When Faith first came to Duat, she was lost. Having been in several arguments with her drug addicted mother, she found very little reason to stay home and ruin her life, especially with her 'step-father' around. It was because of him that her mom relapsed to begin with.

And so she ran away, hiding out in an abandoned shelter and hoping that one day soon she might find her real father and be able to build a life with him. It was at this exact thought that a portal had appeared. Naturally, it was terrifying at first, but this constant nagging in the back of her mind said that all she desired would be beyond this doorway.

Within moments of arriving, she was captured by a slaver and pulled into the market for the next person who would be willing to make a purchase. Asmodeus happens to be that man.

That little voice in her mind wasn't wrong. She most definitely found what she was looking for here. Unfortunately, this was not the life she wanted in the long run. This man, Asmodeus, not only purchased her because of her looks and his intentions, but because she turned out to be his daughter, the very one she had set out to find.

Months had been spent with her ignoring his attempts of seduction, hating every moment that she ever had to endure with his skin upon hers. The thought made her vomit, countless times, and over and over again she wished nothing more than to die.

Once again, this was a dream come true for her. Asmodeus had granted her wish. Partially. With his daughter bound to an alter and stripped of her clothing, it was there that he performed a ritual in which the Tho'baan snake would take over her body.

She lost all sense of herself, her morals utterly ignored and the memories of him…suddenly favored. In mere minutes of her transformation, she not only embraced this serpent demon, but killed the only person she knew as a friend, simply because it felt good to do so.

Whoever Faith was, this is no longer the case now. Changed and corrupt, she cares little for anything but herself, and thrives in the sadistic ways her Father had taught her.

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Death and Rebirth

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