Full Name: Eian Khur
Age: 23
Ethnicity: Native American (Unknown to Eian)
Origin: Earth, Late 19th Century (Unknown to Eian)
Species: Human/Coyote hybrid
Personality: Playful, Inquisitive, Mischievous, and Child-like.

History: Once in several generations, a runt is born among the shifters of the Aniak tribe. Instead of having the freedom to change between human and animal form with effortless thought, the runt is cursed with living in a hybrid state; a bi-pedal creature with all the faculties and capabilites of a human, but with the appearance of a feral beast. Unfortunately for Eian, he is this runt.

Eian became the natural omega of his peers, being a foot shorter than his kin and slightly weaker. Due to his in-between appearance he was not able to join modern society like most of his bretheren, thus limiting his education and social interaction. Even when attempting to shift into a feral or human state, Eian could only maintain the form for a limited duration. At the age of sixteen his tribe decided to exhile him from the community, leaving him to survive on his own.

Five years have passed since his exodus and Eian has learned to scavange for food, either through foraging in the wilds or by sneaking into civilized territory during the night. During one of his trips into a forest, he fell down into a hunter's trap and was rendered unconscious. When he awoke, he was no longer in the deep pit but in an open field. Rather than question the change of environment or his newfound fate, he scampered off to continue his quest in survival, none the wiser.

Current: Eian has integrated himself into society in Lunatum. Having accepted a position as a courier for the Anubis Temple, he has been able to befriend many and learned that his appearance is generally accepted among the population. This has given him a boost in confidence and made him a more out-going type. In general he is friendly to everyone he meets and offers guidance to new arrivals in Lunatum. On a professional note, he is a decent tracker but terrible guide.

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