Power To The Mortals
Scene Name: Power to the Mortals
Date & Time: August 15th Dusk
Characters: Alice, Celeste, Dutch, Ichtaca, Yaksha

Aurora Square

The square, in truth, is actually a circular-shaped plaza. A stage of rings begins with a simple granite statue in the "square's" center, the chiseled stone crafted to depict an immense serpent, his hooded headed reared above the coiled spiral of his lower body while crystalline water spills from his mouth to pour over gray-stone scales with a soft sheen. The next ring is of lacquered wood, five benches in total positioned with their backs to the fountain so that in their entirety they can look upon the entire plaza. The square's grounds are nearly filled with passage-worn cobblestones in every hue of gray, offering a supporting path in all elements of weather and time.
In all the simple ashen-hue of the plaza, a border of vibrant emerald demands attention. Trees shade the grass below in their wind-wavered shadows, filling the square with the warm aroma of life and foliage. Lastly, a short wall of fitted, flat stones marks the plaza's boundaries, a few more darkly-hued, iron fasted benches spattered along it's edge, immersed in the comfortable shadows of the towering oak trees.

A large swatch of grafiti has been painted on the front of the Town Hall. It Reads: A.W.O.L. - Alliance WithOut Leashes. Join US!

Dusk kisses the horizon of Solis, setting buildings to cast their peaking shadows out across the cobblestones of the Sun City. A group has begun to collect in Aurora Square, standing with their heads tipped back to better take in the temporary stage and podium that has been erected before the wide doors of the Auction House. People hiss in hushed tones to one another for a time before a wild cacophony of marching begins to bellow in the square…
Soldiers. The Slave Guildsmen and trained Guardsmen of Solis alike, move in to create a perimeter around the gathered, looking in on the audience through helmets or the shadow of their caps and hats.

The crowd scans the wall of soldiers and guildsman with a wary eye. Too long has the populace been without a leader that they grow anxious at the sudden rounding by such militia figures. The hissing whispers of anxiety reach a crescendo…
Until a sliver of a figure begins to ascend the stage. Celeste, draped in black fabrics draws herself up behind the podium and scans the crowd with silver eyes. "People of Solis!" Celeste's voice rolls over the square in provocative tone, the tone of influence and of leadership. The crowd's attentions demanded, she drops her voice to a more welcoming level, that of chatting amidst friend. "People of the Sun City, the City of Gold in Duat. You, we, are in trouble. You see it, don't you?"

Yaksha arches an eyebrow, having a feeling where this is headed.

Dutch settles into the shadows as they stretch away from the waining sun, and props himself upon a wall. The voice of the black draped figure echoing out over the masses and catching his interest, at least for the time being. His sire obviously knowing something he does not. "So what the hell is this about?" he asks of him.

Yaksha chuckles and looks at Dutch, "Im not sure, but I have a feeling that it isnt vampire friendl".

Ichtaca raises a hand "Who the heck are you lady?"

"Long ago we were a part of a whole, a melting pot that allowed our peoples to mingle with the Weres and the Misfits. But, then Isis left. While our faith kept us whole, kept us safe - our brothers and sister in Noxctalis lost their spirit. They welcomed in darkness and for that they paid!" That lengthy, feminine figure slips out from behind the podium, black silks and satin weaving around her like ebbing waves of the dusky sky coming to kiss her flesh. She stands at the precipice of the stage and continues.
"But now, now they try to make us pay! We who have been loyal to the gods and to our hearts are becoming feasts for the tainted Vampires! Surely you have heard of the massacre in the neighboring realm? But, I have seen this carnage…"

Yaksha grumbles, "Drackth…."

Dutch scowls and his gaze narrows onto the staged figure.. "I'm hungry…" he grumbles impatiently.

Ichtaca chuckles. "Hrrrm. Politicians. Always dodging questions." He offers, before looking back at Yaksha with a shrug. "Yeah, shouldn't you be doing something about that. Aren't you king of Nox or something?"

Yaksha shakes his head, "She isnt the enemy, its a Vampire that is", turning to Ichtaca he nods, "I am thr regeant, and I intend to handle the massacre myself, without the help of Solis' human leaders"

The crowd begins to wriggle, as if Celeste's words have watered the seed of fears that had long gone unspoken. One voice rises above the crowd and Celeste turns to regard the man whose hand is raised. "I am Celeste, I am the one that will give power back to the untainted mortals." She turns her head, denoting her words are once more for the whole audience. "I am the Mayoress of Solis And, with your help we will take control of our lives once more. We have all been victims of the Vampries. Or family and friends gone missing in the night. No longer! From here forth, any Vampire within Solis will be made to register himself with the Guardsman, to make sure that we know who the predators are that walk amongst us!"

Yaksha scoffs

Dutch scuffs, "Damn talk about stereotyping.. Only takes one to ruin the fun for everyone.." he grits his teeth, his eyes darting across the crowd then back to the stage.

Ichtaca snickers at that announcement "Or what?" He glances at Yaksha "It's not like we don't all know the Solis guards are incompetant. Heck, last time there was trouble here, they needed the Anubis sect to enforce law…" He shrugs. "I don't really see they stopping one vampire, let alone a group." He says in disbelief. "Plus how are they going to know who is an unregistered vampires. Dental exams on leaving the Stargate?

Dutch nods at Ich's statements, and promptly follows them with a loud "Here here" in agreement. "How is this going to help in any way?" he shoots back.

