Name Darren Farcrur
Gender Male
Race Human
Profession Blood Mage
Age 30
Apparent Age Early Twenties


Darren is a blood mage, fueled with infernal energy, and doesn't hide it. It's in-arguably dark magic, even though fueled by life giving blood, tainted by dark, abyssal energies and fueled by his mangled soul. Any that can see auras, feel resonance, or otherwise sense magical energy will know that there's this presence in him, and many are off-put or even scared by the sight of it. Another proof of fact, positive energies like healing magic and similarly attuned things will cause him pain (though they DO work), and he prefers to heal his own wounds (through sometimes more unsavory rituals).

This taint has also touched his mind, and as such, he's become wildly unpredictable. He's not innately 'evil' in his behavior so much as purely self serving and blind as to the implications of how it might affect others, at his worst. Still, there are -times- when he's softer and easy to get along with, but this just highlights the instability of his emotional state.

It's unknown, really, how he got there, and he doesn't seem to know either, only mentioning he'd been experimenting with magic and the next thing he knew he found his way through a gate, but he doesn't seem overly concerned with his location at any given time, possibly not even having any sort of permanent home.

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