Lady from Lunatum
Scene Name: Lady from Lunatum
Date & Time: 08.21.2011 12:00a.m. -6:00 GMT
Characters: Dutch, Naida

The Well

Done in a motif of dark wood and silver accents, The Well's subtle lighting offers a relaxing atmosphere even on a patron-crowded occasion. Directly across from the entrance, a long bar fills the western wall, stretched out in all its dark-wood, polished glory, only to be outdone by the substantial selection of alcohol lining the wall behind it. Above these liquors, an expansive mirror fills the remaining wall, reflecting the patrons from every corner. A carved plaque on the bar's front greets the occupants with 'The Well - The Alcoholic Home Away From Home'. The rest of the room is filled with small, circular tables, each surrounded by four chairs for more intimate conversations.
Lacquered wood stretches from wall to wall, the northern of which is home to an open doorway, offering a peek into a long hallway. The silver light fixtures overhead sway in a dance to the melody of laughter and banter, while the arched door to the east promises an exit from the establishment.

A lone figure is seated at the bar, fingers lolling about his glass, as he brings it to his lips and takes a long swig of his bloodwyne on the rocks. His demeanor is open and not shut off, yet he is keeping quite, maybe drifted off in his own thoughts for the time being. His shirt left unbuttoned, and hair unkempt as it ever was. His barren feet browned from dirt and debris, propped on the horizonal legging of the stool, and back to the door.

It isn't Naida that makes her pressence known at this time. Rather, Kirikt. The massive wolf growls softly against any who may be in his way, carrying the precious cargo of a newly pregnant mermaid on his back. The rain outside has made her legs impossible to use, replacing them with a bright gold tail, meant specifically for swimming (naturally). She almost never leaves the realm of Nox anymore. Not with this vampire war pending. But it's daylight, and there's a registering demand in motion. How dangerous could it be?

Dutch shifts on his stool, glass in hand and drawls toward the door after hearing some bestial growls. An unmistakable scent pierces his senses telling of someone thats at the very least associated with the vampiric line of Blodtwolf. A familiar beast being presented before him, but this time with a strange new rider. He runs up and down the figure of the fishtailed woman, thinking that it's never a boring time in this world, as everyday there is a new site to behold. He is a bit unsure as to why they are here, but at the same time his curiousity is peaked. "Good day" he simply states, with a raised glass and a soft smile toward the rider, before taking another drink.

"Tala." The mermaid says in reply, in a language that must be her native tongue. In passing by the bar, Naida reaches out with her left hand, collecting a misplaced towel and placing it in her lap. Kirikt, on the other hand, begins leading her closer to one of the empty tables nearby, positioning himself beside an equally populated chair so that she can slide down whenever ready. But she doesn't move down just yet, instead using the thick fabric to blot away the moisture from her scales. Slowly, bit by bit, they start to fade, leaving behind nothing more than what looks to be very human and naked skin. Eventually, every last piece that tells of her race is gone, leaving the girl in the nude, except for the chastity belt. The very device that protects her these days.

Dutch watches with a keen interest, something certainly to behold. Seeing a mermaid, and also the transformation they go through to appear human all within a matter of minutes! He thinks to himself that such a beauty is rare to behold, especially under these days heavy circumstances, which leads him back to questioning her appearance in this realm. He is sure that if she meant any disconduct she wouldn't be so maticulous about her form, but then again who knows. So many strange things have been happening. So many troubling events, and he is the only one thats seemed to make his alliances known for all the realms to behold. Still, he is game for any civil conversation she has to offer as long as the beast which whorls about the room stays in check, for its evident he could rend a human in two easily. "Interesting… A chastity belt? How appealing really.." he utters out, the device about her waist the first thing to catch his attention. He stands from his stool, and offers out a hand as a friendly gesture, and pulls out a chair.

She has grown very accusomed to this belt of hers, having had it put on the moment she became a slave. That word never did appeal to her. As far as she's concerned, she and her Master were lovers. Even if he has a wife already. Shaking that thought aside, the generosity of a leading hand makes the girl smile. The wolf, however, doesn't approve, and warrents that Dutch gets a nasty and threatening growl, being on the rather protective side. "Kirikt." Naida snaps quickly, shutting him up instantly. He has already learned to trust her when it comes to people. Snapping his jaws shut in disapproval a couple times, he says nothing more than that, allowing the lass to step down to the floor and into the chair that was pulled out for her. "Naida appreciates this."

