Second Encounter
Scene Name: Second Encounter
Date & Time: 08.20.2011 7:30p.m. -6:00 GMT
Characters: Anglia, Dutch

The Shard - North

Hushed hues pulsate at a slow pace in the northernmost region of the Shard, and the dim light of varying dusky colors dances upon the weary trunks of petrified trees - faithful remnants of what once was a majestic forest, no doubt. Today, however, these tall shells bear a greater resemblence to stone than wood, and their past pride is defiled by a multitude of fungi that has nestled within the deceased vegetation. These particular fungal growths are the only kind not to pulsate in these parts, instead emitting steady white or icy colors.
The frail winking light of other mushrooms is a sight adored not only by artists, but also luminescent moths that capriciously flutter about this region, as they are unable to decide just which light they yearn for the most. If one were to venture southwest, the colors steady to gradually form an overall warm theme, whereas colder light can be observed towards the southeast. Curiously enough, both the dead trees and the rock formations increase in numbers until the great wall of rocky fangs - the stoic, mute guardian of the forest's innermost sanctum, the Shard's Eye.

Anglia hums lightly as she inspects a few mushrooms. She skillfully picks one and plucks it, holding it up before she places it in her basket. She is still quite pale, just a bit too pale. Her skin almost seems to glow, the little light in Nox reflecting on her pale skin. Today she's alone, without her child, her basket is filled with various herbs and such. Anglia peeks in her basket and smiles, still humming. She's almost done.

Another manic day in the Noxctalis for Dutch, as he is wandering yet again, with no true purpose. Just walking through the forest to be amongst the songs of the creatures, feeding off some of them to sustain his being for a time. His ears twitch in response to a soft hum, being carried on the soft breeze, and he goes in search of the source, finally seeing a girl in which he has been aquainted, Anglia. He decides to approach and she what she is up to. "Evening.." he says softly, but loud enough for her to hear, as he rounds a tree, and props against it, in sight.

Anglia blinks and looks up at Dutch, slightly surprised. "Oh… g..good evening…" She curtsies politely to Dutch, her long hair tied up in a messy bun for a change. She nibbles her lower lip softly as she peeks at Dutch. " come you're always sneaking up on people?" She smiles slightly, showing that she's joking. Of course she immediately stopped humming when the man greeted her, she's a very shy Fae. She shifts her basket on her arm as she peeks at Dutch. "Wh..what brings you, in the middle of the woods…?"

Dutch smiles warmly to you at the jest, and approaches, giving a soft shrug. "Wouldn't wanna bother the critters, but it seems I've interrupted such a lovely melody. Honestly it drew me away from my walk, and brought me to you." He is now much closer, maybe only an arms length away, his green eyes twinkling against the low lighting. He peers over the basket of collectables. "So you are here collecting herbs huh? Whatcha got there?" he asks, just trying to make some casual conversation to ease her mind a bit.

Anglia blushes slightly at the compliment. "I..I'm sorry…" She peeks at her basket when he mentions it and nods softly. "I..I'm trying to make a medecine that would allow me to a bit s..stronger a..against the negativity…" She nibbles her lower lip and peeks up at Dutch. "I..I'm sorry if I don't seem to make sence…" She seems to be a bit more relaxed than last time, probably because she's not with her baby in an unfamiliar place.

Dutch hmmms aloud. "Interesting. A pultace you say?" he looks over her frail form, and wonders why it is as such, but doesn't have to let his mind wander for long. She is a slave, and does't look like she gets to see much activity. Maybe just spending to much time kept away on the Blodtwulf grounds. He normally wouldn't do such a thing, for he knows how much he fains away from contact at times, but he wraps an arm around her as he moves to her side. "Allow me to accompany you, as I very much enjoy the company of a lovely young lass." His smile a bit more seductive now.

Anglia 's eyes widen and she blushes brightly. She's a bit uncomfortable, but doesn't say anything. Instead she decides to change the subject. "'re w..wondering about something… i..if you wish to a..ask me something, then p..please do not h..hesitate to ask…" She discreetly breaks away from Dutch's hold to inspect and pick another herb. Like a butterfly, she gets close, but is hard to catch, breakable, but immensely strong in a way. She peeks at Dutch and smiles softly. "I wanted to thank you for not revealing that my child was a vampire… be honest, I do not know much about what's going on, mainly b..because I spend most of my time in the castle, taking care of the cooking, cleaning and raising the children…"

Dutch smiles as his grasp upon her is fleeting and she slips away, acting as though she is preoccupied before speaking again. "It would have served no purpose for me to reveal your babe as being such." Instead he just sits down on the cool surface of the ground, mixing his toes down in to the debris and the soil, his nails burrowing in, and leans back lazily against a tree. His shirt unbuttoned and the chiseled features of his form being visable as he puts his hands behind his head, looking quite comfortable. "Sounds like an aweful lot rests on those narrow shoulder of yours. Why not sit with me and relax for a time. I won't bite." His toothy smile peering to her, and lulling her to take a seat beside him with a pat at the ground before returning his hand behind his head.

