Forge Master - Inhuman Elemental


In the sands of time, when Egyptian priests ruled the Nile and beyond, to where civilization touched the deserts, Aodh was created. In the heat of the days when the Pharoah's demanded more from all those they ruled to fuel the expansion of the great nation, priests toyed with rituals that they did not fully grasp. The result of one of these was Aodh, an elemental born of Egypt, of earth and fire, sand and wind.

The man had no upbringing; rather, the ritual took a fully grown human slave, and infused into him essences gathered by the men who performed the ritual, the most pure elements found from around the land that they felt would serve their purpose. Aodh awoke without any social or cultural context, without family, and without a childhood that impresses many understandings of normal behavior upon humans.

He remained a slave to the overlords; with little need for sleep, and eating the same elements of the earth and fire from which he was created, the man was a tireless smith working to perfect his craft in building the weapons of war and the manacles of slavery. At first, he had no understanding of the consequences and meaning of this position in life. But as time passed, as more visited his forge, the chaotic, inhuman nature of the man sought to strive for more. Understanding. Curiosity. Purpose beyond the functional. He sought whatever knowledge he could, frequently questioning various people (often with methods that were not friendly in the least to his source of inspiration).

In this quest for more knowledge and understanding, of philosophy and art, he arranged to visit the Pyramids. As circumstance would have it, his visit coincided with the gate to Duat aligning correctly to sweep the elemental off and away to the lands.


In a quest to tame part of his inhuman nature into something more human, Aodh has chosen to settle down in Sol and opened a forge. He provides metallurgy, smithing, and rune carving for any who have the right payment — often coins, but just as frequently knowledge or time.

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