Setting and Timeline

What is the Setting and Timeline of Duat?

The setting of Duat is just that – Duat and the four realms (Solis, Lunatum, Noxctalis, and Duabyssus) that make up this amazing plane. Each realm is a star, each of which is accessed through the Stargate positioned on each unique region.

However, in this strange world, there is no way to pinpoint the time in regards to one’s homeland. Because of the instability of the portal which sucks unsuspecting people into this realm, the Entry Portal jumps from time to time, through history and future, to steal away individuals and make them citizens of Duat. As such, this world is an astounding array of times, cultures, and beings - people bringing forth their knowledge and lifestyles in an inspiring melting pot. With the gifts of this knowledge, much of the cities have harnessed the power of electricity to light their homes and give them the comforts and ease of appliances and warmth. Some people, however, have denied this strange, electrical ‘magic’ and continue to live as they might have in their simple homelands, without the luxuries of strange technologies.

Acceptable Characters

What characters are acceptable?

Any player has the freedom to design any creature he/she wishes, EXCEPT for Vampires and Were-creatures. Vampires and Were-Creatures are created through RP and are limited to the bloodlines that have been created in Duat.

A person who wishes to take part in one of these strict species should first create a normal character and then seek out a Vampire or Were-Creature within the game. If absent or idle players cause an issue in this regard, do not hesitate to seek out an on-duty staff member and bring forth concerns on the matter.

Alternate/Idle Characters

How many alternate characters am I allowed to have?
What is Duat MUSH's policy on idle characters?

There are no limit on how many alternate characters (alts) that you are allowed to have. However, please keep in mind that characters that have been idle for 90 days or more will be destroyed. So, be sure to keep all your characters active. We will do our best to email you warnings (if you have supplied an email address during Character Creation/Generation) prior to the nuking of an idle character, but cannot be held entirely responsible to remind you about your characters.



Consent – it is the most important aspect of any BDSM game. While the characters themselves may not always agree with the actions taken upon them, the player behind the persona must ALWAYS feel comfortable in any scene that takes place. Always be sure to address your fellow role-player before taking any action that directly affects his/her character. Often small events pass without discomfort, but when in doubt ASK! We are all here to have fun and enjoy this creative atmosphere. Therefore, no player should ever feel uncomfortable or forced. If ever there is a concern about this matter, do not hesitate to contact a staff-member as soon as possible.


How young are my characters allowed to be?

Because of the mature nature of this game, we insist that all PLAYERS are at least 18 years of age. However, in the role-playing world, we have given a small leeway in the matters of age. We ask that all characters created are 16 years of age or older, and that anyone playing a persona under 18 ask for the consent of fellow role-players before initiating any age-play orientated scenes.


Am I allowed to build rooms and create items?

Well, that is really two separate questions…


Items can be obtained through IC means. There are shopkeepers that can provide their wares and services to supply the Duat population. However, if you find need for an item outside the obtainable limits of any average shopkeeper, you can ask any of the Staff Members and they will review the request and supply you with an item.


Only staff members can create/build rooms. Our building policy is thus that after 15 days of active participation by a character (not player), you may submit a request for a custom home to be built on the grid. This request can be submitted on the Contact Form of the website. Please keep in mind only 10 rooms are allowed per character and that this feature is not available to slaves/switch-submissives as they have have no IC legal right to property.


What are the rules regarding IC (in-character) violence on Duat MUSH?

In all text-based games violence can be an unstable issue, particularly in the case of a freeform MUSH that lacks any combat system. We have forgone any form of combat system because of the restrictions it might put on RP and the confusion that usually comes along with such structures. However, that does not mean we disallow violence in the game. Combative scenes can be an interesting part of role-play. Instead, we simply hold all players to an honor system.

1. Do not start a combative scene without the consent of the opposing player.

2. Be certain about what you are agreeing to in a combative scene - things will not always turn out as you wish.

3. Keep in mind, not all players comprehend the idea of 'power posing' as you might. Be certain that you are comfortable combating with a particular player before consenting to the scene.

Please be sure to keep these notes in mind as the staff members do not wish to occupy their time with the 'sore losers' or 'power posers' of the bunch. Of course, if you feel your consent has been violated in any manner by any unwelcome scene, please bring it to our attention. Otherwise, with exception for only the most extreme cases, discrepancies are left to be handled by the involved players.

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