Hailing from a world called Arboria, Jazyl is an outcast of a tribal society of anthropomorphic wolves. His world was one of endless forests and mountain ranges, of constant natural perils and of a hard-won existence in an unforgiving environment. His people existed with a pack-like social structure, and worshipped the bright moon of their world, calling Her the Huntress, by Whose guiding light they killed to preserve their pack.
Jazyl has little memory of the exact circumstances of how he came to be in Duat, though the shamans of his tribe held many myths and tales about this place. He still holds on to some small hope of returning to his pack, despite admittedly being an outcast.
Until then, he has busied himself learning first-hand about this place and seeking a small measure of peace and security here. The moonlit world of Lunatim holds great appeal to him for its great similarity to his homeworld, but it also inspires a great sense of loneliness and homesickness in him for this same reason.

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