Ambush At The Mansion
Scene Name: Ambush at the Mansion
Date & Time: 05.19.2011.Dav
Characters: Eian, Ichtaca, Katherine, Mamluke and Sisi

After the commotion near the statue, the crowd has more or less dispursed, leaving the band of rescuers slightly disorganized. Mamluke's body has taken Eian off to an alleyway for hiding while a pack of Anubian guards have retrieved Sisi's body for safe keeping. A good thing, considering it now enables Ichtaca to be the primary tackler of the group.
As of this moment Eian is leading Mamluke's body and Ichtaca along the same path the real Mamluke has taken the day before. Should the were-coyote lose his way visually, the party spends a moment waiting for him to get the right scent on the air then continue. It might be a good hour before the party gets toward the outskirts of where Katherine is resting, but once they -do- get there, he motions everyone to slow down and stay quiet. This is where Sisi-in-disguise takes the lead.

Overgrown Courtyard

The courtyard is, most simply put, massive. Even through the wild growth of untamed vines, brush, and flora, it is easy to observe the stretches of groundwork and paths branching across the property. Thorny vines stretch across the grounds in eternal knots and tangles like still serpents, some having even claimed the life of towering trees, woven up their trunks thickly enough to steal any available sunlight.
The path forms a circular plateau in the center of the courtyard, notched with pockmarks from missing bricks in some attempt to trip up any inattentive passersby, and supports the base of a large fountain. The concrete construction is molded in the image of several cherubs, dancing and lopping about with bright smiles. An extension of heavy and thick chain has been wound over and around the fountain figurines, as if someone had feared these chubby, merry, and winged little creatures might find a freedom from their cement forging and seek to flee.
The brick path spiders out from this unique epicenter, stretching north towards the mansion, south towards the property's gated entrance, and in various other directions towards plots hidden within the courtyard overgrowth.

Looking over at Sisi (I will herein refer to people according to what personality is in the body). "Tell her she's in danger, that anubis guards are seatching the block. Get her outside where we can strike at her." He says, prefering to use his actual form in a more open area.

Mamluke's body shuffles forward awkwardly, pressing back against the figures of his encouraging party members. "Are - are we sure this is going to work?" He coughs, trying to clear the strange sound of this alien voice that doesn't quite compute with the female personality locked inside the flesh. With a sigh, Sisi pupeteers Mumluke's body forward with a hell of a lot of push and shove to aid her-in-him along.

If Ichtaca is in his natural form then Eian is likely going be something of a scaredy 'yote. Things that are larger than him tend to have a high place on his fright-o-meter and even though Ichtaca is an aquaintance, it is not how Eian views him in his mind. Still, he forges on, whispering encouragement into Sisi's ears. "Remember to talk really fast and sound surprised all the time. That is what I heard him say when I was over here last. And… and don't forget the signal for when you want Ichtaca to come in and snatch her up. Maybe try to lure her out in the open so it's easy…?" he suggests. With that the party heads inward.

Abandoned Mansion - Master Bedroom

Very little light illuminates this room but still enough to see the layout well. This room is rather spacious and has seen better days. The plush, sanguine carpet from the hall lines the floor of this room too. Straight ahead are double door shutters with quite a few of the wooden pieces missing, they are not closed either so dust has accumulated on every surface in greater counts than in the rest of the mansion. The shutters have one sheer drape constantly blowing with the slightest wind, it leads out to a small balcony that has an impressive view. To the left of the balcony is the large rounded bed, it seems large enough to comfortably accommodate a group of people. The bed is raised on a dais and beside it are two night stands with piles of bedtime books, burned out night lamps and other little accessories. A dead fireplace and its private seating area are not too far from the bed's end, it has its own ivory colored rug. The painting above the mantle is of the lady of the house and is deliberately slashed vertically with a sharp object.

The mansion has been cleaned somewhat, the living areas have recived the most attetion. Fresh linens, dusting, polishing, sweeping and mopping. In the Master bedroom fresh sheets adorn the bed upon which a paler than usual Katherine rests. Beside her on a small table rests a vase of flowers and a book, a ribbon neatly marking her place. The sound of movement causes her to open her eyes and look towards the door. The footsteps sound of her warrior and she sits up to recieve him, pushing her hair from her face as it seems to have come loose from its braid while she slept.

Ichtaca awaits outside the mansion, giving Sisi and final comforting pat on the shoulder. "What Eian said. Make it sound urgent. Less time she has to question it, the better, and the safer you will be." He offers as final word of advice before finding a hiding spot.

Mamluke's body is shuffled with what might, to some, appear to be urgent steps. In truth, the awkwardly hurried motions are just some effort to rush forward before Sisi's will to continue on this suicide mission will leave her completely. The warrior body pauses slightly at the door, leaning a firm hand on the frame of the entryway to support the dizzy feel that rushes over the mind within. "M-Mistress. This one," See?! She learned that much from watching the brute in the street. Anyway!… "This one is very sorry. There was a scene out by the stores. The guards are on their way…"

Katherine's eyes widen slightly, then narrow as she processes what has been said and what must be done. Of course she had not planned to remain here for ever, but it was a good location and she is loath to leave it unless she must. "Are you sure they followed you here?" she asks as she rises, wincing slightly and wrapping an arm about her torso. She moves about picking up objects, which are not much, and packs them into a small satchel.

