...My Manhood! It's Not There!
Scene Name: "… My Manhood! It's Not There!"
Date & Time: May 17th, 2011 - Day
Characters: Eian, Ichtaca, Mamluke, Maxine, and Sisi

Emerald Avenue

Emerald Avenue is a pleasant and well maintained throughway. The warm, brown-garnet of bricked sidewalks center the paved street between them, benches of freshly painted, sunny yellow offer welcoming resting places. At night, the cast iron lanterns shine down upon the benches beside them, illuminating this pathway in a promising, gentle glow.

A tall, granite statue stands in a grassy clearing just a few feet from the western boundaries of the street. The chiseled stone takes the form of a tall, elegant woman, her curling locks forever captured in a phantom breeze. Garbed in a flowing tunic, she extends a slender arm, pointing towards the south, while the other gentle hand rests a thick, oversized, and masterful long-sword across her breast and over her opposite shoulder.

This avenue runs north to meet in junction with Ignis Street, as well as south towards a few small business and a horizon of startling emerald foliage for which the pathway is named.

It has been a good four days since the fiasco at the lighthouse. The storm has blown through the area but left a heavy amount of damage in its wake, particularly to the Town Hall. It's taken nearly the whole local population of Solis to begin clearing the rubble and straightening the town out. From Lunatum, Ammon has dispatched a pack of Anubis sect guards, both protecting the gate as well as helping the locals. These tighter security measures have made travel to and from Solis a bit more tricky, but still possible. In these past few days Eian has begun to mend his arm with the help of Ammon and several other skilled individuals, but he's still injured to the point that he needs to wear a bandage and be careful how he moves his arm.
After a long time of internal debate, the coyote set out to defy his Master and sneak back in to Solis, confident that he could do one last thing to help in the search of Minu. He took the risk of following his nose. Normally this would be more or less a wild goose chase given the scale of Solis and the fact that the party may have left entirely. Fortunately for the yote, he was able to catch Mamluke on an errand in mid-day. It wasn't so much that Eian recognized the desert bandito on sight, mostly due to the fact that it was a very blurry night to him and there's dense crowds, but he was able to pick up the distinct scent of his own blood. That drew curiosity, and from that he was able to spy on Mamluke just a little. Eian is no stealthy ninja by any means, but his time living off the land and hunting small prey has taught him the value of being concealed and quiet. Through patience, timing, and scent, Eian was able to track Mamluke all the way back to their hiding place. It wasn't so much that he followed footsteps, but rather followed general direction and scent—because of this he didn't even have to be within Mamluke's range of vision.
It's been a full day since discovering the location of their hideout and Eian has since gathered his remaining friends and companions. "I think… I think if we wait here, in the shop, he will come eventually," Eian says to Sisi and Ichtaca. "He gets supplies here and… we can surprise him. Right?" he says. "All we need to do is catch him, or stop him, then I can take you to where the other lady is. It is only the two of them… a-and she didn't seem that healthy." Or at least that's what his nose told him.

Maxine wanders in completely by circumstance, doing what is turning out to be a drawn out and long familiarization with the city. She stops when she sees the statue, and looks up at it. She watches it for a little while, actually, and gives it an approving nod, though there's no change in her expression - always neutral. The resemblance is probably striking, at least in spirit, not necessarily physical. After this, she turns away and continues on her way, looking at the local homes, shops, and so on.

Sisi is dressed for battle - though, in her case, that means to the passing observer she looks prepared for a night on the town. A second look reveals she is quiet uncomfortable with her getup. The slender woman has donned in a simple, billowy haltertop that droops revealing down to her navel. The shirt stops high on her waist, revealing the pale flesh of her midriff before a pair of black shorts pick up the task of keeping her modest. She wears flat sandals that weave cords up her calves.
She stands more than an arm's length from the other members of her party, her dark eyes scan the passersby. "Psst. Psst. PSSST!" Very discrete. Sisi tries to get the attention of her group and nudge her chin towards Maxine. "Is that our woman?" she hisses in an anxious whisper, and shifts her wait from side-to-side where they stands tucked near the alley corner of the shop.

