Behind The Ashes
Scene Name: Behind the Ashes
Date & Time: August 16th Day
Characters: Asmodeus, Celeste, Drakth, Dutch, Faith, Katherine, Yaksha

Solis Town Hall

The Town Hall is a lavish little building with white marble floors and snowy motif throughout. Simple paintings decorate every available space of wall, depicting many images of the unique realm outdoors, those of happy activities and even those of more sadistic times. The boundaries of this room offer exits at each compass point, heavy, golden-knobbed doors decorated with ivory plaques that describes the conjoining rooms' purposes, all except the south which is left propped open to welcome all into the world beyond.

She had to see for herself. The rumors, even though only new, have reached into Noxctalis as though traveling on the back of the wind. Staying in the shadows, Faith manages to avoid sunlight for the most part, crossing her arms at the chest and frowning at the sight of this pile. "So it's true…" The little vampiress mutters darkly in what appears to be a disapproving tune.

Dutch wanders in, a little surprised to see the other two vampires that are here as well, knowing that there is a witch hunt in the midst. He senses his lord is about but doesn't say anything about it though, he just stands silent eyeing them both, before finally moving past to see if the rumors being passed around like wildfire are true. He isn't as careful as the female, his mind still not set on what he is, as he peers about the pile of ash, and streams of sunshine burn at his skin. He just stands apathetic, and void of emotion, finally backing away, and looking towards the mayoress' office.

Sticking to the boundaries of the shadows, Faith peers down at the ashes that have been collecting a lot of attention. Vampires aren't the only ones about to see this, though. Dozens and dozens of mortals and civilians from Solis have also come to see what exactly is going on here. Narrowing her eyes in accusation, she bellows into the crowd. "Which one of the Mayor's guards did this?! They expect vampires to register, and then kill them off? How long will it be until the next one is slain?! This woman tricks you with a registration when she's really trying to start a war!"

There is the soft whisper of silks down the stairwell. Faith has, at the very least, captured some unwanted attention. The Mayoress stands half way down the stairs before a few Guilds and Guard members troop out behind her and join the ground floor of this mess. "Check the pockets," the Mayoress says, without looking over the crowd that has collected here. There is a shuffle as some of the more curious mortals stop poking at the ashes and make way for the Guardsmen.

The leader shuffles through the fabrics before turning back to look up towards the Mayoress. "No ID, ma'am. It was not one of the registered…" The crowd begins to murmurmer once more.

"Or whoever killed that bloodsucker took the ID with them as trophy." Whispers one of the clerks as he glances at the crowd gathered around the small pile of dust.

Dutch stands still, solid. His gaze still fixated on the door, but his attention is drawn to the female vampire shouting to the towns folk. "That won't solve a damn thing.", he utters. He pans over the new arrivals, and knows they are vampires as well right away, but doesn't address them, he just steps past and drawls closer to the mayoress, "Fool! Your ignorance knows no bounds. You talk of your people, and their injustices, but its nothing more than a facade. Look where your meadering is going…" He shouts this loud enough for everyone to hear, but directs it at her and no other.

Outside the building, there is a howl like no other. A woman who rides a beast, and high above her flys a great glyphed figure. One who's presence makes the hairs tingle with his newest conquest for a new kind of blood. The Warlord lands before the doors with a quiver, unlike others. His kind does not hide. Golden eyes stare out with a hate for lesser beings, and a hand rests on the pommel of Skycleaver, carved to represent a wolf's head. Turning his head, "Kirikt." The name is a serrated snarl, and then golden eyes lift up to Katherine as Drakth, The Warlord of Nox steps into the building. Moving people, if not outright shoving them yards out of the way. "I look for Mayor of Solis!" The bellow is roared, as his black lips pull up to reveal curved swords for teeth - like a shark - at the sound of a familiar voice.

"Maybe the guards removed the ID to make sure it looked staged?" Whispers another series of voices deeper in the crowd. The many people here coming to their own conclusions and assumptions of what may have happened here.

The dark haired woman steps from the portal ino the Town Hall and scans the room. Her brow arches at the rather large gathering as she slips from the back of the massive creature she was ridding. In her hand she holds a leash rather than reins; not a small thing for decoration, but one of corded metal cable wrapped in heavy leather. Connected to the leash is the massive beast; furred like a wolf but large as a bull. He towers over his owner, for certainly it is a he. The massive creature nuzzles the woman's shoulder affectionately, even as he growls at the gathered masses.

