When the moon becomes flesh and the night stalks the world on silent paws you know you are in the presence of the cat.



In time before time in the far lands of snow and ice a child was born to extraordinary parents. Her hair the color of the snows, flesh touched by the moons own glow and eyes, pale as the winter sky. On the first full moon after her birth, her mother came into her nursery to find a white tiger cub where the child should have been sleeping. The child's mother and father, both shifters themselves were surprised their child should be able to change so soon and so easily . They knew their child was special and so they bundled the infant up and made the long trek through the winter snows to the land of sun and deserts to present their young one to the priestess’s of the temple of Bast. One look at this child and the priestesses all knew she was touched by the hand of the goddess herself. The girl was given over to the temple, never to see her parents again. Raised in the ways of the goddess , allowed to revel in her feline nature she grew to the full flower of her feminine power and promise.
One day the land was rocked by the strident roars of the goddess Bastets twin, Sekhmet, her rage rattling the temple walls and rising the fur of even the most placid temple cats. Isis had trapped the great lioness in a land beyond…Duat. Moved by her sisters fury and pain the goddess Bast knew she could not leave the land of Egypt, the land needed her essence, and fertility. And so the goddess called on Luna. Filling the young priestess with her spirit and bidding her to follow the scent of Sekmet into the land of Duat, once there she is to remind the lioness of her bring pleasure and fertility to the lands of Duat.


Luna presides over the temple of Bastet in the land of Lunatum. There she is the high priestess and leader of that sect of shifters that encompass all that are of feline nature. She is first and foremost a cat even when in her human form. Like any cat, she can be moody and temperamental soft and purring one moment all claws and fangs the next. Pleasure of all sorts is what drives her and fulfilling her duty to the temple to bring the light of Bast to Duat.

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