Anglia nibbles her lower lip softly as she peeks at Dutch. "Uhm…I..I guess that's alright…" She sits down next to Dutch, also leaning against a tree. She sighs deeply and closes her eyes. "You don't seem to be very on edge…are you not scared, or cautious?" A butterfly, a strange sight in these dark and dangerous woods, flutters over and lands on Anglia's nose. She just giggles softly and allows it to rest there. She peeks at Dutch, not moving though. "And to be honest… I like being in charge of so many things… that means I'm at least useful and needed…" She smiles, obviously quite relaxed. The calmth of Dutch actually feeds her, counters the negativity in the air and allows her to look a bit healthier.

Dutch just lets out a long sigh, the creatures of the forest easing his nerves and settling his mind. It's one of the reasons he likes to come here in his spare time, just wandering about and taking in the different sights to be beheld. He shrugs slightly at the question presented, "Fear? No there is nothing to fear here. There is no need for caution." he states back with a sly smile." His eyes drifting shut, as he is very relaxed as well. "I see…so it gives you a reason to carry on then? I understand that. Such is the way I feel at times, though it's due to a totally different circumstance.." his voice trails off, only to leave his face with a slight contented grin, as a hand slips from behind his head and wraps you up again, a comforting snuggle from him.

Anglia hums thoughtfully and decides to let the matter rest for now, not wanting to break the man's peace by telling him about what he could (and probably should) fear when being close to her. She seems a bit curious when his voice trails off. "If you don't mind me asking, wh..what circu-ah!" Her eyes snap open and her bright blush returns as she's once again pulled to Dutch's side. The butterfly flutters away, disappearing easily into the night.

Dutch caresses over your shoulder softly, and almost as if he knew what you were already thinking, states "You mean I should fear your babes father? Or the lord of the Blodtwulf? No, niether of these concern me." He says this calmly, and there is an unmistakable honesty to his voice, though it may not appear to have reason to you. His barren foot pushing out against the soft earth, as a leg extends out. He hopes that her innocence isn't brought into the possible upcoming conflict, but then nothing is certain with savages. His thoughts of the Blodwulf themselves are as such. Just savages beasts with no real grasp over their minds, and always looking for the easy out, mostly through violence. A trait of the weak. A trait of compensation for the lack of ambition to help the world and live in harmony. "Won't you hum that song to me? Oh won't you please?" his voice susurrates over you, almost irresistable.

Anglia nibbles her lower lip softly and sighs softly. "A..alright… b..but honestly, I..I can't calm neither of them, so if you're just b..bluffing, I..I can't save you…" She blinks when he asks her to hum her song for him. She smiles warmly, it's been awhile since someone asked her to sing, usually she just sang to the children, it was refreshing to see someone truly wish to hear her. "A..alright…" She begins to hum softly, a melody that sways and gently wraps itself around you as it caresses your ears, a truly soothing melody. It does not take long for those hums to turn into words, ancient words from a language long forgotten by the world.

He smiles once again, contented as that lovely melody does its job, washing over him. It's been quite some time since he's heard anyone sing, and with such a lovely voice! Memories of a past come back, and his mind wanders until the song of beautiful words comes to a close. His eyes open and the green eyes fixate upon you. "Bravo, that was truly a pleasure to hear. You have a beautiful singing voice." He looses his grasp from her, thinking maybe he is holding to tight and perhaps hurting her, or it might ease the nervousness in her voice from before the song. His eyes still on you, he murmurs, "I've… nothing to fear from death anymore. I'm sure of my purpose in life here in this strange world now, and when death comes, I shall welcome it as a friend, and go with a smile on my face." There is nothing he can do to convince that his words ring true and without a hint of exaggeration, but he form tells of his relaxed posture.

Anglia blushes and smiles flatteredly. "Th..thank you…" She looks away, feeling slightly embarrassed, though not uncomfortable. She blinks when you murmur and she looks up at you, her violet eyes catching the light as she gazes worriedly at the man. "What good does it do when you die? It is a good thing to be at peace when you go, but that does not mean you have to knowingly put yourself in danger or anything like that…" Her eyes soften to show a somewhat sad, nostalgic look. "I may seem like I'm meddling in matters that do not concern me, but honest, I know how you feel… before I came here, I was the same… I was born and raised just so I could die as a sacrifice, and I grew up knowing and accepting that… but when I was sacrificed, I didn't die, I was sent here…" Instinctively, she rises slightly and gently places her hand on Dutch's cheek, the girl not even realising how close she got to the still rather unfamiliar man. "And I learned to hold onto life… so please, value this life you've been granted, even if your heart does not beat anymore, you're still alive." She smiles warmly.

Dutch leans forward, drawing closer, as if to place a kiss upon your lips, but just blinks an oh-so-slow blink, and simply says, "There is a beginning, as there is an end. It's not that I wish to die, though I envy your life, someone has to stand and become the beacon that this plagued land has so longed for." his noses touches against your own, as his head slides down to your shoulder, brushing over your cheek, and allows your hand to remain on his own. "The decay is a mental thing really. Those that are not strong enough to ask for help will see the sins in their action, whether this life or the next." He just rests his head ever so gently against you.

