you like to get a snack? Or take a bath? Or… see my room?" he asks, giving you a list of options. He knows you confessed to not being hungry earlier, but there is a wonderful aroma lingering in the air from all directions. "Actually, let's visit my room first so I can put the books away," he says, motioning you to follow him again.

Taking in the sights of the Atrium and the smells that are emitting from all directions Alice can't help but wonder about this place "O.k." she says as she takes the books in hand and motions for you to lead the way "We can put these away." then an inquisitive look appears on her face out of no where "What is this place? What are with all the guards and weapons? Are you trying to kidnap me? Is this some sort of trick?" she begins to get nervous beads of sweat begin to form upon her forehead "C.C. … C.C. where are you? Is this some kind of joke you are playing on me?" she asks in a loud voice, so loud that she can her how nervous she sounds in the echo of the room. Then she fixes her stare on the coyote that she followed here waiting for an answer.
Eian heads towards The Circle.

The coyote stops right in his tracks when you suggest he might be kidnapping you. He turns around and quickly gives a shaking of his head, "No-no-no-no! I'm not kidnapping you! I wouldn't do that. This is the Temple of Anubis where I live," he says, trying to explain. "Um, I'm still new to Lunatown, but every Temple serves a purpose. This place… this place is run by Ammon. He is my friend and Alpha. We are in charge of protecting the other temples, so a lot of people here do fighting and stuff like that. You are very safe here," he says. He waits to see if his words have relaxed you at all before continuing at a slower pace, not wanting to make you feel rushed. Should you follow him down the hall, you'll be lead into the barracks where you see a little makeshift kennel that's been constructed in front of a door. The kennel itself looks incredibly pathetic and probably insulting, but Eian climbs into it with no complaint, disappearing for a moment before calling out to Alice, "You can come in if you like!" The question is, does Alice dare to follow down this particular rabbit-hole? Coyote, rather.

The reassurance from the friendly coyote puts the strange little girl at ease as she follows him to the kennel "You are sure I am safe here? You and your friends won't try any funny stuff?" she asks as she looks at Eian with a puzzled look before speaking again "You sleep in the Kennel? Do you not have a room like the rest here in the temple that are large." Alice being new here still nervous about meeting people after her last experience keeps looking back over her shoulder towards the door that they came through "Sure, I don't mind climbing in there with you. You haven't done anything yet to make me uncomfortable." she smiles "Where can I put these books?"

Khur's Kennel

A short crawl through the kennel reveals that Eian's actual room is something of a janitor's closet, converted into living quarters. Instead of a sturdy bed like other members of the Anubis sect, the were-coyote has managed to create a little pillow nest in the corner where he can lay. Judging by the familiar color scheme of Bastet, Horus, and Anubis, it's likely he's 'borrowed' these items. A tiled mop-station in the opposite corner of the room has been converted into a personal sink, enabling him to drink or wash clothing as needed. The shelving units on the wall feature various artifacts and memorable trinkets that he has acquired in his time in Duat. Hanging from the ceiling is a wooden spear the coyote has manufactured, along with a hiking pack that sees regular use.

A person with higher standards of living might complain about such small quarters, but Eian has happily made it his new home.

With a wagging tail he disappears into the kennel, leaving you a sight of his fluffy butt covered minimally by the loincloth. When you enter after him, you'll find the coyote sitting on his nest of pillows and unpacking the books from the satchel, setting them on one of the shelving units nearby. "They do not do anything funny," he says, refering to the guards. "They are too busy fighting each other and being pushy to be funny." Sounds like Eian has tried his best in terms of adding a bit of life and humor to an otherwise serious sect of warriors. With most of the books unpacked, he sits with his hands folded in his lap, one leg slightly askew from the other as he regards you with a smile. "I do not mind having a kennel for an entrance. It lets me know they care," he states. It may have been a prank or way for the other sect members to tease Eian about his low rank, but the yote has accepted the backhanded compliment with a smile. "Here," he says, extending an arm out to you. He's not giving you something, but rather inviting you closer to him.

Alice's curiosity has her looking around the room at the pack and the spear and the other items that have been collected before focusing on all the books. "You have quite the collection of things and they are all organized, I can't believe you collected all of this and nobody is missing it." then she focuses on her kind host, stepping closer and taking a seat by his side. "Why is it that they like to pick on you? What did you ever do to them, the others here in the temple?" speaking now in a much softer tone and feeling a little more at ease and comfortable with her surroundings. Again Alice slowly reaches over and pets the coyote's soft fur and giggles.

