Power to the Mortals (one on one)
Scene Name: Celeste and Dutch at Town Hall - Mayor's Office
Date & Time: 08.18.2011 9:30p.m. -6:00 GMT
Characters: Celeste, Dutch

Town Hall - Mayor's Office

This office makes up the southern face in the domed peak of the Town Hall. Wide, tudor-style windows create the face of the southern wall from floor to ceiling. Pewter, curved handles provide access to open the doorlike windowpanes and step out on the patio beyond that overlooks the bustle of Aurora Square.
The remaining walls of the office are covered with shelves to support a wide arrange of texts and knickknacks of curious languages and designs respectively. The flooring is a fine white marble, veined in thing golden rivers to match a motif befitting this staple of the Sun City. Overhead the ceiling supports a the great seal of Solis - a branching oak standing proud before the rising Sun. The emblem glows from within, filling this chamber with a warmth and unmistakable glow no matter the hour.
In the way of furnishings, this room supports a single oak desk in the southern quadrant. A lengthy chair upholstered in a unique orange sits ready for the leader of this realm, while on the opposing side a few intricate wooden chairs are arranged for visitors seeking an audience with the Voice of Solis.
A small doorway leads east of this chamber, while to the north a large stairwell offers access back into the main area of the Town Hall.

Night lingers outside the southern wall of windows as if it were rapping at the glass, trying to slither in to take hold of the Mayoress. Celeste sits with her back to the windows, before her large desk. The room is silent as the woman simply stares at the blank, open book at the far end of her desk labeled Vampire Registry.

The door to the office slowly opens with a creak, but it just lolls there, taunting and no one emerging through as expected. The wind begins to howl outside the window, shaking and vibrating it with each large gust. A voice begins to speak to the Mayoress from behind her, but it speaks softly, calmly, and without tension. "Hello again, Miss Mayor." The voice belonging to Dutch of the Laminar line.

The guard is nowhere to be seen. The Mayoress, alone though she is, shows no sign of fear for the strange occurances. Instead she rises slowly from her seat and spreads her palms on the desk, leaning forward and scanning the room with silver eyes. "Can I help you, Vampire?" Who else would visit in such a fashion.

A sharp laugh fills the room at the proclaimation, and Dutch steps out from a shadowy corner, right behind the Mayoress. Walking around infront of the desk, trailing fingers across it as he passes, a slight grin on his face, as he very much enjoyed the reaction, but it quickly melts away, and he turns peering into the silver eyes. "I don't mean you any harm." he states simply, casting a glance at the registry then back again. "Seems you've stirred up the pot quite a bit…Is it a war you wish to ensite?" he queries, his interest in her hands to command at the moment.

Celeste watches the Vampire's measured paces as he reveals himself to her. She watches him closely and carefully, up until his final inquiry. At the mention of war she closes her eyes and her veil billows with a soft and silent sigh. "No. If I wanted war, I would declare it. I want safety. This obsession with war and my supposed desire for it is…" She simply shakes her head and opens her eyes once more. She stares at Dutch. "If you don't mean any harm…" she extends a hand towards a seat across from her.

Dutch smiles and nods, taking up her offer to be seated, and only because she offered. He slips soundlessly into the chair, crossing his legs and places his hands together on his knee. "I feel that this is going to extend to far, Mayoress. Is been ages since the vampires of the Nox have been confronted in such a way. I fear that there are very few options available now, and that you are closer to war then you realize." He remains calm, and his eyes steadly fixed to her own.

"I knew there would be risks…" Celeste begins. "You are right, it has been far too long since the Vampires have had, well, any structure. They have been allowed to pick us off, one-by-one, slowly-but-surely for as long as I can recall. We are not cattle, we have rights. A right to be safe, if we choose at the very least." It is obvious that Celeste is weary this evening as she rubs at her eyes. But, with a deep breath she straightens in her seat and quickly resumes the image of strength that is required of her position. "A war would ruin both our worlds. I see no reason or way for either party to win if that is the path that is chosen."

Dutch leans forward, propping his elbows on the desk, and resting his head in his hands, letting the light bask over his face as he gives her a grin. "Well allow me to take the first step then. I'll sign your registry, though if anyone does come looking for me in the hopes of easy prey, you will have lost an ally." he stands and his face is right next to yours, very close. "I will help you, as I don't want there to be any bloodshed in the name of freedoms."

Celeste's silver eyes grow wide, though whether from surprise at the Vampire's words or his nearness it is hard to say. Slowly, she rises from her seat. "You have proven courageous. You are the first. You have also proven… wise and without the savagry I have experienced from the others as of late. You have my gratitude." She makes a symbolic gesture of handing her pen to the Vampire.

A slight smiles graces the corners of the vampires mouth, as he accepts the pin, his hand running over hers slightly, and allowing it to linger slightly, until she pulls away. He slowly turns and walks over to the registry and enters his information, before approaching the desk again and extending the pin back to you, "Its done." he states softly, the pin held out with the tip facing towards himself.

There is a sparkle in those silver eyes as Dutch's skin draws across the henna-painted complexion of Celeste's own hand. When the writting tool is offered back to her, she bows her head. "Keep it. As a token and reminder of what you have done here today." The little pen is a fine, ebon tool and is etched with the crest of Solis. The Mayoress collects a few pieces of paperwork on her desk and uses an official seal and stamp to finalize Dutch's ID before handing him the little card. "It may not seem it now, but so simple a thing that you have done here today will make a great difference. The hour grows late…" She chuckles. "At least for me it does. I want to know more about the first Vampire that has taken steps to save my people though. You are welcome in Solis now, but make a point to visit me again. Soon."

Dutch smiles warmly as he accepts the card and slips it into his shirt pocket, along with the pin, and he nods at the invitation to visit once again, peering at those eyes. There is just something about them. "Thank you. If you have any need of me…just use this contact." he slips a small bit of parshment towards her, and continues, "They will know how to reach me quickly. You have gained yourself an ally this day, and I've seen for myself, without the pressures of the world bearing down upon you, that your conviction to settle this peacefully is real. I respect that. I'm glad I've come tonight." He turns and begins his walk toward the door, making sure you hear his footsteps.

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