An enigma shrouded in mystery, a blossom of light cocooned in twilight, a woman shrouded in satin. Celeste presents a slender, lengthy figure. However, much of her appearance is left kissed in veils of gossamer satin, as if she had sought to make an attire of dusk but the beauty of the ending day took too kindly to her flesh and meant to keep it from view of an unworthy eye.
At this time the sheer fabric forms a delicate gown that clings loyally to the curves of Celeste's feminine physique. The same fabric, hemmed in the silver of delicate, ringing bells, frames her visage in a deep hood and hides all but a few stray, buoyant curls of ebon hair. A silver headdress is nearly hidden beneath the hood, its onyx beads dangling down between her brows while links on either side of her face fasten up a sheer curtain veil over the lower half of her features, hiding all but her eyes from view. Perhaps this mysterious guise is for the best, for the beauty of her eyes is enough to enthrall so that one cannot dare to comprehend the image of this entire femme bare to the casual gaze - they are orbs of swirling silver, like mercury churning under the unerring energy of the personality within.
The woman's feet and arms are left bare, revealing the hypnotic design of dark, masterful henna tattoos across the canvas of her golden skin.

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