To the Stars!
Scene Name: To the Stars!
Date & Time: 08.25.2011 5:30p.m. -6:00 GMT
Characters: Anglia, Dutch

The Shard - West Shore

The western shoreline of the island is also its smallest, as the warm light emanating from the eastern Shard presses against it in a tight embrace. Still, despite its small size, this side of the island is famous for its appeal to romantics of exotic, if not downright eccentric tastes. Originally dominating the shore much like it does to the south of the island, the fungal forest has been all but cleared here, save for the dimly glowing, amethyst-colored mushrooms with stems of extraordinary girth but moderate height.
The insides of these stout mushrooms have been cut out in a fashion that left them with the appearance and comfort of gazebos. This doesn't seem to bring them any sort of visible harm, seeing as they continue to thrive and shed equally luminescent spores that occasionally fall upon those beneath the sizeable caps, or are whisked away by the wind to give rise to more of this species. This is also one of the rare locations where nothing obscures the vast river or the dark contours of barren mountains in the faraway distance, allowing to comfortably and freely admire either.
As the Shard flanks the western shore from both sides, the only exit naturally leads to the eastern region of the glowing woods.

The warm air pulled from over the glistening water, lulls against the illumination cast from the spores of the shard. The soft washing of the tide is relaxing, almost soothing to the vampire Dutch, as he sits on the beach, legs sprawled infront of himself and leaning back onto his hands burried into the sandy soil that encumbers this shoreline. His gaze peers off towards the heavens, at the torn sky of Noxctalis, and a cigarette is left unlit between his lips, leaning to the ground. Thoughts of the events past run through his mind, but due to this environment he is at peace for a time, and almost in a meditative state, as he is not sure what is to come, and has to keep collected. Focused.

Anglia feels so immensely tired. Not because of all her chores and such, because she enjoys doing her chores, they never completely tire her. No, this exhaustion comes from tension, but she knows how to fix that. She just needed to relax, needed to take her mind off of everything for a moment. She was just wandering through the forests, without the wolf. She notices Dutch suddenly, pulled from her ponderings by the appearance of a familiar figure. "D..Dutch?"

A sweet essence already carried on the breeze to his senses, a recognizable thing for certain. He has met this young Fae a few times now, but doesn't quite know what to make of her and her loyalties. Surely if there is any tricky business under foot, he could be caught in a trap and surely perish, or worse. He just peers off again for a time, asking of the one he did before, asking for assistance and counsel, sending these thoughts like a burst of radio waves over the land, but there is no response. There is never a response. That poor girl tormented by the decay. Tormented by the ramblings of being that cannot even manifest themselves in a palliable form. He finally regresses after a few moments from his deep thought and drawls his gaze towards the servant of clan Blodtwulf. "How do you do Angila?" he simply inquires, those green eyes normally in a shimmer, but not toward, they seems slightly more fierce, and ice'd over, even though his tone does not suggest that. It's calm and soothing as ever.

Anglia smiles softly and waves friendlily. "I..I am as well as I can be…" As she steps closer, she notices and feels the difference in the man, the subtle chance in his being. The expression in her eyes immediately turns to worry and she touches Dutch's arm softly as she looks up at him, violet eyes locking with green. "A..are you alright? Is something wrong?

"I am well for now, it's nothing you should trouble yourself with." a soft smile slowly creeps upon his face, as he can see the true concern for himself in her eyes, which are locked on his own still. "Thank you for your concern though. I'm sure you will find out soon enough. I'm surprised that your mistress hasn't told you already." he trails off and gazes back out to the open water, and moves a hand in a gesture to offer her a seat beside himself. Being a man of few words, this is a display from him that he is comfortable in her presence and wishs her to be the same.

Anglia obviously still is worried about the vampire, but decides to let the matter rest, since he doesn't seem to wish to talk about it. "I.. didn't get the chance to speak to her lately…" She accepts his wordless offer and sits down next to him, folding her legs neatly underneath herself. She peeks at Dutch a few times, a bit curious, but doesn't say a thing, just silently enjoying the view and taking her mind off of her worries as much as she can.

Comfortable with the silence, Dutch lets out a contented sigh and finally smiles hole hardedly, simpy letting the troubles on his mind slip away to the ethereal. "Heh. I'm sorry for my rudeness. I've just had alot on my mind recently." he slips an arm around her and draws her close in a much more familiar persona, calmly steaking "For a torn up land, it's got its draws." He gives your shoulder a little squeeze and lets out a soft laugh, and a contented smile crawls upon his face. He is glad that you are here now, and whats to show you he is. He sparks up his cigarette finally and takes a few draws, then puts it down into the sand, extenguishing it. After putting it off for so long, it seems he was bored of it already, as there is a beauty here now to capture his fancy.

Anglia blushes slightly when Dutch pulls her close, but she seems to have warmed up to him slowly. She peeks up at him as he speaks and smiles when he laughs. Slowly but surely, one by one, a small flock of fireflies flutter in to accompany the two. Anglia giggles softly as one lands on her hand. "They're a bit late… " She glances at Dutch and smiles. "They've come to cheer you up… I didn't call them…" Maybe it's because of the lights from the fireflies or maybe because of exhaustion, but the place seems to look even more beautiful. Anglia rests her head against Dutch's shoulder, because the girl really is tired and the vampire was a convenient pillow.