Dutch is glad to guide such a fair maiden into the chair, using a delicate touch, as he can see that she is a woman of reason. Her name forming in his mind even before it was announced so graciously, yet he still lacks the understanding as of how it's happening, being more like an awakened instinct. He pays no real heed to the hulking wolf beast as she was quick to silence it, something which surprised him a bit, though he didn't show it. He repeats this maiden's name as he addresses her, "Naida, a creature formerly of Lunatum, now of Blodtwulf. You are welcome here." He states quite simply, a soft smile on his lips. Once again that instinct guiding his words. "I'm Dutch of the Laminar, a pleasure to make your aquaintance." he continues, giving a head nod, in a bowing fashion, and pushes the chair in once she is seated, taking up his own stool again afterwards. "Pick your poison, my treat." he says with the same smile, finishing off the last of his beverage.

Kirikt is silenced for the most part, and since there is no further threat for the time being, he wanders off to the side of the bar and finds a place that is far more comfortable for one such as him. Still, his eyes are ever watchful, never letting the dear Naida from his sight. She, on the other hand, is far too friendly for her own good, and will trust just about anyone that comes her way. Including those of a different bloodline than the ones she familiarizes herself with. "Naida would choose juice." The young woman says with a tiny gesture down to her belly. It's barely rounded, though considering how slender she is everywhere else, this is an obvious baby bump.

Dutch nods in response to the answer given, and does indeed notice the baby bump and understand right away the need for the juice. He makes a gesture to the barkeep, "Gimme another, and a juice for the lady." The barkeep gives a bit of an odd look when he is asked for the juice, but after a firm brow furrow, he is off, and quickly returns, sliding the said drinks before them, Dutch's being another bloodwyne over ice, and hers being of a sunny hue. He raises his glass in silence, drawing upon the sweet scene the encumbers the wyne, before taking a sip, as not all he has been served has been to his liking, but this one is nice, sweet and a bit earthy. "So miss Naida. How far along are you now?" he just tries to make idle conversation to break the ice, as they have never meet, but he has heard about the line she is bound too. "I'm surprised to see you here, honestly." he continues.

The glass of juice is rewarded with a gentle smile and a nod of thanks to the barkeep, who doesn't seem throroughly pleased about having brought out juice of all things. "A few months." The girl muses softly with a glance down to her slowly growing belly. These past few days it has been very active, tossing and turning, which is quite the leap for a fetus at the age it's suppose to be. "Drakth says another seven to go." Her english isn't the greatest one has ever heard, no doubt, and yet she does give it her best shot. The name placement seems to be the biggest issue for her, as well as using 'I, me,' or 'you'. Possesive terms were never used in Mermish. "Dutch of Lammar? Enemies?" Not hearing much of this bloodline, it does confuse her a bit. All she knows is that there's one out there she's not too fond of right now.

Dutch leans upon the counter a tad, and is shifted facing toward the woman. He listens intently, as he almost always does. Maybe a bit overly judgmental at times, but rightly so. His mind ponders over the fact that she is carrying the son of Drakth, a name he knows all to well, and isn't quite sure how she doesn't know of the bloodline that the regeant of Noxctalis, himself is. No matter. He doesn't really care. There is no tension or sign of trouble in her form. "I'm sure there have been spats in the past. I myself have never been apart of them, but I'm sure you know my sire." He purposely doesn't mention his name however. She would surely know then. Well maybe. Instead he just takes another drink, and speaks again. "So what brings you out into Solis from the realm of Noxctalis?" he asks quite quizzically.

"Naida does not know vampire politics." She announces softly after taking a small sip of her drink, testing the flavor before judging whether or not her tongue would approve of such a thing. Sure enough, it does. Nothing in her home realm tasted nearly this exquisite before. Correction, nothing in her home WATERS. Lunatum is full of vegetation. But one would be lucky enough to find something that tastes good in the ocean. Unless you were to cook it, of course. Leaning back in her chair, violet eyes scan over the tavern, noting to herself how quiet it is today. "Naida likes Nox. But there is no star. Naida misses the stars." Another sip of her drink and she sighs in relief, enjoying her time away from home and out and about. "Yaksha is sire for Dutch?" She suddenly asks, the name dawning on her from one instance in particular. "Yaksha attacked Morgana."