With you seated beside him, you'll feel his tail give a little curl against the small of your back. He sets his hand on your knee at first, then moves it to your thigh, then loops it around your waist in a bit of indecision on his part. He's trying to determine how best to pet you in return, but he settles for leaning in against you with affection. "I am just borrowing things," he says with a little nervous smile. Borrowing without asking, but he won't go into that little dangerous topic. "Um, I do not know, but Ammon wants me as his courier, so… so maybe they are jealous that I have the easy job? I don't know. I am very kind to them and sometimes they are kind to me. I am happy to be accepted," he murrs. The muzzle of the coyote turns to give a press against your neck, his tongue flashing out to sample the taste of your skin in a puppy-lick, then eases away so he can look around his cozy home. "It is nice to belong to a pack after so much time alone," he reveals. "I like company," he states. At your close proximity you may be able to get a stronger wiff of the male's scent. It has that distinctly canine dog smell, but there's a trace of oils and soap more pleasing to the nose. Being this close is not exactly a bad thing! Especially when his fingers begin to knead at your side lightly and his tail brushes up and down your back as he wags. "You are comfy."

Smiling at the cuteness of the shy coyote she wraps her arm around his shoulder and pulls him in a little so that he may rest his head upon hers as she continues to pet his soft fur "Borrowing with out asking, that is a nice way of putting it, I guess if they leave it laying around it is fair game." another glance at all the items in the close quarters before she turns her attention back to her host "So tell me a little about yourself. Do you have any favorite games or hobbies?" she asks inquisitively "If you haven't noticed I am a curious person who wants to know, what exactly I want to know I am not sure but I want to know." and with that said she begins to rub your ears again as she scoots just a little closer on the pillows feeling a little more relaxed as time passes.

The more you rub his ears, the more his eyelids begin to droop. The coyote is not tired, but you're putting him into a very pliable state of mind. By the time you're asking him about his history, he gently settles into a reclined position against the pillows, sprawling out slightly in the hopes that you'll curl in a little closer. This desire is augmented by the way his hand tugs on you to flop over him. You couldn't ask for a more cozy and fuzzy blanket than Eian's body, in all truth. "I… I like to visit the temple of Bastet sometimes," he confesses. "But I like to read. Minu is teaching me how to read again, or she was. And… I like to go on walks with friends. They teach me things. Sisi likes to take me clothes shopping, too. She bought me that." His free arm lifts up to point to a pair of handsome pants and a smart looking hat, all tailored for his ears and tail. The coyote turns toward you, drawing his arms around your torso so he can pull you in closer and set his hands on a kneading pattern against your hip and side, burrowing his muzzle closer to your face. "I was born like this, but my parents were human, and the rest of my tribe, too. But they could change into an animal form at will. I… I cannot. I have to concentrate to change into a human or animal." He feels you're trustworthy enough for that bit of harmless information. An eye opens a little wider as he scans your outfit, trying to move his hand to a portion where he can actually touch your skin and rub back and forth.

Feeling you little tug Alice moves in a little closer, but not too close as she has never actually spent the night curled up next to anybody before, she continues to pet you and rub your ears while you try to move her clothes to feel her skin. "Your parents were human and they could change into an animal. I have never heard of that, but why would that surprise me I am laying in a room with a talking coyote." she chuckles and then lets out a little yawn "Excuse me. It has been quite a busy day." as she moves her head a little closer to yours and gives you a quick little peck on the top of your head and whispers
"Thank you for showing me around and being so kind to me."

His hand continues to roam up and down your skin, applying just enough pressure that you can take advantage of his soft furry palms. His ears twitch to every rub of your fingers, showing no signs of annoyance to your method of petting. When you crack an infectious yawn, the coyote does as well, showing just how deep a grin he's capable of and flashing off his sharp teeth. Even his tongue lolls out slightly before retracting in. "It's okay. It is very late," he murmurs. Eian's eyes drift shut as his hand sinks low on the small of your back, pulling you closer to him so he can rest his fuzzy body against your own. It may look as though Eian intends to use you as a pillow tonight. "You are welcome," he murmurs. "You can stay here if you like. You're warm and smell nice, and… and you're a good girl," he murrs. His tongue flashes out to give your neck, or cheek, a light lick. "Tomorrow I can give you a bath," he whispers.

Alice moves a little closer feeling more secure with her companion, while her hands are busy at work massaging his ears her eyes pop briefly at the lick that runs up her neck and cheek followed by being called a good girl. "I'm a good girl." she repeats softly "I think I will stay here as long as it doesn't bother you." inching closer as she begins to fade she keeps repeating softly "Good girl" and with one more yawn and a quick squeeze she begins to drift off. "Thank you." Comes a final whisper.

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