Blessings and Reprocussions
Scene Name: Blessings and Reprocussions
Date & Time: 08.25.2011 7:30p.m -6:00 GMT
Characters: Dutch, Luna, Nature, Yaksha

Temple of Bastet - Atrium

The central room of the colonnaded temple opens into a vast, open area, mostly covered but for the center. Here, a great circular hole opens to the sky above the head of a great statue of the goddess Bastet. The statue stands almost thirty feet in height, beautifully detailed and painted. At first glance, it almost seems a feline giantess, dressed in a gauzy wrap secured at her neck by a gold and lapis choker. The wrap itself leaves her full breasts bared and clings lovingly to her voluptuous form. In one hand she clutches an Ankh. Arranged around the statue are many large and comfortable cushions, places to sit and rest, or make obeisance to the great statue. Like outside, a comfortable breeze blows through the room, caressing one like a lovers touch in tender, cooling kisses. Temple slaves move silently among the columns, carrying refreshment should it be required by the faithful, or even the curious.
There is a curtain, intricately decorated with images of cats hung over a doorway on the far western side of the chamber, and two doorways open; North and South. To the north, the sounds of laughter and pleasure, and to the south, the steamy scent of warm water. Of course, one can always seek retreat back down the temple steps to the east.

Dutch, Luna, and later Nature

The vampire known as Dutch, strolls into the Artium, looking about, having been here once before, but only that once. He trys to wipe his soily feet off as not to trek anything in to such a holy place. Well in his mind thats the way he sees it. He gives a soft scratch to his stomach, His body having changed somewhat from the last visit. It seems to have become more muscular, though tightly toned. He sees the priestess's familiar face and offers up a friendly smile, as he makes an approachs. "Hello again."

The moons have risen high over Lunatum and the night winds carry the scents of green and growing things. The area around the temple seems to be ever fertile. The lush grasslands plentiful in plants and assorted wildlife. The Head Priestess is just coming from the alter room with a large bowl of flowers in her hands headed toward the dias of the great statue when she sees the familar form of the vampire. Though some what changed his scent is the same and the lady smiles warmly in greeting. "Welcome Dutch once more to the temple of Bast. Please enjoy the bountys of our temple." She moves to lays the bowl down in its place then rises and walks to him with a subtle roll of her hips and a sway of her form. She holds out both her hands and tilts her head as she boldly catches your eyes, obviousely unafraid of vampire mind tricks.

He returns the gracious bow, with his own. Stepping back and leaning into it, to show that he is friendly and respects the rules and traditions set infront of him. He offers a hand to walk with him, as he would simpy like to stroll and chat at this time, "Good day to you priestess." he cants.

A deep rumbly purr lifts from the woman, a sound no human throat could ever truely make. She curls her arm up under yours and rests her palm on your forearm. The lady moves with grace as she allows herself to be escorted on that stroll. "I am pleased to see you once more in our temple Dutch. I hope the visit can be more pleasure then it was the last time you were here. I am afrain Yaksha and I got into too deep a discussion and it seems you and he were some what at odds. This has mended I hope?"

Meeting her eyes as they move slowly about the chamber, his walk only a slow drawl as to extend out his time in your company to it's fullest, he gives a nod to her statement, as this is indeed what had happened. After having been presented with the question he gives a soft shrug, and looks away. It's obvious that the rift is agape, and it could be somewhere more serious that a simple disagreement. He looks back, peering those green eyes into your own. "Things have gotten more complicated. Out of control." the drawl suddenly coming to a stop.

The Priestess stops as you halt and her pale eyes gaze into yours. "oh Dutch, I am so sorry. What has happend? I have not heard much from those coming to the temple, whispers but no facts. Is Yaksha well? Has something happend? I am not close with the man but, it dismays me to see any fall afoul of something harmful"

Dutch just peers in the pale gaze, maybe giving thoughts as to your intentions, but then offers a smile. "Well you see, I've been offered up to the Blodtwulffen, Drakth specifically. " He draws his gaze away, and beings the slow walk once again, "That and a steady supply of soldiers." he continues to look away while talking, "Needless to say, we don't see eye to eye. He is going to envoke a war." His fist clenches somewhat as he finishes the last statement, but it quickly relaxes once again.