Ichtaca says, "And that's not saying anything about the friendly vampires that can help stop the bad ones." He pats Yaksha on the shoulder. "Wouldn't want to antagonize potential allies."
from behind the mayoress, a guard points his crossbow at a vampire, only it is backwards, after a brief struggle with his weapon, the gaurd manages to shoot himself in the foot

The crowd's volume reaches a cacophony, a mingling of dismay and approval that each battle for the Mayoress's attentions. Celeste holds up her hands, exposing the henna designs inked onto her palms. It takes a few moments, but eventually the crowd settles enough for the draped, feminine figure to be heard over the square once more. "-know. I know. This is something new for us all. But, I assure you, it is to preserve our society, our lives, our family. Upon leaving here today, you will all be met by one of our guards. Please, keep an orderly fashion and kindly open your mouths for the nice men and women of our guilds and militia. This is a one time occurrence, and you'll all be allowed to go back about your daily lives. But, from here forth, any Vampire that wanders unregistered through the streets of Solis will be bound and brought to the stocks for further examination to prove their 'danger' to the Solis community." Celeste looks over the crowd then, and the smile behind her veil seems to glow in her eyes.
With that she bows and steps back. "Thank you."

Dutch throws rotten fruits.

Celeste steps down from the stage, disappearing into the Auction House as a string of questions, and fruit apparently, is thrown from the audience behind her.

Ichtaca watches the guard who shot himself in the foot. "So, they are aware of vampire sorceror, shapeshifters and other stuff?" He sighs, shaking his head. "Hey Yaksha, I'm behind you on this. Least I owe you."

Yaksha steps foreward, obviously having enough, "First, your new law is rediculous, would it be right for me to decree that all human visitors to Nox be registered as "Supper", no! the problem is not all vamps, just a single line, that will be punished, second..", he steps towards the gaurds, "I want to see who can contain ME in a stockade!"

Dutch lurches forward, taking a stand at Yaksha's right side, with arms crossed, and brandishing a rather unsavory look toward the guard.

Alice looking around at the crowd, mumbling to herself "I wonder if anybody has heard of the Holocaust?" As he turns her full attention to the stage and raises her right hand she shouts " Heil Celeste!"

Yaksha laughs at Alice's words, his eyes firmly fixed on the gaurds

The doors close behind Celeste with a resounding thud. The crowd begins to filter towards the edges, some members opening their mouth to expose their maw to the Guardsmen, while others put up a bit of a tiff about their 'rights to privacy'.
The citizens around Yaksha and his company, become unsettled though, stopping in their departure to look at the group with mixed expressions. A section of the guard step forward. "Sir, we do not wish to take action against your people. We only look to protect our own. Please, take a moment and open your mouth, then you and your gang can be on your way…"

With a single hand, Yaksha pulls the gaurd up by his throat and slings him away like a ragdoll before heading to the portal

Ichtaca glances at Yaksha "Maybe I should explode the city all again." He says to Yaksha. "It was so easy last time." He says, shoving a guard aside. "Get out of my way, imbecile. You know I'm a shape shifter. Looking at my teeth now ain't gonna demonstrate anything."

A triplet of soldiers break through the crowd, taking off after Yaksha. "Shut the gate! Shut the goddamn GATE!" one shouts to the guildman standing beside the town hall. The guardians of the doorway jump to attention and behind the slow process of heaving shut the doors.
For the portlier guildsman that is shoved aside by Ichtaca, he scowls and flips the shifter the bird. "We're not out for your kind… not yet, anyway." He grins and goes back to work, examining the teeth of a little girl ready to head home.

Yaksha growls and mophs into a great cat, the look in his eyes letting them know that if they moved to stop him, they will be mauled to death

t become painfully obvious that the doorway of the Town Hall will not close in time, compared to the grace and speed of the great, wild feline. A foolish, young member of the Slavers Guild steps into area in front of the diminishing doorway and plants his feet hard, brandishing a spear straight at the surging feline-Yaksha.
Ichtaca chuckles. "Good for you. You can't handle one of my kind, let alone many." He says, moving along towards the gate, watching Yaksha clear himself a path.
Yaksha leaps and mauls the poor fool before entering the gate
Dutch intervenes, finally just losing his cool, and barrels into the triplet of guards, easily spatting them away, and nodding to Yaksha to reaffirm his stance on the matter. "Your just causing more problems.."
Dutch directs his statement to the guards and citizens.

The poor, young Slaver's cries seem to paint the skies in a sinister tone to match the sickly red that paints the ground beneath his flailing body. There is a last whisper of a shadow of the feline-Vampire before the guardsmen complete their task and wedge shut the great doors of the Town Hall. A few people crowd around the mauled body, hiding it from view amidst a crescendo of wails and screams.
The gate sealed for the moment, those left within the square are forced to meet the guards' examinations or attempt to find other means of escape…

Dutch scowls once again and takes a step back as the guards begin to close in around him, his claws rinding the flesh from the ones the are ballzy enough to run toward him. Not wanting this to progress anymore than it has, he bounds over the wall with a high backflip and disappears out of sight.

The rest of the crowd files out. Vampires who take heed of the Mayoress's request are given identification cards to carry with them as their names and address are logged for filing, and are permitted back home or through the streets of Solis without incident. A few others who take the route of Yaksha's influence, are bound and captured, dragged away into the Auction House with obvious struggles and shouts. Eventually as the hour passes, the squared is emptied and silent, leaving only the bloody stains of the innocent Guildsman as a mark of this night's events.

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