Spies Like us!
Scene Name: Spies like us!
Date & Time: 08.19.2011 7:40p.m. -6:00 GMT
Characters: Anglia, Celeste, Dutch, Yaksha

The Cemetery

The serpentine trail is long but eventually leads to a clearing in this dead forest where the bare and gnarled trees seem taller. A small, ornately worked iron fence separates this small cemetery from the surrounding trees. Some sections of it still stand, while others have fallen to lie on the ground. The gate is rusted open, inviting in its disrepair. A few dried and entwining bushes have grown inside the line of of the fallen fencing, all that is left of them are the thorny branches weaved together morbidly; a small path leads through the bushes to the far northeast corner of the fence. The fog is very low and thick here, making it difficult to see well.
Rows of evenly spaced tombstones name the dead that now reside here. Some tombstones have fallen, some broken, most so old their inscriptions cannot be read. Amidst all this there is a wide unmarked depression that can be seen leading into the heart of the earth via a roughly stoned stairwell. Two unlit torches are spiked into the soil before the crypt's entrance.

Celeste stands before a small headstone as dusk sets, her black-drapped silhoutte like an inky blot against the fading light on the horizon. The gravesite that claims the woman's interest is set away from the others and nestled beneath one of the cemetary's overgrown trees. The Mayoress's still figure moves finally, shifting to lay a single sunflower beneath the headstone. Should anyone seek to take a closer look at the marbled gravestone they would find it encsribed with… nothing. Absolutely nothing. Blank, polished marble.

The setting sun scolds over Dutch through the small breaks in the leaves coverage of the tree. He silently stalks, with a keen interest, and drapes his body along a limb. Watching and waiting, not sure what will happen if anything. Though one could say that his curiousity for this woman has led him here, there is something else. Something he is not yet sure off. So he remains hidden, as the sun drops further, and the moon vies to rule once more.

a small ant moves under the grass, saftly out of the sun's reach, moving close by the mayoress, and watches silently

Anglia sighs softly and smiles relievedly as she breathes in the air. The darkness of Nox usually did not harm her, but with the negativity and terror in the air lately, it made the Fae wither away. She decided to sneak out of the castle and go to Solis, to at least feed her weakened body with some of the sun's rays. She holds a tiny bundle in her arms, the reason she could not go out in bright daylight. A tiny little baby, obviously the child of the Fae, rests asleep in her arms, the child actually half-vampire. Anglia is lost and walks into the Cemetery, thinking that she maybe could find someone to help her back to the Stargate. She notices Celeste and walks towards her. "Uhm, I..I.'m s..sorry but m..may I a..ask of you to h..help me?" She curtsies one-handedly in greeting, bowing her head in respect, being a slave and all.

Celeste remains bent for a moment, laying her henna-marked palm on the face of the stone. For those of keen senses and those close and hidden, they can hear her whisper to the inanimate, cold object: "Your sacrafice will not be forgotten." Footsteps draw her attention away, though, her body following in kind to rise from her crouched state and turn towards the approaching slave. Silver, probing eyes wander over Anglia, cautious. Today Celeste travels without her guard or a friend in these trying times, afterall.
As the Mayoress takes note of the baby-sized bundle, however, and the slave's manners, she bows her head. "Help? Well, it is all I aim to do in life and carrier. How can I assist you and your little parcel, young lady?"

Dutch lays comfortably, and hears the words. He ponders over them, wondering who lies beneath that blank gravestone. His eyes travel down and lock onto the sunflower, a common flower, but there is so much beauty to it. As he hears another voice, and sees Celeste break away to study her, he does the same, pushing himself up gently on the limb, and looking over the nervous young girl, and the babe she carries. The scent catching his nose, and he inhales deeply. "That child..its half vampire." he whispers quietly to himself. Then the feeling of prying eyes beyond his own strikes him. My lord. He just watches intently. The sun is almost below the horizon now.

the ant moves closer still, if he wished it, he could be on the woman's foot and sting her in an instant, but he just observes for now.