Luna frowns and shakes her head "I have done my share of things asked of me by Drakth, but they were things not against the tenents of my Goddess. An invocation to offer his sword the blessings of the goddess to protect his tribe. A quickening of his child as its mother requested. I do not like the sound of this Warlord having an army. Surely Yaksha knows better. He was part of those that stood against Drakth when he stole the Keeper of the Grand Archives of Horus…an elfling Minu, the child has not been the same since… What will you do Dutch? Will you follow your Sire and give yourself over to this Warlord?"

His gaze meets back with yours, searing now, excited and enthralled at the fact. "Yes, I am, I'm going to go along with it." a smile from his excitement crawling onto his face. "I'm going to stand alone, and take on this task. It will only make me stronger." and at that the smile gentles and he seems over the little bout of excitement. The interest is always there but he just wants to keep calm and focused. "I would very much like you to bless me as well. All of me." he reiterates, "I don't need a sword blessed. I need all of me blessed." there is a request at the back of his mind, but he doesn't quite know how to ask. He just leaves it be for if it should come up. Then would be the time.

Luna nods her head softly "if you mean to face this man in battle then you will need all the protection you can be given. Bast is not only the goddess of pleasure, but of fertility and home and the protection of the mother for her young. " She looks the man over and smiles softly then offers her hand "come…if you are to stand before the altar and take on this blessing, best you come to the goddess clensed of all that has gone before.." she offers a hand and there is an air of purpose about the lady.

He gladly takes the hand and follows her, thinking that any blessing will just give him more confidence and help him to further in his training. He means to be in peak physical condition, and already looks the part. "Is there anything special I would need to say?" he asks, not sure. His has read about many ancient traditions before, and would just like to know before hand if there is anything like that.

Luna shakes her head "no..there is nothing you need do..just go before the goddess with an open heart and good intentions." She leads you off toward the bathing chamber and smiles back at you as she releases your hand and reaches for the delicated chains that hold her talbard together. With them released the fine linen simply falls like a waterfall to pool on the floor.

He is released into the bathing chamber, giving a quick look about, before turning to see that your bit of clothing is gone. Being the respectful sort, he gets the idea that this might be part of the ritual, and lets his shirt and pants hit the floor, and fully nude. He gives a smile and begins to wade into the pool, but not to far. Just enough to show his eagerness. He stops and turns towards her, awaiting, and there with a gentlemans hand to guide her if she pleases.

The lady gathers her long moon-gold hair and twists it up into a knot on top of her head and tucks the end under so the mass holds. When that hand is offered she sets hers in his and she steps down into the steaming waters. Her eyes dance with a sultry feline mischife as she moves around you in the water and over to the far edge where a basket full of supplys sits at the ready. She takes a bit of herb from a small silken pouch and sprinkles them over the water then picks up a sponge unstoppers a bottle of some kind of green fluid. Pouring a bit of the fluid onto the sponge she squeezes several times till a froth starts to form. Turning toward you she smiles "now, if you will just relax and allow me to assist you in clensing away the darkness that has touched you, open you to the voice of the goddess and make you worthy of her attention…."

He has sly thoughts but just smiles, and raises his arms to let her get where ever she wants. It's not really that awkward for him, not as much as one would think. He relaxes just like she asked, even closing his eyes. Just touch, smell, sound, filled in his senses. Making it quit erotic in a way as well.

Luna puurrs deeply as you lift your arms and let her tend you. The scent of the herbs fills the air and any with even a hint of feline sense would be warmed and made just a little hazy minded by it. Not really over powered but soothed and very relaxed and comfortable. The lady smooths the sponge over your chest first, up to your nekc and jaw then over the rise of your shoulders. The foam trails over your chest and pecks, making a path down toward your belly.

The smells from around him invade his senses, and they are pleasurable indeed. Soothing him even more, and releasing any retained tensions in his body. The sound of the water dripping off the sponge and into the pool, tells of the quiet in the chamber, but it's just as relaxing. Each stroke of the sponge over his body, very euphoric and cleansing, and the extra trickles tickle slightly at some points on his sensitive skin. The whole process is interesting, but most of all…exciting.

The Priestess continues to bathe you, sweeping that sponge down over your arms and then back up to your chest and slowly drawing that froth across your belly and to the line where the water of the pool kisses your hips. She seems unabashed as she touches you. Her hands warm and gentle but not in the least hesitent or shy. Her touch is knowlegable offering both pleasure and comfort. One of those soapy hands trace low on your belly and smooth warmly along your groin.

Those gentle comforts wash over him indeed. His sex responding to the touch and trace. He baser instincts for procreation getting the better of him, though he enjoys this process thoroughly. He realizes just how wonderful and graceful she is all at the same time and wishes to simply enjoy it. Feeling quite honored that she is touching him tentively. Never at any time flenching or shying away from the caress.

