The Cheshire Cat: Charles Cabbot


C.C. presents a tall, lanky figure. Topping out a nearly six and a quarter feet tall, his lean frame is lined with subtle hints of sinew and muscles that prevent his slender appearance from looking gangly or skeletal by any means. Every stretch of his being is cast in shades of cyan and purple, blending and spiraling in hypnotic swirls of meshing, twining color - some flesh and some fur.
His face is one of sharp angles that boarder on feline without actually providing him an animalistic snout. Eyes of prismatic sapphire gaze out from beneath thin, almost feminine brows, and are cut through by the deep, elliptical shape of his black pupils. White flesh surrounds his eyes and traverses the bridge of his nose, creating a backdrop for the vivid, violet tattoos the twist and twine around these portals to his soul. Furthermore, a pair of pert, triangular ears swivel atop his head and are pierced through with silver barbells, trippy-glowing rings, and chiming bells. A tail of bushy, velvety fur stretches out just above his behind, the pelt stripped in tones of lilac and blueberry, and reaches far enough to touch the ground at his heels. Hints of fur line the forearms that lead to claw-tipped digits, each talon-like nail painted a raving shade of different colors.

Today his torso is bare. The soft etchings of sinew across his abdomen roll with his movements, letting any light reflect from his the various shades of turquoise skin. Around his hips, a pair of baggy black pants hangs low enough to reveal the chiseled lines of his hip bones, but no further with thanks to a cord of rainbow rope fixed through the belt loops. The cords tails hang down his front, bobbing and weaving playfully with his steps. At the back, bondage cords of lime green and gaudy-florescent yellow crisscross behind his legs and flutter under his movements. Finally, a broad pair of steel-toed boots peek out from under the wide girth of this billowy pant legs.

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