Before you stands a human female with a height of about 5'8''. Her jet black hair drapes down around her face in twirled locks, bouncing to and fro with the movement of her head. The back of her hair is long and reaches down to her bottom. It is pinned up in an artful style to keep it out of the way. Dangling from her ears are silver strands that have small black stars on them, they swing as she moves and intertwine with her hair slightly. Her twinkling violet eyes are accentuated with black eyeliner and her dark grey eyeshadow gives her eyes a smokey look. Small black stars are tattooed in an arc around the outer edge of her eyes. A small dainty nose sits above glossy pink lips, and a small beauty mark rests just above the left side. A silver necklace adorns her neck, and a runic symbol on a round amulet rests near her breasts. Soft pale shoulders lead down to delicate arms and hands with black manicured nails. Her shoulders and arms are covered in plethora of colorful tattoos. A black lacy tube top stretches across the large round globes of her breasts and leaves her flat toned stomach barren except for a small silver dragon which looks as if he is clutching a red gem, perched on her navel. Her hips are slightly rounded and another tattoo covers her side adding to her ornamentation. A tiny black mini skirt rides low on her hips, her red g-string thong showing just above, and barely covers her rounded bottom, but also exposes a black tattoo low on her stomach, well below her waist line, that reads "Allume-feu". Her toned thighs and calves which are covered in black leather knee-high boots, which have silver clasps to close the boots from her ankles to her knees.


Melusine was taken from her family at a very early age, at the first signs of having magical ability. It was a very rough time for her, as she was plunged into the world as a apprentice, learning all about the ebb and flow of gaining control over her gift. Most of her life was spent in refuge away from the general populace and only in the presence of other wizards and sorcerers.

Learning more and more each day, her mind a retainer of the ancient knowledge bestowed upon her. It wasn't until her 21st birthday and after having passed all of the rigorous examinations presented forth, that she was able to leave her confines, as she was hired out to a rich lord for her "gifts".

One evening she was dispatched to the harbor to intercept an illegal shipment that had been reported by the port authority. Little did she know that it was a ship owned by a rival nation, and they sent some of their finest, and most cunning wizards to accompany the shipment. Upon arriving and demanding that they cease their trade, she was confronted by these powerful wizards and a battle ensued.

It raged and torrented about the ship and the docks. Her powerful spells consuming them in fire. In a final act of desperation and pride, the wizards banded together to cast one final spell. They tore the fabric of time and space, making a planar gate, in which she was sucked in, and thrown into an unknown world, much different from her own.

She arrived mid-spell in Aurora Square, a burst of fire rolling from her form. Confused. Disoriented. What the hell had just happened? She quickly cooled her fiery temper and realized that she wasn't where she was before. The wizards had done her in, and successfully sent her away as they could not match her raw power.

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