Ichtaca watches the woman approaching, cursing the presence of a bystander, hoping that Mamluke will not show up now of all times. He doesn't want someone stuck in the middle and getting involved who does not have to. He otherwise stands by Sisi and Eian, not having a clue what Katherine looks like, so when Sisi asks if Maxine is her, he considers.

Bah! To think that a mighty Mamluke would hide from his enemies!! If it were up to him, the desert warrior would ride down his foes and cut them down where they stand, but sadly his Mistress has forbidden him to do anything too aggressive, instead merely preferring to bide their time securing a place to stay and await the return of the Master. Though pretty humble, the desert warrior still finds very annoying that he is used for mere scouting and forage, a task unbefitting of hardened fighter like him. Alas, he is a slave as much as he is a warrior and what the Mistress commands is what is done, thus having spent the next few days after the glorious battle for the Lightouse hitting the local shops and getting some meager supplies to help the Mistress recuperate, bandages, water, cleaning supplies..if only the boat with all the things hadn't sank! What terrible timing to have a storm indeed!
As it has been the habit for a few days, the Mamluke is seen stepping into town around 5 or 6 in the afternoon, merging with the crowds and staying well hidden out of sight. He is also not wearing his regular shemagh and leather armor outfit but is dressed as a civilian. White shirt, pants, boots..the only thing that would make him stick out of a crowd is the turban he wears on his head and a pair of nasty curved swords dangling from his belt, even Maxine who knows the fellow quite well isn't likely to recognize him as she has never seen him without his mask. In this way, confident that no one will spot him, he ducks into a store pointedly avoiding Maxine as he doesn't want to start a conversation whilst the Mistress is waiting.

"No, that is not her. At least, that does not smell like the woman I saw," whispers Eian to reassure the group. He stays low in the alley, practically tucked behind a garbage can with his eyes just peering out over the lid. "I do not think she would be here, either. She looked very weak. I think that—" But the Eian pauses mid sentence as he catches a scent of the familiar odor of Mamluke. Though the smell is greatly diminished since he's in new clothing. The weapons, however, are still crisp enough to Eian's nose that he's growing more and more confident.
"There, there!" the yote whispers, reaching a furry arm up and around the can to point in Mamluke's direction. But then the man disappears right into a store. "He went in the store!" he says, rising up from behind the can. "I can… I can wait here if you want to go?" he says, looking to Ichtaca and Sisi.

Things are afoot and they do not go unnoticed. At the very least, Maxine seems to get a glimpse of Mamluke dodging her. She stops and looks in that direction, but if the man is avoiding her, then it would be impolite of her to impose. Maxine gives her attention to a different shop nearby, and upon approach she makes an assumption: That the nearest person to the stand is tending it … or perhaps knows a thing or two. "Please excuse me … I do not recognize this fruit - could you please tell me of it?" polite, but also neutral as ever.

"Are you sure that's the guy we are loo-…" Sisi stops leaning back and forth in the effort to follow Mamluke's trail as Maxine steps up and addresses her directly. "Uh? Huh? Say what?" Blink blink. Sisi peers at the cart nearby and belatedly connects dot 1 to dot 2. "Oh! Uh, I think that's a cumquat." Sisi flahes a bright grin before biting on her lower lip to keep from snickering. "I'm very sorry, but uh… nature calls. But, my uh… Associate would be happy to help you!" She nudges her head at the men before caaaaarrreeefully scooting around the woman and across the street, making a bee-line for the shop into which Mamluke went.

Mamluke isn't much out shopping as he is on a find a retrieve mission. Where many would get distracted with the many items of the bazaar, he quickly goes to retrieve the selected items without wasting a moment's time, though still not going at full speed so as to avoid suspicion from the local authorities. Luck smiles on him for a change as Maxine starts to make a side conversation with his would be pursuers, distracting them from their task and only leaving a few to follow him as he goes to buy some food and medical supplies. Paying quickly at the vendor and being on his way as soon as he is able.

Ichtaca glances as Maxine is directed to interact with him and Eian. He adjusts his hat. "Kumquat. Kind of like a reverse orange. the rind is sweet,t he flesh is sourt. You can eat it whole, or use it for cooking. Do eat the rind however, don't peel it." Sure, he can pretend to be a fruit merchant for the sake of the plan.

