Current Rp Logs

Character RP Logs for 2011


Date Time Title Involved Characters
02.01.2011 Day Hello Dolly Aodh and November
02.13.2011 Day Clashing Sects Luna and Sonal


Date Time Title Involved Characters
05.15.2011 Night Surrender to the Darkness Alekto and Laura
05.15.2011 Night Alice and the Were-Coyote Alice and Eian
05.17.2011 Day "...My manhood! It's not there!" Eian, Ichtaca, Mamluke, Maxine, and Sisi
05.19.2011 Day Ambush at the Mansion Eian, Ichtaca, Katherine, Mamluke, Sisi
05.27.2011 Night Prisoner exchange Eian, Ichtaca, Katherine, Mamluke, Anglia, Drakth, Minu


Date Time Title Involved Characters
08.15.2011 Dusk Power to the Mortals Alice, Celeste, Dutch, Ichtaca, Yaksha
08.16.2011 Day Behind the Ashes Asmodeus, Celeste, Drakth, Dutch, Faith, Katherine, Yaksha
08.17.2011 Night Questioning Motvies Dutch & Yaksha
08.18.2011 Night Vampire Sympathy & Spies Dutch & Janus
08.18.2011 Night Questions as Answers Alekto & Dutch
08.18.2011 Night The First Registered Celeste & Dutch
08.19.2011 Dusk/Night Spies Like Us! Anglia, Celeste, Dutch, & Yaksha
08.22.2011 N/A Cook Crimes Hue and Jazyl


09.12.2011 Night 60 Days Alekto, Anglia, Drakth
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