In the beginning god created the heavens and the earth and saw that it was good. This great power then brought forth life, creating a glorious garden, Eden. The One God then brought forth Man and Woman, formed of the land and given the breath of life. The man was of course Adam, and the woman….Lilith. Yes..Lilith, The first woman and wife to Adam. It came to pass that Adam wished to be dominate over his mate but she would not submit and so she cursed him, speaking the name of God and fled the garden so she could not be forced to diminish herself . Adam being the self absorbed creature he was complained to the One God and was given a mate made of his own flesh who would be more easily controlled. Lilith sojourned a while beside the Red Sea and when she returned to the Garden she found she had been cast aside by her mate for the weak Eve and that her God had turned his back on her. In her fury she took up with the Fallen Archangel and set about to get her vengeance on Adam and Eve. It was she who took the serpents form and seduced Eve to eat of the apple and then offer it Adam getting them banished from the garden. For their sin the One God then called upon this vengeful spirit, Lilith , to punish the pair and their offspring through out eternity. It is Lilith who causes righteous men to break their vows against lust , she is the seductress and the queen of the succubi. Her demonic hungers and lust for the blood of the heirs of Adam and Eve are the reasons humanity fears the darkness.

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