Power to the Mortals (one on one)
Scene Name: Dutch and Janus at The Well
Date & Time: 08.18.2011 2:30a.m. -6:00 GMT
Characters: Dutch, Janus

The Well

Done in a motif of dark wood and silver accents, The Well's subtle lighting offers a relaxing atmosphere even on a patron-crowded occasion. Directly across from the entrance, a long bar fills the western wall, stretched out in all its dark-wood, polished glory, only to be outdone by the substantial selection of alcohol lining the wall behind it. Above these liquors, an expansive mirror fills the remaining wall, reflecting the patrons from every corner. A carved plaque on the bar's front greets the occupants with 'The Well - The Alcoholic Home Away From Home'. The rest of the room is filled with small, circular tables, each surrounded by four chairs for more intimate conversations.
Lacquered wood stretches from wall to wall, the northern of which is home to an open doorway, offering a peek into a long hallway. The silver light fixtures overhead sway in a dance to the melody of laughter and banter, while the arched door to the east promises an exit from the establishment.

Dutch and Janus had formly shared a scene which was put off, just as the ' ' TP had started, but we chose to revisit in an attempt to include it.

The tavern lay void, except for two souls, a human, and a vampire. Both lost in a conversation and trying to get to know one another. Janus the human was particularly interested in getting to know Dutch, even though he had informed him of what he was. So they talked and Dutch offered a taste of the bloodwyne he had been ordering from the barkeep.

Dutch toses a pack of cigarettes down of the counter, between you and himself, taking one from the pack, lighting it up, and taking a long draw. He sips on his glass of bloodwyne he ordered, running his tongue over his teeth afterwards, "Hmm, not bad." he then drawls his attention back to you. "Anyways you were saying?"

Janus slides a cigarette out of the pack and ignites it with his blue bic lighter then taking two drags before exhaling quickly to answer, "I totally forgot.. what were we talking about?"

Dutch looks off in wonder for a moment then draws back. "The bloodwyne I think. You wanted to try some, I have to warn you though, it doesn't appeal to the sense of humans very well." he slides his glass toward you, with a gentle nudge, the ice in the glass jingling at it slightly.

Janus holds his hand out for a few seconds as if wanting to grab the glass but hesitating, he finally graps the glass and slides it over to his area and puts the rim of the glass to his mouth taking a small sip before gulping loudly. He places the glass down on the counter with a clank, "Uhh not really great but it's not bad, it's an aqcuired taste and I think I can come to appreciate it's unique taste." He looks to the man and smiles a bit before looking back at the glass and taking another sip.

Dutch raises an eyebrow a bit surprised that the human likes it at all. He dazes out and vaguely recalls his first sip before his transformation was complete. The copperish taste making his belly quiver for anything else. "Well…I'm glad you like it then." he states and waves for another glass from the barkeep.

Janus chuckles a bit, "Well I didn't say I liked it, I just said it wasn't terrible and it's something I could get used to. Though I prefer my whiskey." He orders a shot of Ezra Brooks whiskey and downs it.

Dutch grins and pours the remainder of the old glass to his own, and takes a few slow gulps, after another long drag from his smoke. "Ahh, to be human, and be passionate about your whiskey. Now thats admirable." giving a slight wink afterwards. "So, I'm interested. What have you heard about his new law not permitting vampires into Solis?"

Janus ponders a bit by looking up then takes a long drag of his smoke, "Well to be honest nothing. I don't keep up with things pertaining to vampires." he orders a whiskey this time in a medium glass filled a quarter of the way. The barkeep slides him the drink and he picks it up taking a sip, "What about this new law? Why can't Vampires come to Solis?"

Dutch narrows his gaze upon the man, not knowing if he is being honest or just playing coy. "Well, apparently the new mayoress wants to take a stand against the savage killed of humans over in Nox." he finishes his cigarette, pushing the butt into the ashtray nearby. "Typical of the Blodtwulfen to get the rest of us caught up in a shit storm." He finishes off the remainder of his drink as well, motioning for more. "Honesly, I'm not even supposed to be here now."

Janus shakes his head, "Thats insane. Who is this Mayoress? I new here so I don't know anyone." he finishes up his cigarette and exhales a long stack of smoke. He picks up his fine whiskey and sips on it.

Dutch hmms and then continues, "Her name is Celeste. I have no idea how the vampires in general have crossed her… but still waters run deep, you might say." he picks up his freshly poured drink and sips upon it as well, then spouts off some more information. "It would seem that the reagent of Nox would take the massacre under his jurisdiction and try to bring about some order, but since there was a delay, she has taken advantage of the situation, trying to rally the human kind of Solis against the vampires of Nox. Trying to get them to sign a registry, and carry an identification card." he shakes his head. "It's insane really. That woman either has balls of steel, or is totally mad. And I'm leaning toward the latter."

Janus chuckles, "I'd say she is both, though I'm not fucking taking sides and signing nothing, I'll carry no such card either." takes a gulp of his whiskey and places his glass down with a hard clank, "What a bitch."

Dutch chuckles slightly at how you are taking the news, but goes on, "It's not for humans, just for vampires. She seems to think that it will help in some way, but has only escalated the violence from the other clans. It's downright segrigation in a way if you think about it." he explains as he drinks his bloodwyne and ponders over a passing thought, before pulling it away from his lips, and asking "You wouldn't be interested in helping me out now…would you?" his gaze fixates on you as he takes another sip, and sets the glass down.