Anglia nibbles her lower lip softly. "I..I am sorry t..to have interrupted your visit to the deceased… b..but I'm l..lost… I..I wish to return home, but I do not know which way to go…a..and I do not want my Master and my Mistress to worry, s..so I need to return quickly…" The girl is rather pale, even in the dim light of dusk. She peeks at the grave and then at Celeste. "Are you a..alright? Y..you seem a bit on edge… if you do not mind me asking…"

The sun finally out of direct view, Dutch sighs a relief. "Finally." he thinks to himself, as he slips down from the limb silently. He drops to the ground, no noise being made at all, plopping just inches from the tiny spy in the grass. "Evening." he states with a grin, suddenly and without detection. He places a hand on the grave stone respectfully, and caresses at it, once again wondering of the secrets it holds. "I've been watching you." He directs to the Mayoress, then turning his gaze upon the young girl, examining her closer, and that bundle she carries as well. Her scent tells of Blodtwulf, though he is sure she must be a slave of some kind. "She hails from Noxctalis." he simply states in return to Celeste's query, and moves forward, peering between them, giving a slight bow.

seeing Dutch aproach, the ant's curiosity grows.

Anglia kneels down carefully and looks Celeste in the eye, the slavegirl smiling gently. "Try to relax, miss, I do not know the reason for your worries, but if you allow paranoia to claim your heart, then you'll never be able to grasp true happiness. And if you relax a bit, then the tension in the air lessens and I can breathe more easily." She smiles sheepishly. Anglia then rises and gently offers her hand to Celeste. "I thank you for your kindness… m..my home is.." Before the girl could finish her sentence, the unfamiliar man pops up, making her yelp surprisedly and blush brightly in embarrassement. "M..may I a..ask how you know that, sir? I..I do not remember ever meeting you…"

Celeste watches the girl fold to her knees, baby-bundle and all. Whatever response had been intended is cut off when Dutch announces himself as among them. Her silver eyes become steely as she watches his hand lay gently upon the grave. she takes a single, abrupt step towards him before she can stop herself, making the layers of silk and satin around her shiver like a restless, stormy night. The first crack in her usually composed facade. "Don't." she says, but gives pause and clears her throat. "Please, do not touch it…"
She turns in time, following Dutch's approach and looking from the known Vampire to the Fae with a lofted brow beneath her hood. "Welcome, Dutch." When the origins of the girl are made clear, Celeste turns to Anglia. "I must rescind my offer to escort you home, then, I'm afraid. You are of Noxctalis, but are you of the Vampire?" She lets her gaze roam over the little, female figure more curiously.

Dutch gives a friendly smile as he looks back to her at the end of his bow. "Dutch, of the Laminar." he explains in return to her question. He takes a couple steps towards the young girl, her scent drilling into him now, as the wind struggles to wisk it away. "Very nice to meet you, Anglia, servant of the line of Blodtwulf." His eyes twinkle over her, not sure how he knew that at all. It's something he's never done before. Memories of a recent dream lull about his mind, as he casts a glimpse back at the grave stone and then to Celeste. "Have you been well?" he asks of her, the smile gone and narrows eyes telling of a faint compassion.

The ant continues to watch.

Anglia blinks and stares at Dutch. She takes a step back and away from him, holding her baby protectively. She tries to keep herself as calm as possible. "H..how do you know all that about me…?" She glances at Celeste, her eyes slightly widening as the lady retracts her kind offer. "Why? I..I mean, I..I do not understand… I..I only wished to be guided towad the Stargate…" She blinks when she hears Celeste's question. "A vampire…? I am a Fae, nothing less and nothing more, I do not know why that is of importance, but if you wish proof, I shall provide, if you choose to believe me for my word, then I thank you." She gestures towards Dutch. "It is true what he said, my Master and Mistress are vampires, but I myself am not." Anglia was surely a bit confused. Because she was all alone with only the children to take care of, the girl doesn't know what's going on.

Celeste's gaze shifts from the little mother to the Vampire and back again as she follows the line of thier conversation. The Mayoress's volleying gaze halts and focuses on Dutch when she is addressed though. She straightens and resumes her usual compuser. "Better. Much even. You seem to have lifted a weight off my shoulders by coming to me and registering. Your actions have brought hope back to me."
As Anglia backs away from the man, however, the Mayoress's attention swivels back to the girl and focuses on the bundle in her arms. There is a pause before she raises her hand in a show of peace. "Please, I did not mean to be rude, and I apologize for yoru confusion. You see, I am the Mayoress here. I would not be welcomed into Noxctalis. If you are not Vampire, you have done no wrong. But, in light of the viciousness we have seen as of late, we are asking that those of Vampire blood register before stepping onto Solis soil, so that we may know the risks of those we count among our company." She holds out her hand towards Anglia. "Relax, dear girl. You make me grow anxious now with your fear, and I'm sure you babe feels it too. Be calm, for the little one." The smile hidden behind her veil lights up her silver eyes.