With Sisi heading to intercept Mamluke, Eian moves forward only to be entangled with conversation by Ichtaca and Maxine. He looks skeptical at first, knowing this might be an issue, but he quickly takes one of the spare Kumquats in hand. "You eat it like this!" the were-coyote says, immediately biting down on it with a squish. While he makes an absolute mess and draws the attention of the real cart owner, Eian tries to nudge Ichtaca over toward Sisi, as if quietly suggesting that he needs to back her up more than anything else. With Eian's weak arm, he can't do much else!
All of his focus is now on Maxine as he gives her a fangy grin, quietly chewing the kumquat only to make the most sour and distasteful expressions. After three or so chews, poor Eian looks like he absolutely hates what he's bitten into. "…blech!" he says, suddenly spitting it out. "These are bad for you!" he complains, hacking and coughing toward the ground. It's at this point the proper owner of the fruit cart comes along and smacks the coyote on top of his head with a towel. "You! You're paying for that whether you like it or not!" Then the merchant's eyes spot the bracer on Eian's arm and gruffs, "Fine, I'll bill the temple."

Maxine stares at the girl; or perhaps she just simply makes eye contact, her expression always remaining the same. "A kumquat. Thank you" she says, and turns her head to watch the girl leave, then she looks at said associate. "A reverse orange … I see" she nods her head once, and then she looks to Eian. "Perhaps you might prefer utensils" she comments, looking in turn at the three people; one might guess she is wondering what exactly is going on now. Her attention is drawn back to Eian, and she hms softly. "That -" a look to the owner now. Then the were. " … is not proper conduct young man. What is going on here?"

Oh no! There he goes! Sisi's sandal feet tap out a quick tattoo as she scurries to try and catch up to her target. Haha - she has a target. Maybe she should change her last name to 007. FOCUS! Sisi clears her throat and shuffles forward. "Uh. Hey you!" she blurts out, only to seal her lips. "Sir?" she calls out the short distance between them and extends forward a few coins. "I uh, I think you dropped this." Hoping only to delay the man's further progression down the street with her exclamation, she steps forward with the few coins of various denomination stretched forward. She notes the collar then and allows a half-smile to tilt her lip. "Your Keeper might be upset if you misplaced your funds, I would think. I wouldn't want you to get in any trouble, hm?"

Ichtaca steps behind Sisi when Eian takes up distraction duties, leaving him to take care of Maxine while Ichtaca follows behind Sisi. He stays a good distance from Sisi, and away from Maxine, don't want her to tag along and ruin everything. When she calls to Mamluke, he ducks in a crowd to remain out of sight.

Hey you?? Now them's fighting words! Who dares try to start a street brawl with a Mamluke?? As he is about to exit the shop, the desertling hears someone calling out to him with a rude tone to then try and hide it and be polite. Sure he's a slave, but one that is fully authorized to kick someone's ass if they're planning on damaging the Mistress' property. The scarred dark skinned muscle man looks over his shoulder to spot Sisi extending her hand cordially to him to offer a few coins causing him to arch an eyebrow. "Hmr!?" That's odd, he made sure to bring only enough cash for the supplies and shouldn't have any change, Mistress only allow him to carry so much money. "You must be mistaken, those rupees aren't this one's." He's not going to make it that easy and soon is back on track and making his way down the street going in the opposite direction where he came. "Good day."

There's a wince when Eian is lightly struck with the towel, but he hands over the half-bitten fruit to the merchant, looking semi-ashamed. The fruit is snatched up and tossed into the garbage with a loud clang before the merchant returns to tending his cart. This leaves Maxine and Eian a chance to talk in peace. Sort of. "I, um…" he says, darting his eyes left and right before focusing on the woman in front of him. "I'm Eian," he introduces himself. It's a good way to start! "And.. I was just, um, showing you what that was," he explains, pointing a hand to the odd fruit. "But… but I'm here with my friends. We're trying to…" He hesitates, trying to figure out what to say that isn't a lie, but also shrouds from the truth. "…find someone," he says. "Maybe you saw the posters? We're looking for…" His voice goes quiet and he leans up to Maxine, cupping his hand to whisper, "Minu." The were-coyote draws back to his submissive posture and looks toward Sisi, Mamluke, and Ichtaca, just to see how their progress is. He won't be of much help to them.

