Born long before language was put down on tablets or papyrus, Ammon was abandoned on earth by his demonic sire and mother, and was left to die on the shores of the land of the Gauls. However, this day coincided with the construction of an ancient portal to the Afterlife: Stonehenge. The entry of so many souls into the afterlife was enough fuel to open the portal to the human world- which was the leading cause to Ammon's existence in the mortal realm. Immediately, he was found in the streets near some ceremonial grounds, and the monks instantly knew what it was, and branded it with a pentacle on its forehead to mark "the beast." They left the wounded infant in the muddy streets just like his sire had done, but the young spawn was found by an impoverished family.Seamus, the man, was wary of the black-furred, humanoid infant, but Katherine, his wife, was barren and longed for a child of her own. She convinced her husband to let her take him home, and the two raised him in complete secret, teaching him in their spare time and nurturing his fondness for them.

In time, he grew into a frightening image of and representative of demon-kind, and it was at his own discretion that he set about trying to make something of himself. It was in these early years that he discovered his latent powers, as well. He used these abilities, for the most part, to help his family in whatever ways he could, which often involved deceiving them into thinking they had "good luck" when he was simply stealing for them. Watching from the shadows, local villagers began to report strange sightings of a "wolf-man" in the wild lands. This hound, they claimed, brought good fortune to the faithful and benevolent, and harm to the wicked. If a child misbehaved, he was warned to reform, or else the Wolf would find and devour them. In actuality, Ammon would care for the people to the best of his ability and only stole what he needed, offering protection from crime as repayment. This steady occurrence was noticed by the citizens, and so the practice arose of placing food and tools on the doorstep on Sunday night and the "Wolf Man" would watch over their household for the remaining week.

When Ammon was just over two hundred years old, he wandered into the forest a few miles outside of the village and was never heard from again. Anubis had seen him from his Seat in the Underworld and chose him to be his earthly representative, and thus whisked him away to the land known as Duat, changing him from a wolf man into a seemingly ordinary man with the extraordinary ability to assume his lupine form. He has since become the High Priest of Anubis, and there is none foolhardy enough thus far to dare challenge him. He carries out the judiciary role of the High Priest with the utmost authority and commands the highest degree of respect from all who know him. He is an intellectual and an outstanding warrior, his powers notwithstanding. As a leader, he exemplifies valor and camaraderie, which gives him a more likely role in the Sects than most would first believe.

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