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The facial structures and such are the same, the hair's only darker and her eyes are violet))
She was born in a simple village, in a time filled with strange beliefs. At birth it was decided that she would be raised as the maiden to be sacrificed. It was an honorable title but it meant that she would have to forfeit her life to the God protecting their village when it is time. Anglia grew up knowing that fact, but she viewed it as normal, because she didn't know a different way to live. It did not stop her from enjoying her life peacefully. It was the knowledge that she wouldn't live a long life that allowed her to cherish life and all it had to offer. She loved and cared about the villagers and didn't show fear when the time for her sacrifice came. She had to stay in a dark room in the middle of the temple until she died. But when she fell asleep while waiting for death to claim her, she was sucked into a portal that brought her to Duat.
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