The Lost Doll

Once Upon a Time…

November was a real girl. With a real name. An emotional, imaginative, and even impulsive young woman. Maybe her name was Jessica. Or, Arlene! However, that is all of life she cannot recall now.

For a reason she does not and cannot remember, she signed her life away. This normal girl was taken in by a strange corporation. Her mind was wiped completely, making a clean slate, a mold-able figurine, a puppet, a doll. At the bequest, and hefty monetary donation, of any rich individual, November would be 'uploaded' with a chosen personality and become a man or woman's desires creation. Have enough money? Well, a nerdy CEO could enjoy taking the slutty, head cheerleader he never got in high school. Or, how about hiring an trained assassin only to have the killer's mind wiped away after the engagement leaving one free and clear? Surgeon? Dominatrix?

November has been these, and many more. After each engagement she returned to the Corporation to have her mind wiped clean again and again, leaving her in a placid, doll-like state until she was requested once more and a new personality was uploaded into her mind and body.

One day, however, turned out differently than the others. She lay back on the operating chair for her 'treatment' and closed her eyes. A flip of the switch should have wiped her clean of 'Harriet the Criminal Profiler', and that it did, but…



In another realm, The Corporation found the chair empty. And, November opened her eyes to find herself standing in Aurora Square.

Most often stuck in a doll-like state, November usually appears a timid and simple creature. She wears a curious device around her neck though - A collar, certainly, but one that seems capable, when paired to a programed microchip, of emitting frequencies through her flesh in order to program the architecture of her brain into a predesignated personality.

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