Although born in freedom in Solis, Nala had to oay for the debts of her family. As the Trader announced to come and collect her in a month, she went to him at once, offering herself to enter slavery now, if she just may hold some pride. in an act of mercy the slave-monger allowed her to choose the less harsh role of submissive switch, locking the collar around her arm tight the same moment as she nodded in desparation. As she was still a virgin and untouched in any way, he chose to sell her as quickly as possible, even without the propper training. So he placed her on market as a bargain. 100 gold pieces for an untrained, proud virgin that still would have to be tought all, widened and broken.

As Yaksha came to the solis slavemarket, he chose to buy her from the idea that he may evaluate for the price of 150 gold pieces. Now also shredding the last of her posessions - the only piece of clothing she ever had owned herself. As soon as he brought her to his castle, he gave her her very own duty, ordering her to keep care for Kyrie. As he wanted to claim what he bought and deflower her, she struggled against it. Taking first her life and turning her to the unlife, mystically aging her around 2 years, he took her the possibility to act as she was still adapting to her new senses. Giving her body totaly new and unknown feelings in a level she never expected before, he stole her first kiss and parted her lap for the first time although she tried to hold him off. Through the agony of the pain of the rape, powerd up by the augmented senses she was broken by him for the first time. In this vulnerable state her master managed to come through to her by forcing her down even more before showing some more tender and gentle treatment, promising that he would care for her. Handeling her with care the very night he bought her, he won her respect and affection, not only through showing care but maybe also through the bonds of the laminar family and the sharing of each others blood. Having her broken and rebuild as his, he allowed her to ask him to sleep with her whenever she wants to gain additional pleasure from him, but held on the other side all rights to do with her as he pleases as it is his right as her master and owner.


On first sight, one might think an angel has fallen to earth, but not one of the feathery and white types, though more of an exotic and spirited kind. As it looks she just passed the 17 th or 18 th summer, her pure skin is of a warm, milk chocolate or mocha brown and the curled hair of glittering black color falls over her shoulders freely. Her build is slender, nearly athletic, not carrying too much chest, but definitely not insufficient either. Maybe it is a well D or even a DD that could improve it one lets it ripe a bit. Her figure is perfectly fitting for her slim waist. The wide, shapely, child-bearing hips give her a well-formed hour-glass shape, being a competition to a perfectly formed fertility goddess. Whenever she moves, she does it with grace that might remind one of the movement of cats. But all these features seem to fade, when one look into her eyes, that are of a perfect sapphire color. Those pools of glittering jewel even distract away from the slightly sharper than usual tushes that hide behind full and sensual lips.


Running down her body with the eyes one easily notice the near perfect form of her firm but heavy globes and the smoothness of her belly, untouched by crop and age still. Trailing somewhat further down a shallow bush of curled black hair meets the eyes, hiding more delicate things from vision. The firm and smooth ass on the other end promises a good slap should it be punished with crop, cane or whip, but no marks can be seen here yet. Smooth milk chocolate brown skin all the way down.

Dress from the slave market

Her clothes don't really fit to her shape, hugging really tight on her, and thus revealing more of her body for the eye to see. The simple summer dress that flows over her amazing figure, is colored in faded lemon green, trying to press the chest together to a C-cup and thus pressing much of it up out. The dress is much too short to count as a summer dress, but more as a sexy cocktail dress, for it comes down to cover only the upper half of her thighs, and leaving the rest of her slender legs bare, even not going together where the small slit goes up to about the height of the middle of the hip. Definitely the slit was not as long as it is now when the dress was new once.


Snow leopardess

With only three and a half feet body length and maybe eight feet length in total this cat might weight ninety five pounds while the shoulders of it reach about two feet over the ground. Covered in a dense, grayish fur that lets it look somewhat fluffy and cuddly, the belly is of a pure white that looks almost like snow. Covered all over the body sets of darker grey, nearly black rosettes mark the body, going over to spots at the fluffy legs and the gentle cut head with its rounded, nearly tiny ears over the grey eyes. Especially fluffy looks its long and agile tail, covered in the same long fur as the rest of the body but looking nearly triple of the size it really has. The soft and fur covered feet seem not less tender, as if made more to caress than to hunt. But this fluffy and cuddly looking creature is more than just a play-toy, because under all the fussiness and silkiness of its fur, tense and strong muscles span, making the snow leopardess as swift and deadly as she is soft and cuddly.



Around her form lies a simple yet functional cape from rough grey cloth. Cheap and not very protective against wind it is of Solis mass manufacturing, handed out at the slave market to newly bought slaves so they don't freeze to death on the way to their new masters homes. The rough cloth not only feels hard on the skin, it also has a tendency to soak itself with water, feeling like ice then.


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