History of Duat

The Legend of Duat

To many people, Duat is a legend, a misinterpreted tale of the Egyptian underworld, a realm that society has come to imagine as some equivalent to the biblical, fiery pit of Hell. This, however, is only partially true…

In the Third Dynasty, the Pharaoh's most esteemed Priests discovered the key to unlocking the portal that their society had searched for throughout their culture's lifetime. They had been so close in earlier trials… a step-pyramid here, the Sphinx there. Now, however, they knew they had the answer to the years of endless prayer, ritual, and studies. Between this time and the Fourth Dynasty, the key, the Pyramids of Giza, were erected. Aligning with the four stars that make up the constellation of Duat with awe-inspiring precision, the portal to a unique, exotic new realm was opened.

Yet this gateway is unstable - with the Earth's rotation, the gate appears here and there to snatch up unsuspecting individuals and steal them away to this secret realm. Little Earth was not the only world to find this remarkable passage, of course. Other worlds, in other galaxies, perhaps even on other planes of existence, have found ways to gain access to Duat, making the population a culmination of many unique creatures.

Map of Duat

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