With a serious look on Janus' face he looks towards you and exclaims, "The bitch must die, I'll do anything to help out the vampires." he takes another gulp of his whiskey as he starts to feel 'loose'.

Dutch laughs out right, and slaps at the counter, a tear of blood almost squeezing from his eye. "No no my friend. She must live. There must be a way to simply end the conflict. If she dies she becomes a martyr, someone that rebels that support her can cling to. The conflict will only worsen then, and they will run headlong to their deaths. This is something I wish to avoid." His smile slowly laxes back to a calm grin. "No, what I would ask of you, is to keep your ear to the ground, and tell me any useful information you may come across. There has to be a way to penetrate that cold exterior of hers. One way or another. But she cannot die."

Janus frowns, "Pitty, I would have enjoyed seeing her die by my blade. But as per your request I think I can accomodate you." He smiles at you, "You seem to have this planned out a bit, I admire that. Sometimes I just rush into things, just have that 'lets do it!' attitude. Sorry." he spins around in his bar stool like a little kid going "Weeeeeeeee!"

Dutch smiles contented, a bit of envy creeping over him as memories of his younger, human days wash back too, and times of when the drink would affect him as such. "Heh. Well yes. I have plenty of time. Also, I unlike the others, I would be an ally to the humans…Only time will tell though. More must be learned about her intentions, if any success in preventing all out war is to be found." he finishes off his last drink, and draws another cigarette from the pack, lighting it and puffing away in one smooth movement.

Janus stands up and paces around the counter rubbing his chin, "I could go undercover, I could meet up with her and become friends, then report intel to you. We could get a small intel thing going. What do you think my friend?"

Dutch nods and smiles, and beams a little more at the mention of the word friend…for its been so long. "That's an excellent idea indeed. Maybe she will be more free to express her goals to a human." he ponders for a moment, "Tomorrow might be the perfect time, so long as you catch her. I'll let you in on something though. If some kind of arrangement is not found, I, will be the first to sign the registry. I don't have much to worry about, but still. It will be interesting to see what the outcome will be. Don't fret though, there will be kindred nearby to foil any insidius plot, should there be one. Also your voice as a human in this world will carry amongst the mob."

Janus smiles taking a seat next to you, "I don't even know why I'm getting involved I shouldn't, but something compels me to. I'm just a little scare I'll be killed by either vampires or the humans when they find out I betrayed them.." he sighs and stars at the counter blankly.

Dutch shakes his head, and places a hand on your shoulder, with a slight hesitation beforehand. "Listen. You are going to be helping to prevent bloodshed, and not causing it. It's indeed a heavy burden, that of which I have asked of you, but the outcome is worth it…while the reprecusions of doing nothing will certainly amount to a slaughter.." he removes his hand slowly, and conveys a small amount of emotion at the thought of so many people dying. "What would you have in return for your deed?"

Janus jumps slightly at the hand on his shoulder though he quickly adjusts to it and shakes his head at your question, "Dutchy.. I could never ask for anything in return other than peace between humans and vampires." he slowly place his hand on your shoulder to mimic the gesture, "We all must be one, only then can live together and accomplish much, apart we hinder our species' growth and lower our survial rate."

Dutch nods, struck by a bit of surprise again, for he was in luck to pick this day, this one day to defy the law, and come to this establishment to drink. Despite the fact he could be hauled away to the stockade at anytime. "You have a kind soul, and it is very generous of you to deny a just reward, but I insist. Is there something you desire? For it is the way of peace to barter instead of falling back to violence. Anything at all?" He normally would let no one touch him, no one, not human, nor vampire alike. He is funny like that, and even after the years, not comfortable as a vampire. But in this kindred spirit which has referred to him as a friend, he allows his defenses to slip away, and imagines the old days once again.

Janus smiles warmly, "Really I don't need anything right now, and what kind of man would I be to do this just to get paid? I do this because I believe in your species, and you personally. I..I can feel your passion, it's strong and burning brightly inside you. And that drives me to help you." he rubs your shoulder a bit, "I do this I suppose because I really care about Vampires. I've known a lot of Vampires over my life and it isn't an easy life…maybe that Mayoress should walk in your shoes for a bit. Maybe we should turn her into a vampire. Then she could not be racist against herself."

Dutch falls silent for a moment and withdraws your hand politely, not meant to be rude, but the thought of her becoming the undead turns his stomach, and the time for allowing touch has come to an end. "I would not wish that on a single living being, and sadly I think that the other clans will use the same logic, to turn her, and then use her as a ragged slave…a thrall if you will." His eyes run the course of ther warmly lit room and drawl back meeting yours. "No…we have to find another way. True that she would be better of in the hands of the Laminar if it comes to that, but that can't be the decisive course of action. It might be better to just let this wicked ruse of hers play out. Making her into a vampire would just be another way to make her a martyr." He slips off of his stool and slides a note towards the man. "Contact this person if you learn anything that may be of use, or you set a meeting with the mayoress. He will know how to get me your message." With that being said he turns away, but not before placing a hand on the man's shoulder once again, and giving him a nod, and a slight squeeze. "I must depart now, as I feel that the dawn in this land will be upon the town soon…" He trails off, and furrows his eyebrows, knowing how this brave soul must feel. "We will meet again soon, I'm sure of that." he states as he heads out into the night.

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