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03.02.2011 As per all of our players' requests, Isis has officially coded and installed a multi-describer. In game, please see +help multi-desc for more information.
02.26.2011 Noxctalis is complete! That's right, three out of our four realms are done. So, Kindred-inspired characters, do not hesitate to submit your bloodline ideas and/or building requests for your residence if you wish to take up home in this dark realm of Duat.
02.15.2011 Lunatum is officially complete, thanks to our Goddess Isis, and the help of Luna, Ichtaca and Selira. Another note Welcome Sonal the new Head Priestess of the sect of Sobek. Also, the Duat site has been updated with maps of Solis and Lunatum on the Realms page under 'further info' for these particular areas. Thanks to all for your help! ~Kek
02.09.2011 Solis is officially complete. Isis's next target is the completion of Lunatum. Also, please welcome the new Head Priest of the Sect of Horus: Demeke.
02.06.2011 At the request of our players, an AFK status has been implemented for the game. Use AFK/on and AFK/off accordingly to set this information for your status in the WHO list.
02.05.2011 Solis is nearly three room away from being complete. Very exciting. We have implemented 'jumplist' and 'jump' commands that will allow players to teleport to rooms or hangouts of particular interest. Also, be sure to check out the interesting dream in Mystique off of Garnet Street. Finally, and a bit belatedly, please welcome Ammon as our new Head Priest of the Sect of Anubis.
02.01.2011 After a brief glitch, we were down for several hours last night and today, we are currently up and running again thanks to Aodh and his knowledge or experimentation.
01.31.2011 We are officially up on and have posted our connection information for all to see. Come one and all. WOOT!
01.21.2011 The weather code has now been implemented across all realms and seems to be in working order. Tweaks have been made to correct some issues with 'bite', 'claim', and 'who'. Also, a 'shift' command has been coded in for all WereCreatures. They can now use '@shiftdesc me=' to set an alternate/animal description and use 'shift' to alternate back and forth between human and animal forms.
01.19.2011 Isis has now coded a Time/Weather system!!! Currently this system is only being rolled out in Solis for the testing phase. From any room within the realm of Solis, a player should be able to enter the command time or weather. Both of these commands will return the same information.
01.18.2011 We are so close! Coding for the MUSH is rolling right on through! Today we welcome Violette to our list of Staff Members. She's proven to be a quick learner and a wonderful writer. We are positive she will help to bring life to this world by assisting in building the realms of Duat. Thank you, Valentine.
01.04.2011 Happy New Year, We gave up on trying to fix the connection issues, so the Goddess Isis has decided to get a new server and she is currently rebuilding the game from the ground up. Please be patient with her, with any luck Duat will be up and running with in a few weeks. -Kek.
10.17.2010 So, we are having a bit of trouble getting the server up and running. We've proven it's possible to connect to Duat, but have found all general help files corrupted and other strange, little mishaps riddling us. We'll get to the bottom of this eventually, I'm sure.
10.13.2010 More information has been added to the home page. We have also added information for The Realms, including symbols assigned to represent each. The website is continually under construction with the aid of our newest staff member: Kek.
10.12.2010 The plans for Duat are underway. We aim to have the shell of the game accessible on internet here shortly and begin and overhaul of all previously established code and rooms. Also, please welcome the newest Goddess and staff member: Zenith.
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