Azia Andropoulis was born on Earth in a small town in New Hampshire. She was raised very conservatively, and sheltered, growing up to be a well-behaved an quiet girl. At ten years old, her parents were killed in an auto accident, and she found herself placed in an orphan home.

She was too old for most people to adopt, so she remained in the home for several years. At fourteen, a couple agreed to take her in as a foster family. The family had several foster kids already, and had space for Azia.

Everything seemed like it was going well for her, until she started to notice that one of the other foster kids, a year older than her, couldn't seem to keep his eyes of her already well-developed figure. It made her nervous, but she kept it to herself.

Mike (her foster 'brother') got bolder in his voyeurism, trying to catch glimpses of her in the shower, changing her clothes, anything he thought he could get away with. It came to a head one day, when he and several of his footbal buddies cornered her at school. He'd had enough of just looking at her and he and his friends were going to get a piece of her.

Fortunately, they were interrupted before anything could happen, but it didn't work out well for Azia. Mike and his friends were the star players on the football team, and the team was one of the top in the state. Everyone expected them to win the championship, and high school football was an important part of life in this small town.

Most people found a way to blame Azia for what almost happened, and the boys got off with nothing but a slap on the wrist. Everywhere she went after that, people looked at her with hate, or disgust intheir eyes. And worse, Mike promised her that they weren't done with her yet…..

So she left. She packed up what she could and hit the road. She didn't know anything about the road, or hitching on the highway, or any of the things you would want to know, but she just knew she had to get away.

Luckily, (or unluckily as it would later turn out), the first car that passed her on the highway out of town was a guy she knew from school. Frank Devlin was what you would call the school's 'bad boy'. Always skipping class, having an attitude with the teachers, etc. Azia had had a sort of crush on him for a while. Now here he was pulling over to pick her up as she hitchhiked.

She didn't know that he had stolen the car, or that he had robbed a store before leaving town. When he asked her where she was heading she just said, "Anywhere", to which he replied, with a grin, "Heading there myself."

Frank himself figured to get her far enough out of town, where he could get a piece of her, and dump her somewhere. Unless of course she still wanted to come along after that, which would be fine with him. They drove most of the day, and he told her he'd have to get a motel room. There wasn't enough money for two, but he'd be glad to stretch out his sleeping bag on the floor and let her have the bed. Such a perfect gentleman.

There had been a strange storm brewing way off in the distance, a kind of wierd cloud formation with odd lightning strikes. It kept her attention as it started to get dark. "Just gotta stop in here for supplies," Frank told her, pulling into a gas station.

She waited in the car, while he went inside, and was shocked at the sudden sound of gunshots. She didn't really understand what was happening when Frank staggered out of the door, bleeding, and carrying a gun. She got out of the car and started running toward him, when she heard "Freeze!"

It wans't going to look good for her. Frank died there, and he was the only one who could testify that she didn't know anything about the robberies or stolen car. She sat in the police station waiting for hthem to question her, gazing out the window, watching that wierd storm move closer and closer.

The lightning had some really strange patterns and colors, and as she stared, she realized that it was going to come right over the small town.

She didn't even have time to be surprised when one of those wierd lightning strikes burst right through the window and struck her squarely.


Aia woke up soaked to the bone, in the pouring rain. She found herself in an alley, frightened and shivering, completely unaware of where she was.

It took her some time to get her bearings in this new place, not knowing how she got there, but needing desperately to adapt to survive, she found the determination to do what she needed.

She managed to get herself a job, working as a bicycle courier, and found a cheap room at a seedy motel that her pay would cover.

She's mostly stayed out of the public eye, the laws and rules of behaviour here, seeming to make her something of a type of prey to many of the residents, something she thankfully caught on to early in her stay here.

She learned the lay of the land quickly, and can be seen mostly during daylight hours on her bicycle, delivering packages and messages for meager pay. At night, she keeps to her room, the door heavily locked.

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