When there is no negative response to her gentle traces, the lady takes you more firmly in hand and gently washes even the most intimate part of your form. Over your groin, shaft and down along the insides of your thighs and scrotom. Dopping further into the water she washes down along your legs and taps each so you will lift a foot to be washed then set down and then the other is done. Once she has fully washed your front the lady rises and moves behind you to pass that sponge along your back following the muscled lines of you body down to your waist and rump.

Dutch smiles contently as she is touching over him, a rare thing that gets done, and is alittle disappointed when it moves away, but does not show this. It was not what he was there for. He snaps his mind back right, hoping that it's enough to get his 'instinct' to refrain itself. When his feet are washed it is a very soothing thing for him, as he loves to be at one with nature, but at the same time, it's intimate in a way. It doesn't arouse him, just makes him trust you more. Just something about that interaction does. As she moves to his back, he leans his head forward a bit, and brings his arms down fully.

Once your back and rump have been fully washed, the lady taps your shoulder "Kneel please" is all she says then reaches over to the basket for another stoppered bottle. Once you do as she askes she pours a little liquid from that new bottle into her palm then sets the bottle aside and brings her hands to your head. Slowly but gently she starts to work her fingers through your hair building a rich lather .

Dutch does kneel, and drawl a hand up from the water caressing back of her leg, and fixating upon her thigh with its gentleness. It adds stability to him. Those pleasurable fingers, massaging over his head. It keeps him from just rolling with their movements, and firmly upright to allow her to do her job. He finds it hard not to simply snuzzle into her lower region, but he does none the less, just going with the flow. He is sure that after a bathing such as this, he would be ready to meet the goddess herself.

Luna purrs warmly as she feels you truely relax and shed all the tensions and darkness that had hold of you. The lady finishes washing your hair and down along the back of your neck then steps back. "rinse off now Dutch. I believe we are nearly ready." She dips herself into the water to rinse off then heads toward the edge of the pool.

Dutch dips down into the water, submerging himself and running his course hands over his body and rinses the suds from his form, popping back up and wiping the water from around his eyes, so his vision is not disstorted and he can properly follow her lead. He doesn't know what is coming next, but he is eager to proceed. He meets her over at the edge of the pool, his frame dripping the waters down, and streaking down his body.

The lady rises from the water, rivulets sheeting down her supple form. The ladys skin is pale perfection. Not the white of the undead but the translucense of one born of the nordic realms. Luna looks back over her shoulder and smiles at you "come Dutch, let us go beseach the goddess for her grace" The ladys hips roll and her plush bottom sways as she leads you to the alter, both of you nude still and exposed before the glory of the divine.

Dutch moves with the pale beauty in the nude. Her gentle lulls guiding him with her to the front of the alter to bare his glory for all to see. He just instictively raises his arms, as if in praise to the goddess herself. His manhood twitching slightly with the motion. His fingers extend as if absorbing something into himself. Some invisible light. A beckon of hope and purpose. His eyes closed of course, to imagine the possibilities as to what she will do next.

When the alter room is reached she waits for you to present yourself to the goddess. The lady reaches for a amphora of scented oil. She dips her fingers into the green tinged oil and marks your for head "So that you might open your mind to the goddess" she touches your throat "so that you may speak true to the goddess" next is your chest "so that your heart will be open to the godess" your belly is next "so that you may recive her with grace." then the top of your pubic mound "so that the root of your being is moved by the grace of the goddess" The Priestess puts the oil aside and lifts her voice "Mother and Lady hear us, we seek your blessings upon this man so that he may go through his trials with strenght and grace. That he will find his true purpose "

He holds his form true, even as the oils are applied, bringing the heat off the priestess' touch over to his own cool skin, which is still slightly tanned upon the normal porcelain white, from a little to much sun exposer, giving him a warmly glow. The warm hand rubbing into his hairless mount feeling quite nice, and stimulating him a bit, as the heat spreads thoughout the area. As she speaks he pictures the goddess in his mind's eye, and makes his being welcome to her presence, lifting the psychic vain upon himself to keep out prowlers of thoughts. More a distracting thought process more than a vail, but still an air of protection, dropped.

