Aliases: Samantha/Sam
Age: 32 years old
Height: 4'6" (Four and a half feet)
Weight: 86 pounds
Race/Species Human


Born an only child into a poor family, Samantha spent the first 10 years of her life like most other children. When she wasn't at school she was home with her mother doing chores and working on her homework. Her mother was a caring but sickly lady so the burden of house hold chores fell upon her, while her father worked all day six days a week, he expected to come home to a clean apartment with dinner on the table waiting for him. Her childhood wasn't the best but it was all she knew growing up in rags going hungry most nights while her father would spend all his money down at the local watering hole, until one night in early spring.
One warm balmy night Samantha's father came home from the bar plastered with a fist full of money and a strange woman dressed in a black pinstripe suit carrying a suitcase in hand. The woman called Samantha to her, where she looked the child over, handed her the suitcase and told her to pack her things. Confused the child looked at her father and he simply repeated the woman's command to go pack her things. Upon hearing this mother came out from her bedroom unknowing what was going on trying calling for the child to come to her. Angrily her father grabbed the child and the bag and dragged her to her room while she packed what few things she had before being shuffled out the door to the waiting woman. Taking the child's hand the Woman dragged her out the door to a waiting van where she was taken away to her new home. From this point on her life would never be the same.
Upon arriving at her new home she was immediately given a bath, cleaned up and taken to her new room, where she was given dinner and tucked into bed. The next morning she was woken early with breakfast, drugged and taken to a small room where her hair was dyed blue, her face was tattooed and she was fitted with a steel collar around her neck and across the front her new name Midnight was inscribed in fine script.
At the age of thirty the defiant Midnight escaped from her Masters home and for the past few years she has been wandering, lurking in the shadows avoiding capture, in fear of being returned to that hell that she left behind.


Midnight can be shy at first, or she can be quite outgoing. It really all depends upon the situation that she is in.

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