Mamluke's body gives pause, trying to evaluate the purpose of Katerine's movements before realizing what this vessels own role might be. Mamluke's eyes grow wide and his head bobs eagerly up and down, nearly knocking his turban free from his noggin. "This one cannot apologize enough. This one does not wish to cause you any more pain, Mistress. But, this one ran as fast as he could. There were many and some may have followed." Sisi pilots her flesh puppet forward then, scanning the forlorn room to try and collect anything that looks out of place under the assumption that it should be packed along with the rest of Katerhine's things.

The satchel is thrust at Mamluke, as Katherine takes only what is needed, of which there is very little after the storm washed most of it away. "Take this." The terse command accompanies the motion though she waits very little time before passing the slave and moving through the hall for the stairs. "How long do we

"Oof!" Mamluke's arms instintually wrap around the stachel as it is trust towards his gut. The warrior body makes a show of straightening and clearing his throat to dissuade any attention of the meager sound. Even still, his body is conducted to hurry after the departing half-breed. "Er - Five minutes? Tops," He nods to himself, as if encouraging his own assumptions, then quickly adds for the record. "Mistress." With that he follows along, while the female mind within take a moment to marvel at just how well she is pulling off the part of servant. Creeeeeeppppyyyyy!

The Grand Hall is very quiet this evening, though it may be no different than any other hour in an abandoned mansion. The sun has begun to set on the horizon, casting enough light through the dirty windows that there are many shadows in the room. Eian, being the sneaky hunter he can sometimes be, is hiding in such a shadow. The were-coyote is poised ready with a net he fashioned himself. It's a tool they probably don't need considering the effectiveness of Ichtaca, but using it can't really hurt their plan in any way. If anything it will make Katherine's attempts at escape even more futile. So the 'yote waits, keeping his ears at the alert but his eyes squinted shut. He knows what kind of effects animal-eyes can have in low-lit conditions. They tend to reflect and shine.

A pause is given at the male's speech pattern's, but she does not stop to question him just now. He is likely disappointed with himself from allowing thei location to become public. And well he should be. Some scent seems off in the otherwise still building, but again she does not pause, merely pushing the thought to the back of her mind for now. On the stairs she halts, dragging in several deep breaths before continuing more slowly. "Can we leave through the back?," she calls to her servant, halting at the foot of the stairs.

"They will suspect that." Sisi nearly blurts out. "Besides, in your condition we cannot have you slinking through the shrubs and fences. Mistress, allow me to look out front. I will signal you when the coast is clear, yes?" He makes an awkward bowing gesture and attempts to hurry towards the front door. Unless instructed otherwise, the warrior body crouches and creeks open the abandonned mansion. The door groans a soft protest as the warrior body makes a theatrical display of peering outside like a cautious secret agent. "We have time still, Mistress. They have not arrived."

Now this behavior is too much for her to not analyze. Her mamluke seems to have turned into a bad version of a 1950's spy in the hours since she last saw him. Something is wrong but she cannot put her finger on what just yet. "Very well then," she replies, moving away from him towards the back of the house at a steady clip. "I will gather what supplies I can."

Mamluke's body stops waving the half-vampire as he hears the clip of her departing steps. "Hey-uh-what?" He pops to his feet and chases after her, running back past Eian's hiding spot and towards the rear of the house. "But-but, Mistress. I am certain we do not have a great deal of time! Please, we must stay safe in order to find Drakth." Sisi bites hard on Mamluke's tongue to avoid talking any longer.

Katherine spins around, her leg raised as she aims a kick for the man's groin with as much force as she can put behind the movement. "You are a poor actor," she hisses, narrowed eyes blazing as she attemps to get past the male.

SO THAT'S WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE! Tiiiiiimmmmbbbbbbeeeerrrr! Taking a good, swift kick to the gonads, Mamluke's body surrenders completely to the pain, kneels buckling inward in some last-ditch effort to protect the damaged goods. A strangled sound escapes his throat as he THUMPS over onto the floor. Sisi rolls the stolen body from side to side in the fetal position, holding Mamluke's junk in his hands as he mumbles. "This one's manhood. IT HURTS!" Sisi makes no effort to go after the Mistress.

After snapping up the satchel, Kathering walks quickly back towards the front of the mansion. He did not want her going out of the back which means that there is a trap out front and he will have signaled someone. Aiming to lock and bar the door she is breathing hard as she reaches the portal.

When the half-vampire begins to flee in the other direction, Eian's ears track the footsteps until he figures it's safe enough to open just one eye. He won't budge from his hiding spot. He knows from hunting that sometimes you lose prey no matter how patient you are, but it's always a good idea not to move from your hiding spot. So, when Mamluke's body begins to advance on Katherine, he turns his head to look outside, hoping to make eye contact with Ichtaca. He won't say a word and he won't make any sort of motion of his hands. He's not some covert ops agent, after all. He's just a were-coyote! But the look in his eyes that hopefully Ichtaca can see suggests that he'll need to take action very soon.
The moment Mamluke takes the kick, however, Eian emerges from his hiding spot with his net, giving a strong toss as best as he can to try and get the mass of rope and weight to tangle up the retreating vampling. If he can't catch her, he can at least encourage her out the door faster!

