Myrina, Kaiser of the Naraki Clan.

Aliases: *None*
Age: Twenty-five.
Height: Five feet, seven inches.
Weight: One hundred, twenty pounds.
Race/Species Human.


The Naraki Clan is an all-woman tribe, run under the supervision of Myrina. These women are strong, and each skilled in one way or another to help their Sisters, whether it be by gathering, hunting, trading, or making skins for clothing. Having no use of men, it is often frowned upon to have a male around, even for a brief visit, though at times it is considered…tollerable. Having them live in the grounds is forbidden, however.

As such, even fornicating with a man is punishable. Fornification leads to children, and with children comes the fifty-fifty chance of bringing men into the tribe. With this in mind, sex even among women is also considered taboo, and is punishable with banishment. Submitting to the pleasures of the flesh is believed to weaken a woman, and leads to the downfall of their peaceful society. With this in mind, more often than not, many women are circumsized to prevent sexual distractions, although it is not uncommon for others to simply wear a chastity belt, whom Myrina is the only person to have said key for..


Caring only for her tribe, there is very little else on her mind, ensuring their survival for as long as she is on watch. Beware. She is not the only one keeping an eye on her territory. Being in tune with nature, many creatures will offer aid if ever it is in need.

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