Aliases: Ali
Age: Older than you may think. Apparent age 22/23 years old
Height: five and a half feet tall.
Weight: 110 Lbs.
Race/Species Maenad


A young girl Alina grew up in the county, more specifically in a small cabin in the woods, surrounded by nature. Her childhood was semi normal, going to school, doing chores and as she grew older she would participate in rituals with the others in her village.
At the age of 14 she fell for an older boy who was from out of her village and from a well off family. This young man promised to take care of Alina, after a short courtship she went off to be with him, this is when she was introduced to her collar and the life of a slave. Being so young she grew into her collar and what was expected of her, how she was to behave. However now that she was controlled by the collar around her neck she was unable to participate in her rituals and all that she believed. One autumn night she lost all control taking advantage of her master and as he tried to run she hunted him like an animal before savagely killing him. The next morning when she awoke she was covered with dirt and blood, in the middle of the woods lying naked next to the remains of a body torn apart and beaten the taste of human flesh and fresh blood still in her mouth.
Today Alina can be found wandering Duat.


Very mood dependent. Caution May change at any given moment with out notice.

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