… is the star on which all people, and things, first arrive. Because of this, this realm very much resembles the land of Earth, from which humans, animals, and even seeds have been stolen away to live out their lives on this foreign, heavenly body.

Solis seems to have been claimed by the more ‘normal’ members of society because of its Earth-like familiarity. The humans have already begun to develop much of this world, having erected buildings of architecture similar to that of their homeland. Houses and businesses alike flourish in this little realm, with a homey pub on one street corner and a community square around the other.

This particular star is also located in a solar system that evens supports a sun and a moon. Though the lunar body certainly does not orbit this star, it does give the appearance of such when it is blocked from view in the daylight hours.



… is a realm that bares a horizon as wild as its inhabitants. This star is home to a jungle-like terrain and equally animalistic creatures. Cut from forest-draped mountains, the trails that twist through this domain are complex, leaving any nook and cave a fine home to the various shape-shifters that have claimed this star as their own.

Five heavenly bodies light up the sky, a blossoming sun alongside four luminous moons. Constantly, all these majestic orbs rein overhead, except for a few hours where the Sun is hidden behind a nearby planet, clouding this realm in a short period of dangerous darkness.

Upon this plot, four temples have been erected to express devotion to the god behind the were-creatures feats of transformation. Little is known of these clandestine sanctuaries, their inner chambers a mystery to all but those either welcomed into the temples or knowledgeable enough to answer the shifters’ tricky riddles.



… is a strange world - a realm drowned in the shadows of an eternal night. Some say it is by design, others claim no stars are able to penetrate the incredibly dense atmosphere, but the realm's natives know full well that this world once thrived similarly to Solis and Lunatum, until a dreadful cataclysm had leeched almost all life from it. The corruption either drove the denizens to suicide, or turned them into nocturnal creatures plagued by the supernatural need to siphon life. Some were fortunate enough to fit the description of vampires, while others grew to resemble bestial creatures rather than men.

Among the first vampires to stalk the newly shaped night on Noxctalis was Alekto, once a normal citizen of the Sun-lit hills of Noxctalis. She watched the comet fly overhead - Isis taking her leave of Duat, and thus The Decay began. Although twisted into a creature of immense sadism and cruelty, madness did not envelop her mind fully, and she became the first of her kind to rebel against further descent into darkness. The Survivor led the vampiric kind through the devastating crisis and orchestrated the genesis of the city along the length of the River Styx. Those who rose against her in hopes of a deeper darkness soon tinted the river red with their own blood, serving as a timeless warning and a reminder of the realm's tainted history.

While the cataclysm may have irreversibly scarred Noxctalis, some good has surprisingly come of it. Vampires both spawned by the event and those attracted by the constant night from beyond Duat have become famed proprietors of unique trinkets and fine arts. In fact, many bloodlines will find the term 'vampire' insulting, instead preferring 'Kindred'. The culture here runs as deep as the bottomless River Styx, and although dangers are still known to lurk in the dark, that hasn't stopped foreign wanderers from setting foot on Noxctalis.



…has been dubbed the Land of Misfits, the Horrid, and the Holy by those that have traveled around Duat. Duabyssus is a region unlike any other, claimed by all those that cannot find a niche within the human, vampiric, and shape-shifter communities. As such, it is a strange culmination of innumerable, and vastly different, cultures.

In this hilly region, painted with unique violet foliage, angels and demons, aliens and anthros, have split this domain and attempted to live as drastically contrasting neighbors. The southern portion of this realm has been cut into the earth, its labyrinth-like tunnels leading one into the bowels of the star. The remaining portion of this domain has been developed above ground, beneath the Sun and two moons which drift amongst the strangely hued sky. Because of this star’s unique atmosphere, the sky is a deep red-violer, interrupted by fluffy clouds as if the cumulus sought to ease the dark nature of the strangely hued sky.

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