About Devi

In natural form, Devi has no gender to speak of - a truly androgynous creature. Sie (He/She) has no home to speak of, but is a nomad of sorts that has seen many world and many realms of existance. By nature of hir (his/her) creation, sie is a shape-shirter, able to take on the form of any living thing that sie has previously come in contact with. Despite any form sie wears, howerver, hir spit-fire personality shines through in the brightest fashion.

The Androgynous Look

While being an oddity is common even in this world, this creature is unique in that it brings about more questions with its artistry than it does answers. Firstly, and most importantly in such a sinful world, the creatures is wondrously and beautifully androgynous. Its flesh - a canvass with the subtlest tinges of crimson, like blood beneath the gossamer sheen of chaste, gentle snow - forms no breasts, but does mold into the promising, sensual curvatures of a thin waist, shapely hips, and a plump, feminine rear. The further facts and details are equally captivating:

Estimating hir height to be anything more than three feet would be kind… and poor judgment. At the peek of hir stout height, a mane of ivory-silver tresses begin their decent, falling to the middle of hir back and around a pair of ebon horns sprouting from hir forehead, each blunted and no bigger than the middle knuckle of one's forefinger. The streams are cut shorter on the top, a section dyed with highlights of brilliant, eye-catching crimson among the silver-white, and stylized up into a stout, thin, three-inch Mohawk atop hir head. The rest of hir hair frames hir face, an angelic little visage of youth and curiosity - tiny rounded features, upturned button nose, round apple cheeks, dainty white pursed lips, and wide eyes - orbs without whites, leaving almond-shaped pools filled entirely with an inviting, endless, black. Finally, the last detail is a set of feathery wings that sprout from behind the curves of hir shoulders. Taking on the same rose-tainted hue as her flesh, the feathery appendage look rather useless as their height proves little more than a foot, while their span reaches only an inch outside the tiny width of her biceps.

At the moment sie walks nude among the public eye, but this fact does not help in determining the nature of hir sex - a subtle plane of smooth, soft, and shaven skin rests between hir thighs. A little nub of a tail, fluffy and white like a rabbits, waggles over the pillow of hir rear, tickling at the line that marks the valley of the plump flesh. Hir nipples, though they are supported on a flat chest, are pierced threw with silver barbells, matching a single-point piercing making a crystal bindi above hir brow, and are colored a warm crimson upon hir interesting little frame.

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