Born and raised in Lunatum, she is what could be considered a native to the land. Or rather, ocean. Equiped with a fin and the ability to breathe under the surface, this puts her into the category of a sea creature. A mermaid, to be exact.

Being a resident of the ocean, this delicate young beauty will almost never be found far away from the shore. As such, there are little more than rumors hinting at the idea that these sort of beings actually exist. Unlike what the tales say, the merfolk of Lunatum (at least the ones she is related to) are capable of walking on land. Several hours outside the water will cause her scales to change into skin, giving sight to a very human set of legs. While this is very much common for them, it is often not prefered, and within an hour or two they very much long to find their way back into their natural habitat.

Lately, however, Naida has found herself more on the adventurous side. Having lived a solid twenty-two years in the water, the young mermaid longs for something different. She has been spotted swimming around in the rivers by wandering eyes, and thus the rumors and stories have started.

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