Dutch doesn't brush her away, her warmth is something keen to him, but it's simply more than that. It washes over his cold skin, his cold veneer, and makes him long to be alive once again. That heat emitted from her warming his own blood, and his soul to boot. Every moment like this however is somewhat awkward to him, but its soothing none the less. He cannot help but bring her over and cradle her in his arms, soft, gentle, and comforting. The fireflies light, pulsing and blinking, creating a green hue, and blending with the flourscence of the shard. The rolling tide reflects the glisten, and a symphony of color is dazzled by at them. A beautiful sight to behold. "It's okay. I remember you made them. Such a beautiful gift. You seem so exhausted, is it stress related?" he inquires, showing concern and compassion. He remembers how much dedicates herself to her household, but its obvious there is more drive there. And more exhaustion than from minial house work. He brings up another hand to stroke over her cheek.

Anglia sighs softly and allows Dutch to pull her closer, which is a big deal, since she normally blushes from the slightest contact. Her eyes are half closed as she gazes at the beauty of nature, however tainted it might be. When the man speaks once more, she looks up at him and shakes her head softly. "No… it's because of the same reason I've been weak lately. But it's alright… it's not that bad…" She blinks when the man's hand is suddenly on her cheek, but she doesn't seem to mind, she leans into the touch like a kitten starving for attention, her eyes closed comfortably. She smiles softly. "You're really comfy.."

There is a bit of concern on Dutch's face, as she tells him that it's no big deal, but it quickly fades, melting into a warm smile. He shows a bit of teeth, normally not liking to flash them around, as the two fangs give him away. Incogneto is more his fashion… well most of the time. He keeps his hands on her, slowly trailing over her cheek, and the other one sliding along the outside of her thigh, over her hips, and up to her side, teasing at her belly a tad. "Well, is there any way that I may help? Any way at all?" his smile is warm still and true but there is a hint of playfulness behind those concerned words, as his eyes give a twinkle as they gaze into those gateways of violet.

Anglia smiles warmly. "You're already helping.." She giggles ticklishly when Dutch accidentally tickles her while his hand brushes over her side. She smiles up at Dutch. "I..I'm really okay…" She shifts slightly, making herself comfortable. She yawns softly, covering her lips with her hand while doing so.

As Dutch's playful hand finds the ticklish spot, he takes note. Always something good to know. But it continues to idly walk over her. Slowly she is brought up closer to him, her face closer to his now, her warm breath showering upon him. It makes him feel good. He has taken quite the liking to the young Fae, but maybe it's an unrequited feeling. He is not sure. But his lips once again draw down upon her own, hesitating for one a few seconds so that the heated breath she emits warms his lips before then lock onto hers.

Anglia 's eyes widen ever so slightly when Dutch leans closer to her. Once again, it feels like she cannot move when his lips touch hers. Her cheeks immediately color bright red and she finally regains control over her body, because she places her hands on Dutch's chest and pushes softly. She isn't nearly strong enough even to budge Dutch, but maybe he'd understand. She felt guilty, she didn't dislike Dutch, not at all, she was very fond of him. But her heart belonged to Mamluke and even though she hadn't seen him in awhile, she couldn't just kiss another man, it felt like she was cheating.

He smiles to the girl, because he understands. He may treat her as his kitten, but she loves someone. He nods and backs off. Not wanting to push the issue, as their time together just always seems so relaxing. He just presses her against him, giving a cuddly hug, before releasing his grasp over her. "I didn't mean to move in like that. Forgive me." is all he offers up, but it's an apology indeed. Calm, and understandingly stated. He doesn't know why she is so taken with this Mamluke fellow, but he admires such loyalty. It's truly something special at times to see. The rolling tide draws his gaze again though as it is starting to rise.

Anglia nibbles her lower lip nervously, worried that she might have hurt Dutch's feelings. She hugs him back when he hugs her and she peeks up at him. "P..please… d..don't feel guilty…'re already forgiven…" She grasps his hands softly and peeks up at him again. "I..I really am happy th..that you me a..and I like you… I..I'm really sorry if I've made you feel bad…"

Dutch smiles and shakes his head. "No, it's okay. Put those thoughts from your mind. I understand." and he really does. He can feel the compassion and caring nature of this Fae, still in his arms. It just might be what really drawls him to her. Such a gentle, loving nature. "I'm glad that we can spend time together such as this. Just this is good." He strokes a hand softly through her dark hair, wanting her to understand that he is not upset in anyway. He is proud of her in a way for staying true to what she believes in, and not allowing him to tear it down.

Anglia smiles relievedly and embraces Dutch softly. "Thank you…" She pulls back and smiles up at Dutch. She decides to change the subject, just because she wants to take Dutch's mind off of what happened, even if he understands. "Do you, by any chance, have a fear of heights?" She smiles softly, her eyes twinkling slightly in the flickering light of the fireflies.