Leaning against the door Katherine is barely made aware of movement behind and pivots a turn just in time to have the net land over her head. With a cry she tries to fend off the woven rope, feeling the weight of it pulling at her. She focuses on freeing herself, knowing she cannot run with this encumbrance.

Ichtaca had moved closer to a window, the poor state of the yard giving him ample cover. After a while he ponders what's taking Sisi so long. A glance is given to Eian, before he sighs. He faintly hears voices in the main hall, but nothing certain. Until he hears something heavy fall and what sounds like a yell. The the sounds of something approaching the door. Then the sound of the door locking "Hrrrm. Crap."
There are many methods to infiltrate a building. With the situation being what it is, he opts for a more dynamic enty. The walls explode into a shower of shrapnel and the large serpent coils in, having broken part of a wall around a window for a hole large enough to slither through, it glowing eyes looking for Katherine.

"I GOT HER!" shouts Eian, trying to get Ichtaca's attention. And once he sees the net going over her head, he scrambles after it so he can give a hard yank to knock her further off balance. She might be too caught up trying to get herself untangled to be able to deal with a sudden shifting force. But as troublesome as someone tugging on the net can be, it barely compares to having a wall explode. Eian is swiftly knocked off his feet by the force, though he's more or less startled since he didn't expect it. The yote drops the net and he covers his face just in time to avoid getting peppered with several rocks heading toward his nogging. "…okay, I hope you got her…!" the coyote mumbles with squinted eyes.

As the building falls apart around her ears Katherine falls to the ground, unable to move away due to the net. Bits of wood and glass cut her hands, and she gasps at the pain in her ribs. One arm wraps about her middle protectively while the other braces her body. Ichtaca would find her thusly, her back to him as she struggles for air through the dust and cracked ribs.

The snake coils up as Eian adresses him, turning his gaze to where the form covered in the net. He slithers forward, hissing at the vampiress. The serpent moves it's tail over the vampiress, attempting to use his weight to pin her down.
Long distance to Katherine and Mamluke: Eian blesses Katherine with some fortitude so she can withstand the weight on cracked ribs. :P

With a cry Katherine collapses, narrowing biting back a scream at the weight of the great serpent on her already injured body. The woman has difficulty breathing through the pain and dust filling the air; the net helping not at all. Her vision grows spotty and she looks toward the were-coyote for help. The da… darned snake is going to kill her if he is not careful.

When the dust clears and the rubble stops bouncing across the floor, Eian cracks an eye open and slowly uncovers his head. He straightens up, shaking his head back and forth to chase away the dirt and ground infrastructure of the wall, only to look over at Ichtaca. He then looks at Katherine, seeing her pinned, then bolts upright. "You got her! Be careful, though, otherwise… otherwise they will not be careful with Minu, too." At least that's the hypothesis Eian heard when eavesdropping on one of the anubian guards. "I will get Sisi and then we can go to Lunatum!" he exclaims. The were-coyote bounces up to his feet and begins to help a coughing and dry-heaving Mamluke-body up to his shoulder, grunting from the weight of the man.

The snake hisses his agreement, and that tail begins to wrap around Katherine. Not squeezing the life out of her, though a part of him desires it greatly, though but with a clenching of his muscles he could. He lifts her from the floor, waiting for Eian to lead the way to where the Vampiress is to be detained.

Semi-conscious in the snake's coils, Kat groans and shudders as she again tries to protect her middle section from the full force of the pressure being applied. She is only partially successful and every breath hurts, likely breathing in fire.

Success! Victory! Confetti should be bursting out of the ground and a roar of applause should be erupting from the towns people of Solis, but the reality is that there's nothing more than a lot of coughing, groaning, and hushed whispering between the trio as they begin to depart the wreckage of the abandon mansion.
Unfortunately for Katherine, Eian does not pay too much attention to her as he advances with Mamluke's body, trying to reach Ichtaca's head for conversation. "We should take the portal… and… and then go to the Temple of Anubis. We will be safe there and I bet Ammon can do the rest from there," he says. Eian then slows down so he can look at Katherine with squinted eyes, hardly looking friendly at her. "We want Minu back!" he says, demanding in a tone as if the battered woman could produce her out of thin air.

Katherine hears only one word in many, picking up portal… Ammon… Temple… Obviously they are taking her somewhere off world. She is hardly in any shape to protest at this point. When Eian shouts his demand, her first instinct is to laugh, only that would cause far too much pain right now to even contemplate doing such a thing. THe motion of the snake and the pain in her ribs is enough to make her dizzy and nauseous, until she retches covering part of the snake in bile. Dry heaves follow and then unconsciousness as the woman goes limp.

Ichtaca nods his head with a hiss, before moving through the hole, hovering in midair before with a flap of his wings he makes for the portal. Sooner the half-breed vampire is under lock and key, the better. He thrusts Eian to take care of Sisi and Mamluke.

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