{Enter Nature}

A hot, summer wind stirs to life and slithers like a ferral feline on heavy paws through the twists and turns of the Bastet Temple. Sparkles of dust expand and contort until leaves in shades of green and gold dance on the breeze and move towards the altar. The leaves twist around one another then, forming a small cyclone atop the alter. Finally, a single growl eminates throughout the chamber and the leaves all away…
Left in their place, a figure of heavenly white, clad in furs with her ivory locks framed by anlters on either side of her head is revealed. The lanky figure stands crouched on the altar, eyes of verdant green turning between the pair. The first greeting is offered to Luna, a simple nod. "Merry Meet, child of Bast." Those vibrant, emerald eyes turn to Dutch, then, as the strange, alien Goddess rises to her full height - a length of approximately seven feet that is only compounded by the height of the altar beneath her feet.

The Priestess takes a breath as that whirl wind swirls through the alter room and onto the alter itself. When the pale form of a foriegn goddess is born of that wind she offers a polite nod of her head "Merry Met Lady. Welcome to the Temple of Bast, all are welcome here so long as they hold by HER tenents. "

Dutch opens his eyes, and peers to the vibrant figure now in front of them. His own emerald green eyes running up the alien's frame and meeting with it's own. He soon realizes though by the canter that this is not the goddess Bast, but something else, and an interest kicks in. "Merry Met. To whom do I have the honor of standing before?" he inquires of the whispering wind.

The horned Goddess smiles, white lips twisting those chiseled, alabster features to promote the ethereal glow that seems to eminate from her very flesh. "Sister Bast sends her love and well wishes, Priestess. But, she also sends this one for she has herd my concerns on a most pressing matter regarding your companion…" Only then do those eyes, green as if they held the very heart of the jungle and its wild life within, turn to regard Dutch more closely. "Too many names do I accept to list, some incapable of being pronounced by human or vampire tounge for all the worlds I have touched… You may call me Nature." Her voice echos a melody of tones: the growl of the beast, the coo of the avian, skitter of insect feet…
"Your curse's source is of my making, young Laminar. You have done a great thing by seeking out the Priestess of Bast and the blessings of the feline Goddess, you have allowed me a portal here, where I am obviously so needed…" She slinks down from the altar, but still towers over the pair of devoted worshippers.

The Priestess offers the goddess Nature a bow and a warm smile "be welcome then Lady" She murmurs softly then steps back allowing Dutch to be the focus of that Sacred Entity.

The vampire Dutch kneels honorably before the goddess of Nature, and lowers his head in a bow, listening to her explaination and intent acutely. As she moves from the alter his eyes rise to peer up at hers once more, and slowly he stands. "What is it you would ask of this cursed Laminar, oh fair goddess?" he coos more respectfully. His inquisitive nature coming out at the possibles.

"I am not as strong as my sister, Bast. My power is spread thin in the life I lead, immersed in plant and animal alike throughout the world," Nature begins. The glow around her pulses once or twice as she falls still. "I required your prayer to be, and now I require your existance to continue - I need you to lead me to the Dark Star, where your Sire resides. My prensence there is little, as my energies do not thrive well without Ra's blessed sun. I will need you to guide me to Yaksha so that I can remind him of the path on which he has been set, Laminar." She sighs and the small echos like the hiss of a breeze through the gnarled branches of age-old trees. "He has strayed far. I had hoped this curse had righted the errors of his moral, but I see now that I may have been wrong…."

The priestess listens to the Goddess' words and dips her head "if you have need of a living form I volenteer so long as Dutch would protect my being from those who might choose to feed upon it Lady…other wise I will offer what ever you may need from my temple to aid you in your design.

The Laminar vampire's gaze drops down, running this request through his mind. He can't help to wonder as to how it will turn out if he goes through with it, but this is the goddess of Nature itself. The one whose morals and honours he's taken to heart. He slowly nods to the spirit, "I will lead you into the forest of my line then, and to the one that sired me. There you shall have your meeting, as you desire." he simply states, peering over to the priestess as she makes her offer to Nature, giving her a smile because of the generousity.

Nature smiles easy as Dutch agrees to her request. "You bring invaluable faith to a group that has not seen such light in many generations. Your efforts will not go unnotice, Laminar son." The Goddess turns her horned head to Luna, then. "Bastet is lucky you have one as loyal as you. I will not invade your self, for Yaksha will not recognize me in such form. But…" The Goddess holds out her hand. "Were you to walk with me, to take my hand, your presense will be a beacon of light, a candle of life in a world where my powers dim. You would strengthen and lengthen my life here. Bond with me in this fashion, and your efforts will not be forgotten either."

