The Legends of Isis

Do you know the legends of Isis?

The great Goddess who fooled even Ra? The one who lay a poisonous serpent in wait to bite the great Sun God. The one who watched as her sibling Gods and Goddesses rushed to Ra's aid, but all to no avail. The one who said she would only heal the King God if he would give her access to his great powers of creation.

The Stories Untold

And, what did Isis do with these powers of creation? She built Duat.

But, alas, even this project did not fill the Goddess with purpose. Something was amiss… empty. The Goddess found a great void within herself as she watched the mortal people of her world work through the counted days of their lives. What propelled them forward despite the knowledge of their impending deaths? What is it to love? To die?

A curious creature, Isis designed a new project. She designed a mortal body for herself and cast upon her being a curse to erase all her knowledges of power and immortality and send herself down to the worlds of mortals. She left Duat behind, in the care of Thoth, and took no mind to consider how her absence might affect her constellation world.

So, newly born in a pale, redheaded form, Isis wandered many, many worlds. She was slave, citizen, Mistress. She was human, Vampire, and Lycan. She loved, married, divorced, and lost many. Those who knew Isis in this form would describe her as an hardened creature - unforgiving, un-trusting and bitter. Only a few in her lifetime found themselves drawn, after many trials, into the inner sanctum of the woman's care. It was one such creature who would go on to describe Isis as: "Beauty wrapped in barbed wire."

Costs of a Quest Completed


Over a course of 23 years, Isis's project began to find its completion. She had seen the worlds of the universe and interacted with their peoples. She had fought and she had felt. By this time her body was dressed in scars - a combination of her sadomasochistic tendencies and the many battles and transformations that she faced. Now, there was only one thing left - death.

As her memories began to return, and her powers too, Isis knew her purposes of this body and that her time to explore was running thin. By her own hand, Isis lifted a blade and took her life… Only to find herself returned to the world and realms of Duat. But, what she discovered of her world was enough to churn her newly learned emotions to ice.

In the absence of its Goddess Mistress, Duat had begun to disintegrate. The slow erosion of her creation had begun with the realm of Noxctalis, plunging this star-world into darkness. But, the decay of the world affected not only the land, but its people to. Those within began to change, turned by the darkness until they became a species very different from their mortal counterparts - The Vampire. Isis return was enough to halt any further disintegration of this realm, and spare its brethren regions from a similar fate. But, to this day Noxctalis represents the eternal scar of Isis's temporary neglect.


As a character, Isis is an enigma - an untamed creature with as many secrets as she has mood swings. She is, simply put, complex.
Many might think they know the legends of her existence, but there are many tales left untold - many stories about the time she spent portraying a mortal and observing the species of other worlds. Therefore, there is a great history behind this character that remains unknown to the citizens of her vast and diversified realms.

OOC - While Isis the character is often a rude and harsh creature, I assure you the player is not. Well, most of the time. I am a level-headed and fair person, and I intend on running the MUSH with that same, understanding, and friendly manner. This world has been designed as a way to liberty players into new ventures of creativity. Please, never hesitate to come to me with any questions, concerns, and ideas. I am implementing new character ideas through code or other means daily and look forward to all the prospects that can bring our world of Duat to greater heights.

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