At least it's just a swat. Maxine keeps watching the young man, her expression still unchanging, her posture fairly perfect, and her accent most british … just lacking in emotion. She responds with an introduction, it is only fair. "I am Lady Knight Maxine von Drachen of the Etgaian Empire. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mister Eian. Tell me please, who is this Minu?" she asks, her voice not too loud, though not too quiet either. She looks towards the others as well. "And why are you following Mister Mamluke?" her gaze turns back towards Eian.

"Are you calling me a /liar/?" Sisi is in fact, as has just been proven, a HORRIBLE liar. She might be a deviant at times, but even she doesn't like to lie. In some bizarre twist of this bizzarre woman's twisted mind, she's actually managed to take offense! The small woman pops one hip to the side to make a shelf for her hand in the standard 'I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar' fashion. With that, she begins to storm after him, her sandals slapping harshly at the ground, while she uses her free hand to point an accusatory finger in Mamluke's direction. "/Excuse me!/ Answer me - did you just call me a /liar/?" Right now a sensible person would recall the story at the Lighthouse and the dangers of this man, her target. But, who ever said a redhead is a sensible creature? (No offense meant to other redhead's in the room, of course.)

The Mamluke is not in a particularly forgiving mood with all that's been going on and he's been itching to release some stress, but the woman currently pestering him is a poor target for such things. A bully may not be able to see the difference between them and a warrior, but a warrior can. It's because of this that though he scowls at the highly irritating complaints of Sisi and clenches his teeth in barely restrained anger, he allows his soldier discipline to take over and just turn over his should to look at her with narrowed, violence filled eyes to try and leer her away. "Woman! This one said that is not his money!!" Despite having a clear hold on his temper he is trying to make himself as intimidating as possible to try and scare her away, his hand even goes to grasp at the hilt of his giant khopesh sword and trust me, when one is a tall heavily scarred desert soldier intimidation is something that comes naturally. "Go pester someone else!" Sheesh. The aggressive slave tugs at his collar a little and starts to turn around again to put distance between him and the girl "Stupid crazy broad"

Eian's ears pan in the direction of Maxine, keeping his eyes focused on the loud Sisi, but when he hears the extraordinarily long name, he slowly turns his head back to her with wide eyes. "You have a really long name!" he says, jaw opening in genuine shock. "Lady Knight Maxine von…" he says, trying to repeat it in awe, but fails to remember the rest of the title. "Can… can I call you Maxie-von?" he says, not sure how to properly abbreviate her name. "I bet you know Sir Kuss, don't you?" he murmurs, looking away with a frown. All noble types tend to know one another somehow—or so he believes. Normally the name of Mamluke should draw Eian's attention, but the poor yote doesn't actually know the bodyguard's name. She has, however, supplied it just now once he clues in to the proper relation. "M-mamluke?" he asks her. "He… he is the one that did this," he explains, gesturing to the bandage on his arm. "And… and we think he helped take Minu," he whispers in a low tone. "And… and I think I should help my friends right now…." he says, looking slightly worried.

"Name and title" Maxine replies, watching the were before her, and listening to him fumble with her name. "Lady or Sir, or you may add von Drachen after. Otherwise it is not appropriate" she explains. "I do not know a Sir Kuss. I do not know many people here … " sheturns her head to look at what's happening, finding things to be escalating. "He did that? The man is a warrior, he probably had a reason. Given that, your friends may indeed be in trouble. Why don't you call them back? It might have been wiser to report this to the authorities, but if you wish, I will ask him if he knows of your friend."

Sisi's steps falters in step as Mamluke wheels around on her with that vicious expression. She cowers momentarily, obviously second-guessing her anger. That is, until… FLIP! There goes the switch. This woman has more issues than National Geographic under that pretty face and fiery hair. "Crazy? CrAzY!? I'll show you CRAZY!" Now she makes no effort to appear diminutive, straightening her spine and aiming to close the distance completely. "I want your Master's name and I want it now! I will be having a word with him about you, little mister!" And with that she aims to prod his chest with the point of a little finger - though to touch the fabric of his shirt causes no ill effects other than the annoyance of her insistent prodding.