Her mention of this supposed attack on another by his sire appeals to his interest, and wishes her to elaborate, offering up only a simple "Oh is that so.." as Dutch is drawn into her violet gaze. "I've heard nothing of this.." and his mind races at the possibilites already considered, and the fact he knows his sire does not practice the code that all Laminar should uphold. His lack of action in the current events making that already clear…but straight out attacks on another…He is indeed interested! "Tell me about his, I'm curious, and would like to know all you would offer up." He is sure to kindly state, with a warm smile.

Another sip of her drink, and Naida thinks to herself for a moment to remember what exactly had happened. "Bloodwulfs heard Morgana from west Tower. Mamluke and Drakth went to help, Naida and Katherine stayed inside. It was too high to see whole. Yaksha was there, and another. Morgana was hurt, and Yaksha ran." Thinking for another moment or two, that's all she seems to recall from the events that night. As she had said, she was so far up it was impossible to see. And since she was just gaining control over her legs, there was no chance either of the two warriors would allow her anywhere near there. "Morgana is fine now. Naida doesn't approve, though."

Dutch leans toward her, wanting to get a better look at her face as she tells the story, and as she does he doesn't sense that she is exaggerating in any way, and doubts that she has the aptitude to pull off a grand lie, as she is still getting accustomed to the english language. But, he has been wrong before. "And he just outright attacked her you say..? Interesting… I've never meet this Morgana.. is she.. like you?" He inquires. Now hanging and waiting on her reponse, this violet maiden, obviously the lover of Drakth's, commanding his attention for the time being. He toses out a pack of cigarettes on the bar, mostly to get it out of his pocket, and takes another drink from his glass, eyes still on the lovely lady.

"Naida does not know whole story." The girl confesses after a quick glance to Kirikt to see if the beast is still awake or if he passed out by now. With his eyes half closed like that, it could be either. Perhaps a test to see what happens when he's not 'looking'. Looking back to Dutch, she shifts a little in her chair and takes another sip of her drink, coming dangerously close to the inevitable bottom. "Morgana is Siren. Merfolk from Nox, long ago. Morgana is only one, now." She then tilts her head to the side some, chewing on her lower lip in a ponder, then asks curiously. "Dutch happy with Lammar?"

Dutch senses that she is interested in what has become of the hulking wolf, not really sure of her intentions yet. He shifts as well, sliding towards her, an elbow still on the bar counter, but he is close now. "Now that's an interesting question." he looks her over once more, drawling about all the provacative features she presents, and finally finds those eyes again, and gazing into violet. "I didn't really have a choice. I am loyal to the ideals, but nothing more. I do owe my sire a debt for saving my life, as I was quite ragged the day he found me. Incredible luck really." he pauses and runs the events from that fateful night through his head. His seared and bloodied limbs, surging pain over his body. His sight blurred from the rain, sweat, and blood. "I did not choose to be this way." he iterates again. "It's just the path I must take now." He motions for the barkeep to refill her glass with a scowl, as he should have been on top of it, and motions to his own glass as well.

It's her turn to listen in on what he's saying, hearing his side of the story on what it means to him with being stuck in the Lammar side of things. The only thing she really knew about the bloodline was, well, Yaksha, and after his attack with Morgana, there has been very little respect given to him because of that. But once again, vampire things are left for the vampires. She is still very much mortal and doesn't require a blood-like drink. Speaking of which, a quick sip of her newly refreshed drink, a smile at the tender, then she looks back to Dutch curiously once again. She had caught that look over from him, and yet she cares little. There was no shame in her body at all, and the only parts that are in danger of being used are currently locked up. "Dutch is nervous about Naida?" The woman asks in a sheepish voice.

Dutch smiles politely, but doesn't hide the fact that he looked her over again. He truly appreciates the female form, and she is interesting to say the least. "Not at all. I can see why you were such a device, that's all." he states with a quick wink, as he takes a drink, the barkeep on the ball after the quick scowl. "Your very beautiful, but I can tell you already know that." he adds, setting the glass back down and flicking at the rim, making a ding. "Seems there is much I still have to learn of my sire, and the events that he has taken part in. To think, he would twist the values in his own line…its daunting to think about." And that he does think about it, but the subject in his mind is quickly tosed aside, and replaced with the mermaid. He beams a smile to her once more.

