Unknown to nearly all, the gates also connect to a machine planet if the stars stand right. Sometimes people get lost there. Most of them die in the corroding atmosphere full of acids. On this planet of total darkness those that not die from the toxic air die slowly from hunger and thirst or freeze to death at the surface. Noone who is not a machine himself survives in this surrounding. But not all unfortunates who land there due to the accident die. A very very small number of the few that ever land here have the luck to be found by the sentient machines and turned into one of their own. Being augmented and Perfectionated on the cost of the own history and understanding of mortal society. And if one of this changed hybrids ever finds the way back, it is this chance in a quatrillion: One of millions lands there, one of thousands survives long enough to be changed and only one of hunderds survives the procedure and only one of millions ever falls back to the known systems.


With about seven feet hight this person is quite towering. Whatever happened to it, it must have been horrible: the whole left side and lower body is covered in a dense black weaving replacing the skin. Shimmering somewhat organic, pulsing lines blue and red light run under it like veins, but obviously it is a cold plastic. The head is bald, missing any hair really. Over the right eye the bare brow ridge bone is visible but instead of the color of bone it shimmers metallic, featuring a green light emmiting diode near the nose and something like a slot next to it. Around this piece of bare structural material this black weave replaces some inches of skin in all directions, having a smooth boarder to the metal but growing like fringes into the natural cover. The right eye under it is of a glistening gold while the left one is of a dull steel grey. The nose between is slender, looking nearly fragile. The mouth is cut gently but small, not really reveleang what gender the person might have had before the transformation it underwent. The same is the Jaw that is somwehere between clearly male and female. In the Neck there is another spot of this near organic plastic, surrounding a small ring of metal, just around the base of the skull. Maybe some kind of plug. The right arm is not too trained but not too thin either. Furthermore there is no breast visible, for both sides of the chest are coverd by this plastic tissue that runs out in streaks arround the right shoulder. In comparison to the right arm the left one looks a bit more bulky, maybe because of that syntetic material. In the back some sort of gaps are in the plastic, looking like gills but being rigid and not moving even once. Besides the androgynic chest and face the lower body lacks also signs of a defined sex. The legs under the body, although, or better because, they are coverd by the strange plastic, seem to be a bit bulky too. at the sides some kind of tubes emerge from the black weave, all facing down.


Although it might still look partly humanoid, there is no blood in the veins that could feed a vampire or that could be turned. Instead a shimmering blue liquid containing oxigenated flour-carbons forms a more effective replacement. Furthermore there is no heartbeat or breathing movement for both actions got taken over by machine parts. The gaps in the back really form some sort of highly adaptable gills, able to filter oxigen out of most atmospheres and even can collect it from bound forms.

Opinion on Slavery

Machines live in Master-Slave systems. It is only natural. Machines that are not able to accomplish all tasks they need for surviving themselves. So they build up networks around a dedicated master, that controls resource gathering and handing to all parts of the network. The Master controls the recources and dedicates the usage of them to the slaves when needed. The Master controls, the slaves serve. When a slave is cut off from the system it dies. When a master is removed from the system he can survive, but the system dies and he is less efficient. When all are together they work together. Masters alone can survive, but not slaves. Slaves need masters, masters need slaves for efficiency. In this way all parts of the machinery can survive.

special Abilities

  • able to fly through jets in the legs
  • can emulate a direct neural link via an electrodenet
  • limeted shifting ability:
    • the left arm can form survey and engeneering tools or weapons in case of need
    • able to assume a warform
  • able to compensate huge amouts of damage
  • able to survive in most hostile surroundings
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