The Pristess bows her head "it is an honor to aid you lady" As she holds her hand out to the goddess , curling her fingers around the entitys hand opening herself fully to the devine, drawing her own power , her Tigress energy to well up inside her and nearly overlay her form so that she is truely a welcoming presance for Nature.

Dutch follows suit and lays his hand in Nature's own, to be twisted in upon those vine-like fingers, but beforehand quickly slips up his shorts and toses the shirt about his body, leaving it open to flow with the winds. The finger's touch is very pleasing and welcoming to him, settling his spirit and setting him at ease. "Then we will be off to the residence, within Noxctalis." he says as he lulls them along with him.

Lord's Chamber

This room is the largest of the sleeping quarters in the entire castle. The walls are covered in ornate tapestries, Mohagony dressers and wardrobes are well maintained aswell as a mahagonay nightstand with a picture of the lovely Selira on it. In the center of the room is a massive bed, the frame made of the same dark mahogany as the rest of the room, neatly made with thick, soft blankets.On the southern wall is a massive marble fireplace, with the little bed of Kyrie the snow leopard cub in front of it. In the souteastern corner are the cub's golden food and water dishes, along with a toy she has left lying about.

Dutch, Luna, Nature, and Yaksha

Yaksha is lounging on his bed, smoking his pipe when he hears the sound of footsteps and senses Dutch's aproach, when you arrive he is seated on the edge of his bed, pipe in mouth. He gives Dutch a small nod then smiles at the other guests, "Welcome Luna, Its an honor to have you at my home", to nature he says, "Hello there, I am Lord Yaksha of the Laminar, Regeant of Noxtalis, my I ask your name?"

Dutch enters guiding the Goddess of Nature in with him, their hands intertwined as he guides her to the stoop of the bed, Luna in tow as she has taken up the other hand of the Goddess to lend her support to stay in this realm. He nods in return to Yaksha's and gives a slight introduction. "Surely your recognize the Goddess of Nature. She has come to grace us with her presence. She has asked of this vampire to bring her before my sire, and I have done as such." he bow's formally, and gently releases his clasp of her celestial hand, taking a step back respectfully, to be addressed.

Nature steps forward into the light of the room. Thanks to Luna's companionship and bonding of the Priestess's life force, Nature's sharp nose is framed by crystal-like whiskers. Her pale flesh gives hints to the shadows of tiger-like lines beneath the pearlescent complexion. "Have you strayed from your set path so far that you have lost sight of my face in the darkness?" the Goddess Nature inquires. The sweet chirrup of birds is gone from her voice, only the skittering of amassing instects and the growl of the jungle beasts remain in the powerful tones of her words. Her vine-like fingers grip more earnestly around Luna's hand as Duth's own slips from her grip and the celestial glow around her ebbs and flows, as if trying to keep back the darkness of this cursed realm.
"Yaksha, it is because of you that I have ventured into this dark world. You have lost sight of the purposes I have put forth for you…"

Luna moves with the natural grace she usually carrys though to look at her one can see the glow of power on her. The touch of the goddess and the coalecence of her own shifter power joining to allow those looking on her to see her other form super-imposed on her being. She nods her head to Yaksha but stays silent, simply a conduit for the force of Nature.

Yaksha quickly stands to his feet, supprised to see the goddess in his bed chamber and confused as to how he has strayed, "B..but, I have protected the few animals that have survived the decay and have tried my best to protect as many as possible in this realm, though I admit it has become much harder as of late and I have had to do things that I dont like".

The vampire Dutch holds his form, and peers at his sire. Hearing the words that he guided her here to say, and quite surprised by her intuitive recollection. He knows that his sire has broken a sacred bond with her, but remains silent as not to meddle into afairs that were not his own doing. Just remaining loyal to the traditions to which the experience demands. He offers no counsel as there is nothing for him to say at this time.

Nature shakes her horned head, a few braids of ivory hair tangling around her antlers and cathing the light as if to form a halo around the image of her sharp visage. "You cannot think that I have not watched over you. I have watched your attack on the undead creatures living down stream. I have observed your efforts to amass an army for means of war. And, I looked upon as command your kin into the den of warriors to be used as naught but a tool for violence." Gnarled, black vines begin to slither out from beneath Nature's bare feet, their thorned stems coiling up her calves and digging into her flesh, though she carries no blood for their wickedness to spill.
"You have displayed an intent to harm undead and living alike in these last few days. Yaksha, I bring to you a scale on which to weigh your decisions here forward… Follow my creed, or else I will consider you a lost hope and revoke my curse from your person. I cannot waste my thinly stretched presense to maintain powers on a creature that would use them for anything other than protecting life…"

The Pristess feeling the draw of the goddess reaches to offer a second hand to the first and closes her eyes. A long breath taken and a focus of energy , like a great living battery , Luna stands offering her very life force to the embodiment of Nature.

