Power to the Mortals (one on one)
Scene Name: Dutch and Yaksha at Infinity
Date & Time: 08.17.2011 7:00p.m. -6:00 GMT
Characters: Dutch, Yaksha


Smooth, sensual music seeps through the room, attempting to hypnotize the very cores of those who find their way to Infinity. In the middle of the room, under a cone of red light, is a bar in the shape of a lemniscate, a sideways 8, the symbol of infinity. This design divides the bar into two sections tended each by separate bartenders.
The establishment, too, is divided in two: The western side is a dance floor, where patrons can dance to the latest beat of music set to strum like a cord of life through the establishment. Lasers shine through the air, sweeping in spellbinding patterns matching the music's rhythm. One the eastern side, various tables and booths are established where one can settle to indulge semi-private moments. Moving between the tables are blood dolls - slaves of various gender, race, and 'flavor'. All of them wear nothing but a black loincloth, draped in various fashions and weaves that seem more in favor of accentuating their assets than offering any modesty. Despite their obviously subservient natures, they wear no collars. These would only certainly get in the way. Instead, a single tattoo is stamped into the flesh of their left shoulders, the side-ways figure eight that marks them as property of Infinity.
The establishment is always packed, and probing too curiously into the dark, shadowed corners of the bar will always reveal a new unsettling site of lust and feeding.

Dutch sips on fresh glass of blood, collected from only god knows where, as he sits at the east bar, away from the dance floor, and off by himself a bit. He can go unnoticed here. Everyone has an agenda. The turmoil from the last few days weighing down on him. He glances up at a familiar scent. His Lord. Has he come in search of him.. He had been gone from the family residence for quite some time now. He narrows his gaze through the smokey atmoshere toward the door and sure enough there he is, trotting through the door, just as he fixates to that area. He sends a chin nod in his lord's direction, sure that he already knows he is here.

the little ant skitters into the bar, unnoticed by all but you, as he nears the area you are in, he morphs into Yaksha, "So, what do you think of that form for me to visit solis' moron mountain…..I mean….Mayotess' office?", he chuckles.

Dutch casts a grin, mildly amused by the new form that his lord has devised. "I think that if you are going for stealth, you pretty much hit the nail on the head. If not for my senses as a Laminar, I would have never known." he drinks the rest of his blood, letting the ice in the glass jangle down and touch his lips. He laps them over and slides the glasses toward the bartender and motions for two more, one for him, and one for Yaksha.

Yaksha takes the glass from the bartender and grins, "I need to know what that idiot woman is thinking, and I cant find out by asking her, so hiding in her office is the obvious solution.

Dutch merely nods. He ponders over a few decisions that he himself may make in the future and wonders how it will all go. Still he sets quiet and seemingly contented. It's not his place to express concern of action really. He is just someone that has luck on his side. Has for many years now. But what of this "idiot woman"…he wonders…what is she up to. "Might be the only way to get to the bottom of this.. there has to be alternate motives.." He trails as he takes a fresh glass and drinks from it, casting a narrow gaze about the bar, and then turning his attention back to Yaksha.

Yaksha nods, "There does indeed, she likely had a family member killed by a vampire or turned into a vampire, and blames all of us for it.Or she could want to expand her power to Nox, not the smartest move ever, but still, its possible that thats her plan".

Dutch shakes his head slightly at the last notion. "Yeah, expanding her domain is a little absurd. I don't think she is /that/ ballsy. Though your first assumption may hold some merit. Still just not quite sure." he throws out a pack of smokes on the counter, between Yaksha and himself, and drawls out a cigarette, lighting it and taking a deep drag, before taking another sip from his glass of blood on the rocks.

Yaksha takes a cig and lights it, "You'd be suprised at what abitious people are capable of. I believe she is a madwoman, I need to know more about her. She has ensured the death of one of our kind already, we need to find out what she is up"

Dutch raises an eyebrow, something about that scene just didn't feel right. He didn't sense anything from that ragged pile of ashes, and that makes him drawl concern. "Are you sure about that? I mean.. there was just nothing there. Looked like a few items strewn about in worthless fireplace suete. Something about that struck me as odd. Not ordinary. I didn't feel a taint upon the remains…" Maybe he is just being cautious, but it was very strange and worth pointing out. He takes another long drag, the harshness not affecting him, and drinks some blood before exhaling it out.