Anglia also blinks so slowly as the man's face is right infront of her, one movement and he could kiss her. She blushes and allows him to rest his head on her shoulder. "You need not to envy me… I..I'm not a beacon, no one has longed for me… and such strength as you speak of, it's hard to acquire, I am sure you know… you're either born with it, grow up with it or you force yourself into it… You cannot blame someone for failing to ask others for help… from what I've heard… the decay is more of a loss of hope than anything else… The living beings and even nature itself seems to have lost their hope when their god abandoned them…" She blinks and shakes her head softly. "S..sorry, I was being a bit philosofical…" She gently allows the man to rest against her, instinctively caressing the back of his head, her touch as soft and gentle (and protective) as the wings of a mother as they fold around their child.

Dutch lays still, peering about the forested area, sure that there may not be many more comforts as grand as this in his future, but also hearing the young girl speak, and knowing she doesn't understand he was talking about himself. He will give his life to protect the humanity of this world and of Solis, even if his death comes of it. The decay in his mind being the taunting of malevolent beings that did not previously have a voice with the protection of the goddess over the land, but in her absence their power grew and granted their voice the power to twist and manipulate the thoughts of man. The lines of vampires established from the intermingling of the beings in the blood of man, granting immortality, yet causing them to run from then sun, just as these beings would flee from the piercing light of the goddess herself. He sighs once more, truly taken in by your scent, and your lovingly, motherly touch. His head pushing into that caressing hand, then turning back to her and placing a hand upon her cheek with a rub over of his thumb, and presses his cold undead lips to yours, slowly. Not a kiss of pure passion or lust. A kiss with meaning and depth. A kiss of understanding, and sorrow.

Anglia is warm to the touch as opposed to the deathly cold of the vampire. She did not realise what was happening until she actually feels Dutch's lips pressed against hers. She freezes up, not pushing him away and not pulling him closer. At first, her mind filled with guilt and thoughts of her beloved and her screaming at herself to push the man away, but then she noticed he wasn't going further, that he did not try and take advantage of her frozen state and she felt the intense sorrow flowing from the man, awakening her gentle nature of wanting to soothe those who are sad.

Dutch pulls away from the kiss, slowly, and allowing his lips, so full of your warmth, to hang upon your own slightly as he does. His green eyes piercing back into yours, in your frozen state. Without words he pulls his leg back to himself, and rolls forward onto the flats of his feet and stands, his form towering over you, but offering a kind hand to help you to your feet as well. "Thank you for spending this time with me Anglia. I needed this." he says with a smile.

Anglia covers her lips with her hands as soon as Dutch pulls away completely. She slowly looks up at him as he towers over her. She gently grasps his hand and allows him to help her up. She blushes and nibbles her lower lip softly. "'re welcome…" She smiles tentatively, unsure whether she should ask him about the kiss or just ignore it. She decides to plainly pretend it didn't happen for now. "I..I'm always happy to make someone f..feel better…And I have something to give you…" She grasps Dutch's hand and closes her eyes. Dutch can feel something moving on the palm of his hand and when Anglia releases him, a small flock of fireflies flutters out from between her fingers, lighting the area around the two. Anglia giggles and smiles widely.

Dutch meets her smile with his own and laughs, as the fireflies flutter, and wisk about with the breeze in a pattern of beauty, the soft lights flashing over him. He has never seen anyone do that before, and his curiousity is peaked by it, but he doesn't ask. Such a gift. No wonder they keep her locked away and busy. She would bring life to this dismal land. Something one afflicted could not allow. His gaze peers as they fly away and he turns back to you once again, his smile still wide but as warm as ever. His arms wrap around your frame and embrace you, being sure not to get to tight, as he murmurs, "Thank you, that was absolutely lovely."

Anglia blushes and gently wraps her arms around Dutch in an embrace too. She smiles warmly. "You're welcome… if you ever need cheering up, they will visit, though not all at the same time…" She giggles softly and whispers into Dutch's ear, her breath tickling his cold skin. "Magic pulses in all of us, but not all are able to use it…"

Dutch is glad that you returned his embrace, and it makes him feel loved, if even for that brief moment in time. He replies to her wise statement about the bounds of magick in this world, "Those are very wise words my dear, and I will take them to heart. Such is also how I feel about other virtues. Honesty. Compassion. Courage. All these relate to the physical condition as well. Pulsing in our minds, even if draped over by fear." he ends his compliment upon you with a kiss to the forehead, and silently turns to leave, feeling like it is time for him to be off once more, to wander the wild woods until they lead him back home, or even back to the comforting night in Solis. As he gets a few yards away though he stops and looks back over his shoulder at you.

Anglia smiles warmly and waves at you as you leave. When you stop and look back at her, you can see her unrafeling the back of her dress, two large butterfly wings unfolding, pale violet with a tear design. She picks up her basket and when she notices you looking, she blushes shyly and waves, her lips curling up into a soft smile.

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