The original Red Riding Hood all grown up. Helping her grandmother deliver her baked sweets and breads, Red was always traveling between towns, and sometimes getting lost if it was a new place she was going. Since her village was built in the center of a forest, it was not uncommon for her to come across wildlife. More specifically, wolves. What made it worse were the rumours that they were were-wolves, although none of these were ever confirmed. Nevertheless, they grew to be a phobia for her, and it's because of these creatures that she's here to begin with.

Getting chased and finding herself lost, Red prayed behind exhausted breaths that she could find some place safe. It's as if the Gods heard her call and the next thing she knows there's light in the distance. Thinking it was the city she was looking for, it became her new destination, though quickly discovered this is an entirely different world.

People have been kind since the day she arrived. Quick to offer help and aid her in any fashion. Being a citizen wasn't enough for some people, though, and soon after an encounter with them she found herself forced into a collar and now belonging to Alexander. If there are any troubles with her acting out of place as a slave, it is requested to either correct the matter, or get in touch with her Master to explain her misbehaviour.

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