Yaksha bows his head, "Forgive me Goddess, but my fight with Drakth and his kin were to protect an owltte the first time, then the next in self defence. I did not want to build an army, but I felt that the realm was in danger, I will cease the production of the army, but I am not sure how to stop the rampages that have been caused in Noxtalis, though I have tried to think of something, Im at a loss".

Seeing the waining in the goddess' form as his sire and her converse, he slips his own hand back into her own. Letting it twist up in those vines, and lending his strength to her, closing his eyes to focus on the ethereal, adding to her power in this realm. He calmly remains in place, firmly supporting no matter the outcome. Hoping that this will come to an easy end, as he still cares for his sire, but cannot trust him since tosing him to the wulfs like raccid meat, to take on the dome and fight for his very survival. Even worse being made to mate with such a creature just to be stripped of his first born. A repulsive thought indeed, but silent he stays, and unwaining. Calm and collected.

Nature reaches to her side, without taking her gaze from Yaksha's bowing figure, to take Dutch's hand with her own. Her fingers give a single squeez in silent gratitude. At first, the Goddess's lips move, but no sound graces the air. Finaly, that sound of reverbarating power claws at the atmosphere once more. "I cannot tell you how to decide, but only advise of the weight your decisions hold for you now, Yaksha." Silence again, before a growl rips the air and the Goddess's voice is renewed to offer a brief and final statement. "Stray no further, Yaksha…" With that the ebbing glow of the Goddess's aura fades to a nothingness. Her flesh disolves into dewy drops that begin to hover and spread like dust particles on the air before disappearing completely.
The only testament and reminder of the Goddess's visit stands in the form of the wicked and black thorned vines that had begun to grow out from beneath her. Their clawing lines weave through the floor, around the nearby furniture, and reach out like hungry claws toward were Yaksha stands.

{Nature Exits}

As the goddess disapperates the priestess feels the bond snap and she is swayed. Her knees buckle and she all but collapses in a heap as the power she was holding instinctively draws back and leaves her looking a trifle paler then usual.

Yaksha stands silent with his head bowedin shame, his intentions had been pure, but his motives were wrong/

Dutch stands silent, having been struck still by the graceful being passing from this plane of existance and back to her own. A drain befails him but nothing as severe as the priestess it seems, so he moves quickly, wrapping her in an arm, and helping her to her feet, offering his support to her now, as she is in need. He has nothing to say which hasn't already been stated to his sire, hoping he bares him no ill will for bringing the goddess before him this day. "Are you okay? Here, lean on me." he states as he helps Luna up.

Luna clings to Dutch as he reaches out to support her. She pants a little then nods "I will be fine. It was just a little sudden is all and I was trying to sustain a great deal of power. " She leans close to the man and works to steady her breathing and gather herself. "will you see me back to the Temple ?"

How could he deny such a fair maiden, a priestess of Bast. He simply cannot when she is in need, as she is now. Weakened by the kindness that she has shown to the Goddess of Nature, and compelled to return the respect due to the pale shiftress. "It would be my pleasure." He nods politely to his sire, as they move towards the chamber door, their figures disappearing into the castle, making for the exit.

Back at the temple

The Priestess leans on you the trip back to her temple. Slowly she gains her strenght back and by the time she is on her own territory she is straight and strong again. The lady smiles up at you "thank you Dutch for your aide. I think you have been blessed..though not by Bast ..your own goddess seems to know you needed her."

The vampire Dutch, can see the strength slowly being restored to those limbs as they approach the temple, and begins to let off his grip, little by little until she is on her own. A proud priestess of the temple of Bast once again, instead of a damsel in distress as it were. He is proud to have been able to help her, and shows it rightly so with a warm smile and gentle touch towards her. "I'm glad that I could be of assistance in any way." he nods as she states begin blessed already. "I would love to have the blessing of Bast as well, but I can see your point." He figures this is a parting of ways for now, and turns to head back down the path. He stops in his tracks however and looks back to the priestess, the glow already having returned over the pale skin. "I hope to see you again, and you have my thanks for everything you have done this day." he grins again, and waves, before looking forward and continuing down the trail.

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