Smiles wildly at the question, no fear in this vampire. "The question is… do you?" he inquires and beams his wild grin. She is already in his arms, so in an instant they are torrenting up into the air so high, springing forth from the beach like a cannon from his leap. He doesn't seem to have found a way to permanantly suspend himself yet, but he is getting close, and can sustain a drop for a long time. Almost like a crack elevator, that slowly takes him back to the ground. But while they hang in the midst of the air, hundreds of feet above the sandy soil, and the rising tide, they can see out across the land. The view is outstanding. The shard glows brightly with its teals and blues. In the northwest, very distant, can be seen the soft glow of the Blodtwulf castle. The Laminar castle, half the distance, and the shimmering blue gate, beyond the glow of the shard.

Anglia wanted to answer the question, but before she could even part her lips, they were going up. Anglia yelps surprisedly and holds tightly onto Dutch. She is very scared of heights, unless she is the one doing the flying. The Fae doesn't see the view, her face buried in Dutch's neck. Her breath tickles the pale skin there as she speaks, her body slightly trembling. "I'm very scared of heights…unless I..I'm the one f..flying…"

Slowly they are sinking, and his gripe on his moves out,letting her fall a bit, letting her take control. Such an easy thing to let her do, and he wants her too. "Fly." he thinks, "Fly high and far. Fly like you've never flown before!" a wide smile brimming upon his face. He would love to fly. He cannot wait until he has mastered it himself. It's always been a dream of his, and he has been working on it quite secretly.

Anglia 's eyes widen as she's released while still in the air. Her wings fold out of her back (she can fold them into her back so they're not visible or in the way). Those large butterfly wings, pale violet in color and with a teary design. She flutters up and obviously is way less scared now. She flutters over to Dutch and reaches out smilingly. "Would you like to fly with me?" The fireflies decide they want to join too and flutter around Anglia and Dutch.

Instantly there is a nod in response and a smile as the flutter of fireflies glow around them. He can feel the strength that she keeps hidden now. Tucked away behind that shy veneer. It's relieving to see her as ease, he thinks. He hangs on loosely, but doesn't let go. If he falls for any reason, it won't be a bother really. He is used to his high jumps. He just wants to enjoy this experience with her now. He bursts out "To the stars!" with a point upward and a laugh afterwards.

Anglia giggles cheerfully and flutters up, the fireflies spiraling around them. Anglia's long hair dances behind her and she seems to be in her element. It has been awhile since she's done something that truly connects her with her Fae self. She laughs cheerfully when Dutch bursts out: 'To the stars!'. She adds smilingly: "And way beyond!" The exhaustion she felt not too long ago is completely gone, she feels so very energized! The light partly reflects, but mostly shines through her wings, making one wonder how something that look so very frail be so strong. Anglia slowly flutters down, eventually landing smoothly.

With a brief and hardy laugh they set down on the ground, smoothly, soundly, and so full happiness. The experience was wild and fun all at the same time. He glimpses over those beautiful wings still extended out, displayed proudly. "You should keep them out more. You look fantastic, and I've never seen you so happy." he remarks, beaming a smile, full and wide, happy as he can be at this moment.

Anglia blushes brightly and peeks at her wings smilingly. "You think so? I usually keep them in because it's more convenient that way…" She giggles and her wings flutter cheerfully, betraying her emotions like the tail of a dog. She grasps Dutch's hands and randomly dances around. "I feel so energized!" She giggles softly. "Sorry, I probably look really goofy right now…"

Dutch dances around with her, laughing as they act like little kids, yet close friends. They seem to have an understanding on the simple, yet good things in life. He shares in the synenergy that she feels as it lifts his immortal soul, and allows him to almost grasp a true human emotion. "Wow this is the most fun I've had in ages!" he spouts out as the dance about in as though it were a celtic tradition.

Anglia laughs happily "I agree!" She twirls around and hops about like the cheerful girl she is. At some point they finally stop dancing randomly, the laughter still bubbling in her chest though. "That was fun!" She smiles up at Dutch. "I really want to thank you… This is the most fun I've had in a long while…" She looks healthier than before, her pale skin now more of a porcelain pale than a sickly one, her eyes livelier and her movements more energetic.

Dutch nods in agreement, and puts an arm on her shoulder, being sure to slip past the glittering wings. He drawls her towards him, but not the same way. There is no comforting needed. It's more the drawl of a dear friend, and he follows it with a playful noogie to the head. "I can't wait to go flying with you again." the excitement from it all still in his voice.

Anglia smiles brightly and nods smilingly. "Yeah, it was so fun!" She hums smilingly and peeks at the sky, pouting slightly. "It's getting late… I probably should go back…" She huggles Dutch smilingly, the vampire's body having the temperature of a human because of the constant close contact with the Fae. "I'll see you again soon?"

Dutch chuckles a bit more, and reaches in to give the fae a hug, as it seems she is getting tired. "Same here. Have a safe trip home, and sweet dreams." He pauses to offer her yet another friendly smile, and then leaps up into the air, not afraid to practice somemore, and almost a twinkle in his eye, compelling him to work harder.

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