Kek, the God of Darkness & Chaos

Aliases: Kek
Age: As old as Duat, Born with Isis's creation of Duat.
Height: 6' (Six feet)
Weight: 180Lbs.
Race/Species God in Duat, God of Darkness & Chaos.


Isis’s scream jostled the heavens as she tore away from her previous home. Searing across the night sky, summoned away from the chaos she had left, she headed for her new destination, her rightful place – Duat. It is on this rampant journey that her skirt caught upon a star in the night sky. In her fury she tore at the heavens and continued on.

She fell into place, taking her throne to oversee Duat and its melting pot of people. Only then was she aware of the inky smudge on her hem – a piece of the night sky. The little slice of darkness fell to the floor before her feet and began to expand. Thus was born Kek, bred from the darkness of night and Isis’s own chaotic fury.

Here he serves beside the Goddess Queen, aiding in the molding creation of Duat and its occupants.


Chat with him and find out. Here to serve all.

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