The World Wandering Enigma

Few worlds have been left untouched by Ayira’s feet. Few noticed a young woman in the midst of nationwide or even worldwide conflicts, and those that did disregarded her as an eccentric adventurer. Bearing flamboyant weapons of foreign worlds and an extravagant demeanour, Ayira is a riddle to most, perhaps even herself. Keen eyes and sharp minds have seen her in a variety of conflicting forms – as a subtle hand that guides either to victory or death, a determined force of destruction in a heated battlefield, and a compassionate persona who comforts and consoles.

Those few who have witnessed or even spoke to the ebon beauty cannot arrive to an agreement, either – some of them see her as nothing but a trouble-maker, while others see her as a shining beacon of goodwill. But Ayira pays no mind to either opinion. She wanders the cosmos in solitude, driven by an unknown goal, if any. And now her long winding path has finally led her to Duat. The woman claims she is a mercenary hired not by men, but by fate. It is a mystery what has brought her here. A mystery she is weary of wearing as her mask.

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