Yaksha inhales a drag of the cigarette, "Its possible but if one of us wasnt killed, she set it up to provoke us. Either way, she is a dangerous person in her own way though".

Dutch nods in agreement, if that is indeed the case. "…a ruse maybe…something to stir up the populace even more…" he mutters it out, but its still clearly ledgable. "Tread softly, my lord. She is right. Our kind have grown fat of the hog, one might say, and she is right…their numbers will give them strength." He finishes off the cigarette and presses the butt down into an ashtray, and takes his glass in hand. "That other clan…they are over-confident…already caused enough problems for everyone." He pauses then continues, as he graces that unrelenting gaze at you and states quite apatheticaly, "Its not that hard to kill a vampire, my lord. Having a simple plan of action, will funnel all the head strong into a trap." He stops at that, and finishes his drink, prompty ordering another.

Yaksha nods, "Blodtwulf are morons who specialise in making things worse, they need to be dealt with aswell."

Dutch returns the nod to Yaksha at the brief statement, "Perhaps there is a way to sick the anger of the mob back upon them…that wench Faith is no different…since she would willingly particpate in a massacre on home soil…" his faces scowls with anger, and his fist slams down on the counter, his drink bouncing into the air, and nearly spilling, but luck was on his side.. "Just makes my blood run hot!"

Yaksha nods again, "Faith is a Tho'baan, evil, selfish and arrogant, I would say the only person that might be of help in quelling this situation would be Alecto, trouble is, she is quite mad, but good hearted"

Dutch ponders about Alekto for a moment, as he has heard stories of her prowess but never beheld her with his own vampiric eyes. Never had to chance to study her over. Mad? good hearted? Small ideas twickle into his brain, but he shelves them for the time being. "Yes…Alekto. Surely there is a way to coaxed her into action. Just have to push the right button." He takes a gulp from his glass, and feels much better, as it soothes over his being.

Yaksha nods, "thats true, I nead to speak with her, Asmodeus, Morgana, and Drakth, not going to be fun, but noone ever said being Regeant was fun"

Dutch gives a slight shrug with a nod. "Yeah, just part of the job right? Course it doesn't sound like much fun, dealing with those animals…" he ends knowing that it's likely he will be at the meeting as well, since they have a somewhat beastial nature, not even normal for a vampire.

Yaksha nods, "true, but they can all be useful if this comes to war, Drakth is a powerful warrior, Morgana's siren song could be useful against guard, Alekto has unsurpassed strength, and Asmodeus commands dark magic that makes even me shiver."

Dutch listens as Yaksha names off their qualities, knowing that he himself has none of those. He might make a decent warrior, his real strength lies yet still in his cunning and agility, something he hasn't seen demonstrated, for most of the vampires usually go straight for the throat, and don't bother to read a situation properly, using their aged intellect, and cool demeanor. This is how Dutch is different. He is not quick to action, and instead waits, for the perfect time. Baiting and drawling them into a game of cat and mouse. "Then, appeal if you must, my lord. You have only to request my presence and I'm there." He says reaffirmingly. Not sure of the future though.

Yaksha nods, "I will call for you to be with me if such a meeting takes place, though first I want to know more about what is going on in Solis, you are younger and less indimidating than I am, perhaps at some point you can find a human in Solis who is sympathitc to us and can tell you more about what is going on".

Dutch headtilts to the side. "You make a good point. I don't hide the fact that I've no taste for humans either. Only time will truly change that…I may even try to have something special ordered, though I won't be able to use it at this time, it will be an artifact of great importance in the future. Anyhow, I think its a good idea. I may even try to distact the mayoress for you, briefly that is. I'm interested in those silver eyes…." he trails off again, running his fingers around the bridge of his glass, before picking it up and finishing yet another bloody beverage off.

Yaksha chuckles, "Well thats not a bad idea, worth a shot, though I want to catch her away from vampires aswell, when she is more likely to show her true nature".

Dutch nods once again. "I can understand that, but you may just have to get her alone… if thats possible. I feel even in the presence of other humans, she will keep up her facade." he stands from the bar and stretches out into the air, letting his shades fall down over his green eyes. "I'm gunna go poke about Nox until I sense her presence. Prolly camp at the gateway. I sent a messenger over earlier to bring back any news…" he simply leaves it at that and gives Yaksha a pat on the shoulder, before moving off toward the door of the club, and back out into the world of the damned.

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