Ichtaca keeps watching Sisi yell at the slave. If anything it's entertaining. And he won't stand out, as quite a few people are staring at the yelling match going on. He glances at Eian, hopeful he keeps the woman out of the way, especially as Mamluke is about to reach for his sword. This motivatex Ichtaca to move towards the front of the crowd.

Bringing the threat of telling on their owner might be sufficient for most submissive slaves, any errand boy would drop what he is doing and beg for forgiveness from a free if they pull such a threat. Mamluke however is not a regular slave, much less a submissive errand boy, in fact before he was bought by his Mistress he usually doubled as a guard which means trying to accuse him to his Master is not something a free can demand. After all, it'd be counter productive if he caught a thief for example and all they needed to do to go free is have his Master punish him. Still, the demanding woman is nonetheless extremely vexing and as he turns around to face her for the /third/ time, eyes full with anger as he looks down to see how she pokes his broad chiseled chest he notices that they are drawing a crowd. This isn't good, all those people staring and watching how a woman is demanding to have this slave punished is not something that he needs, plus he is not wearing his guard uniform and can't simply tell everyone to clear out. Crap, looks like he's on a pickle. "Hmrgg…" The desertling adjusts his backpack making it's secure and it won't fall, a strange grin starting to spread through his lips "You can have this one's Master." He says, all of the sudden sounding very polite "If….you can catch him!!" Suddenly, the Mamluke is extending an open palm right at Sisi's chest, not caring if he gropes her or not, attempting to push her upper torso back while doing quick sweep at her legs and kick her feet from under her to knock her down. Successful or not, he is soon spinning on his heel to give Sisi his back and making a run for it, pushing his way through the crowd.

Cue Benny Hill theme.

Now that things are getting much louder and much more active, Eian is beginning to draw away from Maxine just a little. One or two steps at most. He's still loitering close if only to provide a good buffer between the trio ahead and the duo behind. Confident that Ichtaca will do well to protect the shouting red-head, Eian quickly looks back to Maxine after hearing her words. "I -am- the authorities!" he says with an almost uncharacteristic flare of bravado. And once he realizes just how loud he said it, he shrinks down a little. "I mean, I am part of the Anubis sect. We're trying to catch him cause he -did- do something with Minu. And… and…" Then the crowd begins to gasp and murmur as physical contact takes place between the two, or at the very least physical blows. This causes Eian to snap his head around and yelp out a loud, "Sisi!" Unfortunately the crowd is getting a bit thicker, so he can't get a clear line of sight.

Maxine is watching the spectacle - not easy with the crowd in the way, height helps enough only to know that something is going on. She turns her gaze back upon Eian. "All I see is three young ones making trouble" she points out, though she doesn't sound accusatory … or … anything. "Excuse me" and she turns to make her way towards the commotion, her step quick, and turning into a fast jog a few moments later. The crowd isn't going to be much of a problem for her, but they do tend to slow one down.

Sisi's ivory face becomes the depiction of true and bone-deep fear. But, it is not for fear of the larger man, nor of the intent of bodily harm. No, her terrified gaze follows only the extension of Mamluke's hand as it reaches forward. The woman clenches her eyes shut and to the outside world does nothing but topple under the sneaking assault. But for the wrestling duo there is more. Oh, so much more…
The instant contact is made it is as if a giant fish hook has been looped through each of their navels, anchoring itself into their very essences before yanking each free from their earthly flesh. In truth, the pains of the experience are nothing compared to the final step of the swap - being put into the other's body. It is like being slammed face-first into, and then /through/ a brick wall, cementing each psyche into the opposite body. It is thus that Sisi open her eyes, peering out on the world from Mamluke's body, as the vessel instinctively carries out its true Master's last wishes and aims to kick Sisi's legs out from under her. Only then does Mamluke's body stumble, apparently struck by sudden disorientation so that he stumbles backwards where the tightly knit crowd jostles around them.
"Hey Eian," comes Sisi's words on Mamluke's voice, mumbled as if drunk on the ebbing waves of the pain riding her stolen body's nerves. The pain is quick to fade, but she grins stupidly as she watches her own body from this new prospective. "At least I didn't puke this time." But, vomiting, it appears, is the least of her worries. The episode of slave attacking free has been noticed by the Solis's appointed Slave Guards who begin to attempt to find a path through the throng of bodies.

