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Avian Affliction
Although most of the time Echo appears as human, she contains what is best described as an affliction within her. She carries with her at all times a medication to surpress her alternate persona. However, when this alternate self is released, the effect is gruesome. Pale, smooth skin is torn by feathers which break from her skin. Her sekelton is distorted, bones cracking and crudely repositioning themselves to form wings and the basic outline of a raven. By the end, all humanity within her is gone. The form lasts, at the longest, a day. It greedily uses her strength, and runs her until it collapses. When this happen, the beast looses it's grip on her form and subsides again, only to begin fighting once her strength has returned. The liquid she takes to quell the beast is, essentially, one which makes her sick. When her strength is less than optimal, the creature is kept at bay. Because of this deficiency, Echo carries a cane with her, at times favoring it when her body is too weakened to stand on it's own. At other times… well, it's been known to be used as a weapon.

A Woman in Disguise
Echo dresses, and often acts, like a man. The reasons for this are unknown, though it's clear with her easily-drawn smirk, she takes some amusement from the idea that others are at a loss for what she is.


A Time Before Duat
Echo hails from a world similar, and yet different to Earth. A world where magic lives, but is practiced only by heatens to the crown. To practice it in open society is a sin punishable by death.
Born the daughter of a rich lord, Echo spent a good portion of her childhood in high-society. She was trained on how to be a 'proper young lady' by her mother, attending functions and dances in an attempt to snare her a husband.
Echo, however, was not a typical young woman. From early childhood she tagged along with her brothers, learning how to fence and shoot a gun with passable skill by the age of ten. When her 'woman' training began in earnest, Echo found herself stealing out of her rooms in secret, clad in her brothers trousers and shirts, binding her chest as it grew to hide her presence as a man. Even as she grew, she was able to pass as the alternate gender, her features beautiful in an androgynous manner.
On her twenty-fifth birthday, Echo was married off to a Lord and General in the King's army- a man of high rank and high age. At sixty-five, Echo was his third wife. With few other options, Echo moved from her country mansion to the heart of the palace life- or so she thought. Her husband, an incredibly jealous man, forbid her from visiting anywhere but their corridors, or a few others- the women's area, where she could sit and knit- or the dining hall when she joined him for state dinners.
After six months of captivity, Echo snuck into the washroom of the Palace, stealing a solder's uniform and casual wear from the wash.

From this point, she spent her days dressing as a soldier and slipping from her corridors, beginning a growing social life around the palace. She began to carry a cane, feigning an injury when posed with questions about why she wasn't on the field.
This continued for years as the crowds of those in court trickled in an out. Still, the rumor of the beautiful, injured soldier passed among the lips of the women- furthered all the more by how he was, by all accounts, a virgin.
On her thirtieth birthday (Though she was uncannily blessed with youthful features, growing only a few wrinkles about the edges of her eyes), the country went to war. Her husband, and a large portion of the state was called away to the battle field, leaving behind few within the palace proper. One of those was the King's beautiful daughter, Lissette. At nineteen, the woman had just debuted to society, at a time when nearly all the men in the country had left to fight. The beautiful, wounded solider, however, remained.
It began as a courtship over cards, and moved to long conversations in the garden, and eventually, passioned groping in the shadows around the palace.
Eventually, one night, Echo made it into the Princesses bed chamber. Aided by a device she'd had a local craftsman make- a belt which let her simulate being a man in the most intimate way- and slept with Lissette. It was after, however, as they slept, that Echo's shirt slipped, giving the Princess a view of one soft- but very female- breast.
Without screaming, the Princess summoned her trusted guard. To scream would be to reveal to the world she'd been seduced and broken by freak. Instead, in the shadows of an empty palace and under the guise of night, she had Echo thrown out of the palace, but not before giving her something- a curse.
The royals held the secret of magic, still, and before throwing her to the wilds, Lissette carved a crude mark into her skin, cursing her to live as she saw her- a freak. However, the Princess had not perfected her skills in magic yet, and the mark she branded Echo with was, in fact, a mixture of two- Avian and Suffer. The result was Echo's constant, cursed, avian form, controlled only in time by making herself suffer in some fashion.

Fleeing for a year or two, it was in the midst of her curse that Echo fell through the portal into Duat, awakening ragged and weak in the forest of Solis. She is slowly gathering her wits about this place, ever vigilant and continuing to hide both her sex and her curse from most.


OOC Notes

- Echo hails from a world which is set in about 1940's Earth- think World World II era in terms of technology yet with strong monarchial rulers still in place. Magic exists, but it's seen as a dirty practice and is done in secret.

- I firmly believe that what happens IC =/= OOC. I am friendly, even though Echo can be a bitch. If I am on, I am probably up for RP, so if you're interested just send me a page!

- Echo is still new to me, and I haven't fully developed her yet, so small aspects may change as I get a better feel for her.

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