Even if she knows it, there is still reason for Naida to blush at the compliment. She bows her head once as a sort of 'thank-you', and then leaves it at that while she takes another sip of her drink. Whatever the flavor of this was, she had to discover it. This is something she would surely want to create at home. Glancing down to her baby once more, the mermaid smiles and sighs, feeling Motherhood starting to grow on her. "Bloodwulf has values. Family. Family is everything." She says with a stronger sense of her mermish accent this time around. "Drakth does everything for family. People hate that." And both of these comments are as true as anything could ever get. If the bloodwulfs were to be summed up in one single word, 'Family' is it. "Dutch can talk to Drakth."

Finally Dutch leans back, giving her more space, as the interest in his sire is gone and the conversation has moved on. It's evident that there is little more she can offer up on the matter to him. But as for Drakth. Blodtwulf. Family. He thinks that it's noble to stand by family, but the world is just more segragated that way, and it should be united. Cultures working for each other. Peaceful negotiations, instead of blatant threats. Wisdom and patience from long life. So far he hasn't seen any of the qualities in Drakth that make a person great. That makes them remembered as more than just the warlord, or the blood thirsty murderer. It's obvious that this woman loves him, and would defend him even if it was his own babe he destroyed next. "Perhaps we will speak. Though any flairing of temper will end the confrontation. I do not respect threats or assumptions." He feels it necessary to add in, since he doesn't know how much of the nights events will be relayed.

Naida isn't kept much in the loop when it comes to the other vampires. There's no need for her to be. She isn't a warrior, and even if she was, there's no way in hell anyone would let her run into battle with a new babe on the line. She glances over to Kirikt again, smiling as he seems to have fallen asleep and is now sniffing the air like he was chasing something in his dream. Even for a giant warrior dog such as this, he's allowed a few moments to himself when things are calm. "Dutch has family? At home? Many people do before coming here."

Dutch is swept back into his memories, the trudging bringing up more emotion than he cares to deal with, but manages to keep it under wraps. "Both my mother and father were still alive.. there were love interests, but nothing serious thus far. I was in love with my career, and caught up in it like a torrential wave. Sure that life couldn't be any better at the time." He dottles on his drink, before taking yet another drink, much larger than normal, leaving the glass empty and the ice jangling as he sets it back down, and slides it away. "Home." he simply states, caught up in the thought of waking up in that dank ruin, as if the past few years were all a chaotic dream, or in a hospital even, and sliding out of a long coma. Hell he even welcomes the notion of going crazy and this is all just some sort of twisted delusion. But alas, it's just not so. "This is my home now. There is no going back." He smiles with a slow nod, in affirmation to his statement.

Sensing this is a tender subject, Naida doesn't press for any more information than she already has. A final sip of her drink and she pushes the glass to the side, away from herself so the barkeep doesn't think she wants another. "Naida should go home. Star is gone, and it is dangerous with baby." The woman gestures in a subtle motion to her womb in which the child is living. Gathering to a gradual stand, her legs are stable enough to support her body, giving her enough time to get her comrade's attention again. "Kirikt." The mermaid calls softly before looking back to the man at her side. "Naida is glad to have met Dutch."

Dutch stands as she does and moves the chair back from her way, in a gentleman's fashion. He gives her another bow, a little deeper this time, as he never sensed a bit of hostility from her. Nor the beast for that matter, even though he seems protective, which is fine. "I was glad to meet you as well, Naida." He quickly replies back to the merwoman. Just watching as she prepares to leave, and venture back home to the Blodtwulf grounds. Sure that there will be a meeting to come in the future between the two. Also he thinks that she just may arrange a meeting with her master, though he is not sure. "You have a lovely night m'lady." beaming a smile, and waving a hand towards her.

In no time at all, Kirikt is at her side and ready to depart, giving her only a half-minute for her to climb on and get comfortable. Glancing back to Dutch she smiles, waves a dainty little hand, and the wolf is out the door and running home quickly.

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