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Communicative Commands

Command Result Command Result
say <text> <Character> says, "<text>" - Used to initiate speech through your character which will have an in game effect, and therefore consequences. ooc <text> OOC: <Character> says, "<text>"- Used to talk 'out of character', to discuss matter outside the game realm with another player.
page <player>=<text> Used to send a message from afar to another player on the Mush. Most often, the exchange of tells is treated as OOC converation. whisper <player>=<text> <Character Name> whispers: <text>// to the designated character within the room. Used for IC, private conversation.
pose <text> or ; <text> <Character> <text> - Used to input the character name preceding a line of text, denotes actions taken by a character. @emit <text> <text> - Used to pose an action that is not preceded by a character name.


Command Result
@mail <player-list> =<subject>/<message text> Sends the <message text> to all players in <player-list>. If now subject is given the message subject is the begging of the message itself.
@mail <message #> Entering @mail alone will return a list of messages currently in your inbox, including both 'read' and 'unread' notices. Entering @mail followed by a valid message #, will open the designated file to be read.
@mail/clear <message # or all> and @mail/purge Mail marked for clearing is deleted when you disconnect or if entering @mail/purge. If no message # or list is specified, all messages in your current inbox are set to be be cleared.

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Reading

Command Reult
+bbread Returns a list of all active bulletin boards.
+bbread <board #> /<message #> Opens the designated message number of the corresponding board for reading.
+bbscan Lists all unread messages only for each board.
+bbcatchup <board # or all> Mark all messages on the corresponding board #, or //all boards if selected, as read.

Bulletin Board Posting

Step # Command Result
1. +bbpost <board #> /<title> This starts a post to the designated board #.
2. +bbwrite <text> This adds the text body to the already started post.
3. +bbproof Displays your current post in progress.
4. +bbtoss Will disregard/trash your current post in progress. You will have to start fresh.
5. +bbpost This will post the current bulletin message in progress.
shortcut +bbpost <group #> /<subject> = <text> This will post a message to the designated group number, with the listed subject and body text. This is a quick way of posting a message with one command.

Informative Commands

Command Result Command Result
who Returns a list of all connected players. about <name> Returns more detailed information regarding a particular character.
@about me=<text> Sets a blurb of information to show in your ABOUT. Also, see the +help files in game in regards to @url, @race, @age, @orientation, and @alts. @caste me=<choice> his command will set your caste within the community. This information will show in your ABOUT and determine how your character is expected to interact with others. Note: You are only able to set your @caste once. If after you have set your caste and later desire a change, please contact a staff member. - - Valid selections for your caste include Master, Switch-Dominant, Citizen, Switch-Submissive, or Slave. For further info see: here

Movement Commands

Command Result Command Result
n,e,s,w Often these are the abbreviated version of a direction that can be used to move from one room to another (in some rooms exits may be accessible using ne, se, sw, or nw). out or o You should be able to type out or o repeatedly from nearly any location in order to get back to the main area/gate/central hangout of the particular realm in which you are located.
jumplist Returns a list of 'jumpable' locations, their corresponding number, as well as information regarding in which realm the room is located and how many connected individuals are currently at that location. jump <loc #> Used to teleport your character from your current location to one of the rooms (designated by the location # that has been listed in 'jumplist'.
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