Power to the Mortals

Start Date: 08/15


Participants: Alice, Celeste, Dutch, Ichtaca, Yaksha
Synopsis: The new Mayoress of Solis (Celeste) has announced that all Vampires willing to pass in Solis must be registered with the record of the Town Hall for the safety of the Solis community.
Date: Log/Events:
08/15 Power to the Mortals
08/17 Questioning Motvies
08/18 Vampire Sympathy & Spies
08/18 Questions as Answers
08/18 The First Registered
08/19 Spies Like Us!

A.W.O.L. Rising

Start Date: 07/11


Participants: Hue, Mamluke
Synopsis: A new faction is rising - A.W.O.L. (Alliance WithOut Leashes). This group of slaves is seeking to gain their freedom the only way they know how - by force.
Date: Logs/Events:
07/11 Fliers have begun to crop up over all four star realms marketing this new faction and their search for new recruits. Who knows what this band of freedom fighters is up to…

Here Birdy Birdy!

Start Date: 04/29
Participants: Minu, Drakth, Katherine, Alekto, Eian, Layla, Sisi
Synopsis: Minu has been captured. But by whom? Why? And, who will save the little elf-owlette?


Date: Logs/Events:
04/29 Rumors have begun to circulate in only the northern regions of Lunatum. There are chittering whispers of some concern about a "little owlette" who appears to be MIA from the Sect of Horus. One group in The Lady Vain Tavern chitters about how the studious little one flitters off like this often, so maybe it's just nothing. The details are sparse and no one seems truly worried… not yet, anyway.
05/01 As days pass since the little owl has gone missing, folks are starting to notice the unusual appearance of scrolls and books seeming to gather on the platforms of the star gates. Where are these coming from and why are they just sitting around like this. Surely they are important as some look extremely old and fragile. There must be someone they belong to.
05/04 to 05/16 (1.) A strange note-riddle appears in the center of the HillTop Market in Lunatum. (2.) Eian, Ichtaca, and Yaksha use clues and a puppies nose to track down a Vampire in Noxctalis - Alekto. She describes the group that has taken Minu, but that the baddies have since fled towards Solis. (3.) The rescuers are begin search Solis and find Minu and her capturers in the Lighthouse Peak. A battle ensues but Drakth is able to escape with Minu. Katherine is hurt and barely escapes with Mamluke, while on the rescuers side Yaksha is slightly wounded, but Ammon certainly saves the coyote pup Eian. (4.) After a few days of rest and recuperation, the rescuers are able to hatch a plan. With the gate to Solis guarded and temporarily inaccessible due to a freak lightening bolt taking on the Town Hall around Solis's Stargate, the group is able to narrow down their search and finally find were Katherine and Mamluke have been hiding. It's thus that they set a trap…
05/17 "...My manhood! It's not there!"
05/19 Ambush at the Mansion
05/27 Prisoner Exchange

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