Dutch smiles, glad that Celeste is well, and proud now that he was the cause of the weight being lifted. He drawls back to Anglia as she is addressed by Celeste, nodding in affirmation, and reassuring, "You have nothing to fear from me. That babe has nothing to fear from me." His polite smile gracing over the girl warmly. There is a slight pause, but he then makes an offer to the girl. "If you wish, I will guide you back to familiar grounds. I will be heading that way shortly myself." he states, making a inviting gesture with his hands, that fall to his side afterwards. He drawls back to Celeste then, "It's getting late, and you lack the company of your guard. You should think about seeking security for the night. I sense nothing out of the ordinary." except his lord, he thinks to himself. "But you never what turns the winds of fate might take."

The little ant continues to watch.

Anglia is very confused now. "The vampires need to register? Why?" She peeks carefully at Dutch, still a bit cautious of him, but because of his kind behaiviour she allows herself to smile tentatively at the man. "Th..thank you… I..I would like that…" She peeks at Celeste. "A..and what if a v..vampire doesn't register, what happens?"

Celeste allows her gaze to wander back to Dutch, offering a bow of her head that approves of this gentlemanly fashion in which he comforts the motherly slave girl. She stiffens slightly, though whether it is from the reminder of what might lurk waiting for her in the darkness or if she is surprised by Dutch's concern, one cannot be certain. "I will join you both as far as the gate then and tuck myself safely into bed." She chuckles - it is the first she has laughed in a while and the sound is, simply put, magnificent on her husky tones.
The Mayoress looks back to the lost Fae. "The leader of the Blood Wolves went on a rampage in Noxctalis. Many mortals that had chosen to live among the Vampires died. We here in Solis have always been something of a snaking ground. Now, we wish to know who bears fangs behind the human face, that way each citzen can decide for himeslf if he wishes to knowingly take the risks sometimes involved with aquainting some of the Vampires."

the ant listens, although her hears nothing of what he is looking for

Joining in with her laughter, as it is most certainly moving, Dutch's gaze shifts between the two as he takes a couple step back, towards the main path. A gentle invitation opening to Anglia and Celeste. His eyes wander about, darting quickly over the landscape about them though, but he cannot tell exactly where, or what his lord is. He recalls the conversation explaining his new form and how he was going to use it, but tracking him when he is such can be tricky. No matter. He hasn't exposed himself, for whatever reason. Something he was sure that his sire would do, once the information of Dutch's registration, was presented. "What is he thinking now?" he ponders to himself. The moon now glistening about there forms overhead, casting down it's cool, flourscent glow. "Shall we be off then?" he asks quite kindly, extending a hand to each of the ladies.

the ant hitches a ride on the mayoress' shoe

Celeste doesn't wear shoes. So, at the sensation of a insect crawling across her bare feet, she takes a moment to kick her foot to try and launch any forgein objects off her tanned skin. She pauses as the Dutch backs toward the path. As casually as she can manage, she passes a last longing look back towards the blank and lonely headstone. With that she moves to rest a hand upon the small of Anglia's back and guide the slave into position between her and Dutch, as if to keep the slave and her babe carefully protected between them. One will note that her silvery gaze drifts to the infant bundle from time to time as the group turns down the road and makes for the Town Hall and Stargate portal.

the ant its the ground and scampers off to follow the trio

Anglia gently cradles her baby, allowing Celeste to guide her along. The slavegirl can't help but feel even more nervous, especially because her question about what happens with the vampires that do not register has not been answered, but she hides it well. Her baby is more in sync with her mother than a normal child though, so the baby wakes up, crying. As the baby opens wide to let her voice out, one can see the tiny little fangs in her mouth, those being the only teeth. Anglia embraces the baby gently. "Shh… Aurie, it's alright… Mommie's here, it's alright…shh…" She hurries back into the Stargate when they arrive there, needing to feed her child.

Yaksha morphs into his normal form, "Well that was interesting…."

Dutch watches as the young woman, Anglia, enters the Stargate with her babe. He purposely didn't mention it's origin though, but maybe it gave itself away with it's cries for attention. He cannot be sure. Though there is a scent about that child. He puts it out of his mind, as once again another familiar scent, presses towards him, and the form of his sire appearing a few yards away. He remains silent, and only nods slowly at Yaksha's trailing statement. Not really sure about the events to come.

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