Running from herself Emma ended up here in Duat hoping to find some peace within herself in this place of wonder and mystery. Sharp as a tack this young lady was well on her way to climbing the corporate ladder when she realized that she had these demons. There is no better way to explain them, the feelings she gets, the thoughts, the voices. Emma picked up with the clothes on her back and took off running, hoping that here she would find someone, something where she would fit in or could help her with her demons. %R%TEmma is a different sort of person, she will not come right out and approach anybody as a rule but sometimes she will interject her thoughts whether it is relevant or not something she can’t control. Her moods are that of a rollercoaster one minute she may be laughing and the next trying to kill or just sitting and crying. Because of this her family has disowned her causing her to feel empty inside, worthless as a human.

Does one dare try to befrend her, or fear her demons within?

As Emma grows within Duat, so will her story.

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