"Easy Kirit, they are not the enemy… Yet." A slim hand reaches up to pet the beasts muzzle while Katherine looks about for the source of the upset. Spying the pile of Ashes she frowns slightly, glancing towards her husband. "Are you all even sure they are the remains of a Kindred and notof someone's fireplace?" she asks, speaking half to herself as she follows her husband at a much more sedate pace, Kirit trailing.

Celeste closes her eyes, relieving the world of her steely silver gaze for a moment. She raises her hands to reveal the henna markings within her palms once more. There is shifting of the silk around her visage, denoting words, but they are lost amidst the cacophany. Soon the mortals hush, eager to make out the words of their Mayoress. Finally, she can be heard…

"Barbarians. Your shouts do nothing but support the image of your viciousness. Perhaps had this lost soul registered, we might be able to have saved him. We may have identified him and saught out the demon among us all that carried out this brutality. Or… perhaps the displays of your kind the market has roused the people - they fear and their fear lashes out. The unregistered are a danger to us, perhaps this was a matter of selfdefense." Finally she opens her eyes and turns that silver, probing gaze to each of the Vampires in turn.

"Says you." Murmurs Faith with a quick glance over at Dutch. Lifting the hood of her silken cloak, the dear girl slips further into the crowd, lurking behind the taller beings and making it difficult to spot a short one such as her. She stays silent for now, watching everything happening around and about with a growing urge to see how this will turn out. And then there is a familiar pressence. Someone she had met quite recently, and even had the privilige of tasting. Oh, she would never forget that experience. Even still, she stays quiet.

Asmodeus steps out of the gate. Even all the way to the silver desert, the rumors are spreading like wildfire. He glances around, noticing the fellow vampires present in turn, before patting Faith on the shoulder. He glances back down at the pile of ashes that seem to be the center of the show impassively. "Hrrrm. Here's someone who will not be seeing the moon again."

Dutch steps back, his words falling on deaf ears, and he's not one for wasting his breath. He just waits for something to happen, on edge already and having to retrain his temper for the time being.

The Warlord growls at a man before him, who turns and backs off into the mob once more. The shouts draw an irritated glance, "Such weakness.." It is snarled, both at them, and around him. The golden eyes look down at the ashes, and then at the vampires. "Why are you all acting so.." The next word is worked out past his lips, "Human." Faith and Asmodeus receive a feral gleam, as he continues to move towards Celeste. Uncaring of who or what was in his way, "Kill vampires. Fire to Those Who Cannot Stand." His jaws snap, wings unfurling in aggitation to move back down again about his warrior's form. "You want War? War on Vampire?" His dark tongue slides along the edge of his teeth slowly, and then he turns on The People. Wings erupting to their fullest length, and to display his markings and physical power. Sliding Skycleaver two teeth out of it's scabbard, the serrations gleaming hungrily. Eyeing every person - vampire and human alike, like cattle.

A snort is Katherine's response, the sound is filled with amusement and condisention in equal amounts. "I highly doubt that self defense was the case. Unless this vampire, /if/ it was a vampire, was newly created or a complete fool there is little chance for a mortal to have used suh a primative weapon while being attacked. Such an event could only occur if the one being attacked was prepared for a fight… Or, hunting for the victim."
Kirit turns and lunges at the newest entrant into the Hall. Saliva drips from razor sharp fangs as his upper lip pulls back in a snarl, prepared to defend his Mistress. A sharp command from the petite woman calls him back and she smiles up at him, offering him praise in the form of more petting. At the edge of the crowd, for it shifts away from her as the beast grows closer, the woman looks over her surroundings, trying to determine what happened. Ignoring the others about her, secure in her pets ability to keep all comers away, she approaches the pile of ashes unmolested. Removing a small vial from her pocket she takes a sample of the ash and secrets it on her person. That done she leans against the beasts shoulder to watch and listen. The massive furred sides swell as the creature roars in response to his Master's words.