It's a tried and true technique, get the opponent's center of gravity off balance and then kick their legs from under them. An attack that the Mamluke has used a thousand times on foes much bigger than him. So why is it that it's suddenly him who is spinning through the air and falling flat on his side!? "AAGHH!" If only Sisi used a little bit more clothing the Mamluke wouldn't have swapped bodies with her, what is it with women and always having to show cleavage! The desert warrior has no idea why is he suddenly half his weight and a lot less bulkier, much less why despite him being the attacker he suddenly finds himself in the defensive "Uaggh!!" Luke hits the floor falling on his arm and realizes..his nails are painted an all pretty "WHAT SORCERY IS THIS!!?" He screams now on Sisi's body watching her delicate hands and then down to his very scantly clad body, sweating profusely and even blushing "Gah..oh Gods, this one's manhood! It's not there!!!" Yeah..all martial skill is forgotten, he is freaking out bad.

Ichtaca mutters under his breath at Sisi's apparant inability to stick to the plan. Doesn't she just need to touch him? Slap him and be done with it. He grasps his whip, and looks about to use it to trip Mamluke, but it seems he does it himself. Then he calls for Eian, so Ichtaca takes this as an indication that Sisi did the switch. He approaches the pair, before the slave guards can get to them, and he leans over Sisi's now protesting body, grasping "her" and pulling "her" arm over his shoulder. "Now now honey." He bluffs. "Told you you should've stopped short of that last pint. You always get like this when you are drunk." Alcohol: It makes everything believable. With that done he begins to pull Sisi's body away, glancing to see if Eian is going to help the Sisi-inhabited Mamluke body. Yup, nothing here but a drunken lady.

"Wait! Lady Knight!" the were-coyote calls out. But given her determination and pace, Maxine will be a good league or two in front already. Eian utters a soft growl, sounding more frustrated than aggressive. Rather than push through the crowd on two legs, he drops down to all four, bumbling along so that he's pushing at the back of people's knees and thighs to get through. It'll shove some people off balance and make his trek through the group a lot more easier, but bring more attention to himself. At this point, he can take it! "Sisi, Sisi, Sisi!" he calls out in that worried tone. Once he's able to break through to the inner circle that the crowd has formed, he looks between the two just in time to see Ichtaca encourage 'Sisi' away. There's a blink, a look at Mamluke, then he sits down on his rump thinking that all is well. Except for the guards, that is. And Maxine. "Oh, good, it worked," he murmurs to himself.

Mamluke gets up with a stagger and leans on Ichtaca, he is so confused as to why he is a woman all of the sudden that he 'she' is not even aware of who is helping him or what is going for that matter. For the most part, the slave now in a woman's body just holds his head with one hand muttering something about "Anglia going to be very disappointed"

Mamluke's body stumbles awkwardly back to his own two feet under Sisi's unsure puppeteering. The large warrior looks around, taking note of Eian plopped uselessly nearby as the guards being to traverse the last leg of the crowd. With the shuffle of nearly tripping over his own feet, Mamluke's body tugs on Eian's unwounded arm to pull him up as the Guards approach. "You there, what's going on?" The stout guardsman requests.
"Oh. Er. Ehm." Sisi clears Mamluke's throat, adjusting to the lower tones. "Did you see that crazy woman? She assaulted me. I had no intent to lay a hand upon such a BEAUTIFUL lass, I assure you, mates." Mamluke has a butchered Australian accent now. "I best be sure she is well before I return myself to my Master for due punishment, ya dig?" Now he's ghetto? The slave's strange actions and the cacophany of the crowd all sharing their own versions of the story have the guards so flustered that they wave Mamluke away. He offers an exaggerated bow and hurriedly leads Eian away.

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