Celeste looks around and even tips her head to the side as she watches the Vampires. "You fear." She states plainly, causing a few snickers and utterances from among the crowd. "You would not be here, causing such a scene if you did not. How does it feel to think you are hunted?" Her silver eyes gleem with the smile hidden behind her veil. "You are not, I assure you. But your paranoia should lead you to understand how the hundreds of Solis members feel every time they step out of their homes into the evening… Recognize your fear, realize it and recognize our own. Do what you can to show you really intend peace, or turn away from us and reveal if you are a monster." The troops behind the Mayoress step forward and crowd around her as Drakth progresses towards the stairwell. The men on the ground stand from around the pile of ash and turn to regard the winged Kindred. But, Celeste does not flinch. Instead her steady voice rings simple and cool. "I do not seek war, and those that do are not welcome here. Register now or take your weapons and fangs back through the portals. Now."
A voice over her shoulder catches the vampiress' attention, only long enough for her eyes to glance over her shoulder towards Asmodeus. Nodding the once, she turns hare focus back to the crowd, sinking deeper within and using her cloak's hood to conceal who she is. A smile plays on her lips when Celeste speaks of fear, trying to regain understanding from those gathered. It's so…tempting. Lost in a crowd with so many fingers to point, it's difficult to bite the bullet and hold back what her instincts tell her she should be doing. And so here and there, she plants her seeds, whispering in the ears of random pedestrians. Seeds that make them think, whether they realize it or not thanks to a touch of magic in her voice.

While the soldiers stand before The Warlord, there is a bellowing laugh that shakes every muscle upon his body. From the tips of his wings, to muscles in his feet. "You do not want War, but, you carry Warriors?" More laughter, that is barely constrained as small tears of blood begin to weep from the sides of his eyes. And then his teeth snap shut and he bares his teeth to every man that surrounds the Mayor. "Warriors. Such an overused word.." Golden eyes then tilt towards the straggling litheness that flits away - and return with a sharpness to the soldiers. Seperated from the Mob by their power, one The Warlord can smell and see and feel. That understanding of prowess. Despite the white warbraids that fall before his eyes, "It has been so long since one of you has stepped forward like this. But.." Then the eyes turn to the Mayor, "You speak of fear? Vampire fear?" The laughter bubbles up again, "And then YOU command ME? You are Mayor. Not King, Queen. Chieftain, Shaman. Come down here, Witch. I smell it in your blood, you come before Me, and we speak like Chieftain or - " He grips Skycleaver that much tighter, "I would love to see your warriors. If you handled this like a true Chieftain, you would have come to The Eldest, first. Instead of demanding something you have no power over. Respect - even among food and consumer."

The eagle flys up and perches on the entrance to the hallm watching the event with interest.

Celeste places a hand on the shoulders of either guardian standing before her. She parts them with a gentle touch, exposing the lengthy figure of her silk-shrouded physique to Drakth. "Witch? I have been called worse in my endevours. But, Eldest? You flatter yourself too greatly. The prey should know much about the methods of that which seeks to make it a meal. I know you are not the eldest of Noxctalis. Perhaps I will have to see her out to reign in your band of postrating vampires. In the mean time, leave Our City. Go back to your darkness." There is a subtle flick of her wrist as she turns away and heads up the stairwell. At first, nothing happens as she makes to depart, but then there is the grinding sound of gears working to pry open the wide doorway to the Town Hall and let in the bliss and cleansing power of Solis's namesake - the radiant Sun.

After remounting the large beast, the woman rests her head between the massive shoulder blades. Her expression reads mainly of boredom and annoyance, though her husband's amusement brings a smile to her lips. "Why do you bother with them, my beloved? It is obvious that they do not understand what it is to be vampire, or what we could do to them if we wished. That they have only just discovered us shows that much restraint has been shown on the part of those who came before." She raises her head enough to peer at the Mayoress. "If she wishes war, they will die. It is simple enough."

Asmodeus rolls his eyes at the approaching sunlight. He pulls faith closer and whispers a few words which include his forefather Apep's name, and upon the calling of the name of the devourer of the sun, a dome of darkness, smoking shadows forms around the pair, keeping them shielded as they step towards the stargate. "I wonder how she hopes to repel vampires when night falls."

The Warlord watches the Mayor with a sort of..primordial want. Like a Lion stares at a zebra that is beyond the river that contains a hidden crocodile or two. Maybe even the elusive hippo. The silk that covers the woman is looked beyond, and he breathes in deeply. Seperating the smells of others from that of the Mayor, "..Finally. One worthy of being more than just a silly vampire, or, cattle." Golden eyes flare at her, and despite his skin starting to smolder at even the faintest glow of Sun - he screams, but smiles. The words of Asmodeus singing in his ears, "Guard yourself with Warriors, so they can join you as Blodtwulf!"

The door at the peak of the stairwell remains open even as Celeste's form is consumed by the Sunlight the spears out through the doorway and illuminates the precipce of the carpeted stairwell. The mortals watch as the Vampires around the flee in the face of the illuminating Sun before a few guildsmembers collect the spent ashes into a silver vessel and follow their Mayoress's lead, ascending towards her office above.

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